Vadovia – Explore the World Using Tips from Travelers
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Vadovia – Explore the World Using Tips from Travelers

Admit it, you have wanted to see the world for years, but were too scared that the experience would fall disappointingly short of the amazing expectations you have let your imagination create. Traveling is not easy. Especially if you don’t know what it is you can expect or what to look for to being with. That is why VadoVia is an app that you have to download now if you have any plan, as minute as can be, that you will be traveling in the near future.

Why VadoVia? Because this app is not like any other travel guide or planner. Nope, VadoVia is your personal view into a destination and it’s powered by people who have been there.

What better feedback, advice, and input can you get than from someone who has already been to where you want to go?

You can search for your destination and from there look at a list of available tours, suggestions and commentary left by folks who have used those tours, and of course, rankings so that you can make judgments based on what is most important to you.

Using VadoVia also brings your travel experience into the future. No more paper maps or tour itineraries; you have access to all of that information from your iOS device. What is most important about this is that not only do not have a library of documents to tote around, you are kept informed of any last minute changes to your itinerary – instantaneously.

vadovia app

With VadoVia, you can choose to experience a new place almost like a local would. You can even create your own tours and specify if you want to explore by bus, bike, or simply by walking the streets. The app allows you to filter searches the mode of transportation, which makes it easy to plan different days using different ways to get around and immerse yourself.

Each tour and place you visit will be a part of the app, and it will be further enhanced with background information as if you had your own tour guide at your fingertips. You will walk away from each experience with so much more knowledge about what you just saw and a stronger imprint of the experience in your memory.

Nothing else can come close to making those memories.

When searching for places to visit, partial day tours, or whole day tours, you can peruse what fellow wanderers have posted and suggested, along with notes, photos, and videos of what they found fascinating.

What is really neat about VadoVia is that you can capture images from your device and then use them and the app to create digital postcards to share with friends and family. I really liked this, because who has time to buy and mail postcards?

The app is super easy to use and I had no issues finding what I needed. At times I stumbled across things I did not intend to find, but they turned out to be future destinations that I now look forward to. At times I would tap on a destination for which it seemed a tour was available, but upon tapping no information popped up. It was a bit disappointing, but something I am sure developers are working on fixing.

Nonetheless, if you plan on traveling, whether it be within the U.S. or abroad, I highly recommend you download VadoVia – your trip and your experience will be so much better.

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