Try out different photographic embellishments with Layerizer

Ok, so you really don’t try them on to see if they fit, but rather, to see how your photo looks before you say “cheese!” Layerizer is a fun new app that allows you try out different photographic embellishments before you take photos. This is a twist to the many apps already out there that allow you to do fun things with what you’ve already taken.

The way Layerizer works is this. You open the app and then select if you want to work with a New Photo or an Existing Photos. From there, Layerizer either takes you to the Camera app to take a new pic, or to your Camera Roll, so you can select an existing pic. Next, you’ll see a column on the right with five icons.  The first one lets you select a layer to add to photos. The second rotates the selected embellishment left 90 degrees. The third allows you to undo the embellishment, so you can select a new one. The last icon takes you to Layerizer’s website.


Layerizer has about 600 different designs you can choose from to make your photo look a little different, prettier, funnier, or interesting. There are backgrounds, overlays, frames and more, that make it look like you worked hard on that final product; but nobody needs to know that you didn’t! It makes card creation easier with loads of fun frames and holiday art. It makes sticker making easier with the tap of your fingertips. You no longer have to search for that perfect picture and find that app or graphic that you can photo shop and print. Simply open Layerizer, select an existing photo from your camera roll or take a new shot, select an embellishment, see if you like it before saving. Try out different things before you commit. Photo taking can become so much more than capturing a moment when add fun and creativity to it. You can even turn it into a game by challenging others to make the goofiest or gaudiest picture at a party. The sky is the limit to what you can do with the app!

There really was not much you could complain about with the app. It had so much to offer, with ease of use like no other. I could not find anything that was hard to decipher or understand while using the app. I would have liked to use some of the neat Premier items listed as in-app purchases, but with the app being given for free, you have a pay up a little for some niceties.

I would highly recommend this app, not just for photographers, but for those looking to turn photography into fun and entertainment. You can tap into your creating juices and make things you may not have even ventured to try out. Sometimes, all it takes is a few suggestions and chances to try things out to create results that may even surprise you!