Candy for Bears – Dig Deep into an Ant’s Nest to Uncover Buried Treasure

Being a kid in a candy store is a feeling that can’t be matched. For different people of various ages, that feeling stems from different “kinds” of candy. For some it may be electronics, for others it could be a fashion boutique. For bears, it’s usually what’s hidden underground with hopes that the uncovered treasure includes honey.

Candy for Bears is a cute game for all ages where your goal is to find bear candy that hides underground in ant nests. While it sound peculiar, most bears hunt for honey from beehives, this game has a new take on what a cute small bear wants. He’s a curious little tyke who is fascinated with little ants that are religiously marching in line, in and out of their ant holes, keeping on task.

Your bear must keep his family’s honor intact by collecting the candy gold that lies deep beneath the surface of the ground, hidden in crevices of the ant nest. Keep in mind that these ants are no ordinary ants. They will do all it takes to protect their candy gold and prevent you from mining it.

Bear can only get to the candy gold by mining for it. There are several tools you can use that can be purchased in the in-app store. Purchases can be paid for with diamonds, which you get when you first download the app. Examples of tools include various types of explosives, chemicals, magnets, picks, ropes, and more.

candy for bears

While you are in the SHOP, you will see all of the tools you currently have plus the number of diamonds you have available to spend. In the middle of the screen are the choices to select from. The picks are good for a while, but things like explosives and apples work just once. Don’t worry because you will have plenty of tools to use.

While it sounds a bit violent due to the notion of explosives, it is very minor because they are just small explosions used to break up barriers to the candy gold that the ants may have set up. I even spotted an apple, which may have served as a distraction to lure ants away.

I thought the overall app was cute and fun to play – it’s not just for kiddos. It was amusing and different from what I have seen before. I would like to see a better conversion of candy gold to diamonds, so fewer in app purchases are needed. My kids went through so many diamonds, that I had to make a few purchases to keep the game going.

Barring that, this game is a treat for all, especially if you have little bears of your own. I highly recommend downloading Candy for Bears.