iSPY Differs from Other Location Based Games

If you are into augmented reality games and location-based games, then iSPY is one that you need to lay your hands on. You use real locations and play against real people. Players living in the city of Los Angeles have a special mission that is code named ‘Back from the Future.’

iSPY is very different compared to other location-based games in the fact that real people and real locations are integrated into the game thereby lifting limitations of staying within the missions of the game. Players can create missions or join missions created by other players / agents. If the player is within the gun sight of an agent, they need to confirm that they have been eliminated. Players also need to leave a clue and answer each location as they find them.

Once you log in with your credentials, you will be taken to a screen where you have the option to quickly read through a handbook that has some useful information and guidance on how to start and play the game, including creating a mission. The ‘show mission’ button reveals the list of missions available in your city giving you the option to choose any mission of your interest. Missions within 50 miles radius of your location are listed and the mission list is shown on a map for you to see how far each mission is from your location.

ispy screenshot

The map shows your current location and tracks you with the help of the GPS as you move. iSPY provides the players with enemy alerts if an agent comes within a mile of your location. Enemy locations can be seen on the map by tapping the blue agent location marker and it will display that agent’s information. Tapping the red button will initiate target mode.

Unique features of this game are:

  • Playing against real people in real locations thereby taking location-based games to a completely different level.
  • Creating missions – While creating a mission, it is recommended to keep the mission description short and any mission that you create will be available for players within a 50mile radius along with tagged GPS info. You can enter clues and additional information for the clues. If you wish to be more descriptive, you can add additional intel. This helps other agents who join your mission to understand all about the mission.
  • Weapons are location-based
  • Creating clues – To create clues for each location, you need to travel to each location to create them and once all the locations are done, you tap ‘submit all clues’ to create the mission. You can add an ‘upon completion’ message that gives a message to agents when they complete a mission.
  • Awards and commendations – Once agents complete a mission, special skills and commendations are awarded; for example, an explosives expert, a submarine mechanic, etc.
  • Experience and promotions – Depending on field experience, agents are given promotions.
  • Comparing ranks – You can compare your ranks against other agents in your area and also against national agents in the state.

There are times when there may not be any players available to play with or against. There may be no missions available to play or no agents to join your mission especially in rural and suburban areas thereby not giving everyone who wishes to play this game a chance. To add additional clues, you need to be at that particular location of the answer to the clue.