Auto Law Pro – Emergency Contacts, at your Fingertips!

These days no matter where you live and drive, the risks in maneuvering motor vehicles safely to their destinations has become a maniacal mayhem with the way people drive. It takes a calm demeanor and quick access to help to get you through those incidents when transportation becomes tumultuous. Luckily, Smith Luby Holdings, LLC has come up with a handy-dandy app that lets you journal your “event” and seek the help you need, all from one place – an app called Auto Law Pro. 

Auto Law Pro provides users with tools needed to contact people for help, steps that guide you when you’ve been in an accident and precautions to take if you just received a ticket. Download the app and you will find a crisp, clean interface with immediate links to its three main functions: 

  1. Emergency
  2. I had an accident
  3. I got a ticket 

From the main screen, you can even take video to help you in your case if you’ve been in an accident, or even if you have received a ticket. It is always wise to have backup evidence in cases where you may want to challenge what has been put upon you. 

Auto Law Pro review

The Emergency option allows you to quickly and easily contact people whose help you may need. You can choose to allow the app to see your device’s contact list, or you can choose to enter them manually. Both options work equally as well. Once you have contacts in place, you can also specify if that contact will automatically be alerted for any or all of the following: DUI, Emergency,  or Video. You can also call 911 from its main page, as well. 

The I had an accident  area allows you to report an accident, allowing you to enter information vital to insurance claims and possibly helpful in proving your innocence, if needed. Information collected includes: 

  • My Vehicle
  • Other Vehicle
  • Other Party Insurance
  • Non-Vehicle Property Damage
  • Location
  • Police Officer Information
  • Witness Data 

You can even store pictures of the scene, the cars and the damage. Maybe even what may have led to the accident. With GPS built into your device, the app will automatically pinpoint and enter the location for you. The I got a ticket function allows you to detail information about the ticket you have received, including information like: 

  • Ticket Type: DUI, Traffic/Parking, Speeding
  • Comments section: allowing you to enter details about the ticket, the officer, the time, day, location, etc. Because details like these are hard to remember when you have just had an ordeal. 

Once you have entered information about any ticket type, the app allows you to contact law firms in your area, based on those you have opened their information up to the app. You can skip this if you wish. 

Auto Law Pro could do no better than it already has. I would say the only improvement it could possibly have would be to make it trigger on voice commands. This would make it much easier to enter data about an incident. Typing at a time when you’ve just gone through a crash, or are experiencing some emergency situation may not be completely viable. 

All in all, this app is absolutely amazing. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who feels they need a quick way to get help in their time of need.