The Fat Penguin – Guess What They’re Thinking

There’s a new app in town that tests your brain on how well you know your friends; or at least, how well you know how they would respond to a question. The Fat Penguin hails from Denmark, from where it has caused quite a stir with its sometimes awkward and touchy questions. Please be advised this game is just for adults – 17 years and older. You can try to bypass the risqué questions if you like, but if you are with the right set of friends, the heart of this game is being able to guess how you think your friends are going to react to and respond to these types of questions, no matter what type of inquiry.

The app is available on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, is optimized for iOS 5 and is played amongst friends, face to face. Everyone can be on a device and playing it, or you can have it running on just one device, passing it around as each player takes their turn being the inquisitor.

The Fat Penguin

The Fat Penguin basically has the player who is it ask a question. This question is served up from the app, from different categories. These questions can range from asking about if you would rather win $1,000 yourself, or have your friend win $10,000; to a question that asks how often you have sex. Mind you, it’s probably best not to whip this thing out at a family function. Once the person who is it asks the question, out loud, all other players must answer by selecting either a red or green card.

This can be physical cards if all are not playing electronically, or select the red or green card from the app. Once all have answered, the asker then goes around the room guessing how each person answered the question. Correct guesses earns points, which you can tally up on paper. Once that round is compete, the next person in the room, circle, or whatever configuration you have, becomes the asker and you start all over again, rolling the dice, getting a new question. Continue playing until all cards are used up, or until you’ve had just about enough of the game and personal exposure.

The Fat Penguin

Different options in the game are turning the sound OFF/ON, setting up the game to be a drinking game and adjusting the timer to limit how long each person has to make a choice. Outside of that, you can set how many points can be earned per correct answer guessed, maybe even increase the point values for those more challenging and invasive questions.

The only downside to this game is that it is meant for just adults. The Fat Penguin could actually be a great game for all ages, if the content was made appropriate. Maybe this should be a setting that the owner of the app can adjust, so that at times this game can be played with the younger crowd; and later, adjusted when it’s just the folks. Small tweaks can make this game accessible and recommendable for all. However, as it stands, it is a great way to take down walls between people, incite a few laughs and surprises, and just make for a great time with people you know, or people you wish to know better.

DialMyCalls for Voice Broadcasting

DialMyCalls is one of the most unique and latest android apps. Generally this app makes things easier and faster for you. With this application you no longer need to write text messages repeatedly to a number of people in your phonebook. All you need to do is to record the message that you want to pass and it can be sent across. You will also have to choose the number of people you want to send the message to and once this is done you can also schedule the time when you want the message to be sent.

There are so many other android apps but none is as unique as this one. When using it I found texting far much easier and faster. Again the app works well with almost all types of android phones and thus you wouldn’t have any problems with compatibility.

DialMyCalls is not for making calls only but rather, it is for recording messages which are then sent to the recipients in form of a call at the time that you choose. The main aim of the app is to make texting easy and fast. Instead of typing the messages on your android phone, you only have to start the app, which will then turn on the microphone and then you can speak as your message is being recorded.

The app is specifically advantageous if you want to send the same message to a number of people. This is as in the case with companies and small groups and organisations. With this app, you can record just one conversation and send it to all the other members of your company or organisation. The app will then call the specific recipients at the time that you scheduled and then play the message.


DialMyCalls is a pretty simple app to use and very efficient. However, even before you use this app, you have to make sure that your android phone is compatible with the app so that you can download and install the app. After this you would be good to go.

Once installed there would be an icon for this app on your phone. By simply touching on the icon the app starts up and will then prompt you to send a call blast, send SMS blast or send a free call blast. These are the three options that there is for you to send your messages. One good thing about this app is that you get to send one blast out to twenty five numbers every week and this is absolutely free.

DialMyCalls is unique in so many ways. First of all, you only need to record the message once and then you can send it in several numbers. The process is also very fast and efficient and you will enjoy the experience. Apart from this, the app automatically calls the recipients of the message and plays the message that you recorded. This can be scheduled for a later time and date and not necessarily immediately after recording the message. In case the recipients of the messages are not available and the call ends up on voice mail, the app will play the message on voice mail and you can be sure that it will be delivered.

The app has limits that you will have to struggle with if you don’t want to purchase credits. You can only send one blast to 25 people every week. If you need more than this, you will have to purchase credits. Nonetheless, considering the convenience that it brings, purchasing the credits is a worthwhile investment.

Share a Message with MotorMouth

Have you ever been driving around town and noticed something that you just had to share with your friends? Maybe it was a really cool new restaurant that just opened, or a random celebrity sighting; whatever the case, you just wanted to get the word out right at that moment, because it just couldn’t wait. However, you were driving, and so tweeting the news just wasn’t going to happen at that moment. Well, now you can send out a verbal message when the news can’t wait. MotorMouth, created by Dan Jacoby, is the perfect app. It lets you record a message with a quick tap of your finger. After that, all of your friends who are following you will hear what you have to say.

This app runs on iPhone, iPod Touch and on iPads, so no matter what device you are toting around, you can check-in with some interested feedback on what’s happening in your neck of the woods. It is incredibly easy to use, because all you do is tap a record button. Once you press stop, the message gets posted and you are on the map! Want to hear what’s happening around you? You can select the range of miles for which you wish to hear messages. Messages that are left show on the map (main screen) as orange drops. Tap on one, press play and listen to what that person has to say. They may be catching a flight, dining in some new great restaurant, or maybe lost. OK, hopefully not lost…but you get the idea.


MotorMouth can be extremely useful as a safety tool, as well. Imagine you are stuck in traffic and there’s an accident up ahead that just happened. You could post that message warning others of the delay, you can even leave your location if you wish, but your message will show in the MotorMouth map in the location where you recorded it. It’s like a real-time traffic-reporting tool if enough people post such updates. You could be traveling to a new city, exploring its wonders and casually posting where you are every so often, maybe even leaving tidbits about wonders around you. This could come in very handy if you are lost, need to be found, and GPS just isn’t cutting it. Your descriptions of places you are seeing become the locators.


Listening to posts is simple. Tap on a marker that you see on the app’s main screen, which is basically a map, and then press play. Messages are brief and to the point. You can also stop the message; however, you cannot pause it. It would be nice to be able to pause a message – maybe not really necessary, but that way you could restart it instead of listening to it from the beginning.

MotorMouth is so simple, but its uses will expand far beyond what they are on the surface. I can see the information that is being left by users of this app serving other apps so well. It’s like a tweet that you can hear, and let’s face it, we should not be looking at our phones as we drive. We can, however, listen to posts that are left in this app very easily. This is definite download for anyone who likes to share and stay connected while they’re on the go.

Fame Face Challenges Your Facial Recognition Skills

Many of us are very in tune with who is doing what in the world of A-list celebrities and socialites. It’s almost impossible to avoid with social media blasting the latest gossip, news and photos. If you are like most and love to follow them in all their antics you also know their faces by heart. Now, there’s a game that lets you put that talent to the test. It’s called Fame Face and it’s by AppVillage.

This app, available on iOS, lets you challenge your facial recognition skills by having you guess the celebrity whose face is hidden behind a square of tiles. You get a limited number tiles that you tap away with your fingertips. As you slowly reveal areas of the image, you might already know whose hiding behind. If so, guess! If not, continue tapping the tiles until you do know. The fewer tiles you reveal, the more points you’ll earn, so look harder before you clear more tiles. You also have the advantage of knowing if you’re guessing the first, last or full name; and, you get a set of letters from which to build that name. So, you could potentially just make a few guesses judging by the combinations of letters you have. Guess correctly and earn 10 points. Earn more for every Reveal you don’t use.

Fame Face

If you’ve revealed all the tiles allowed and have no clue as to the answer, you can get a free hint from a friend, kind of like on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”, or you can buy different types of hints. Hints include: buy more Reveals, expose a letter in the name, or remove letters from the bottom (so you can take a better guess a the name). I preferred the hint about the person, but that set me back by 300 points! To buy these hints you need mega points in your stash. If you’ve done well in the game, you may have banked a grand or so. If not, no fear…you can visit the in-app store and purchase a few points. Get 150 points for free if you Like Fame Face on Facebook, or pay between $0.99 to $19.99 for 1,000 to 50,000 points.

Fame Face

Fame Face is extremely easy to play and keeps you entertained, but if you get to a point where you just don’t know who the heck the celebrity is, then you’ll be forced to either pay up in points or start over. In my case, I am not too excited to pay up for a game, so I would rather start over. Not sure if that gets me a new set of pics to play on, but I would rather try this than spend money. It would be nice if you could just revert back to a previous difficulty level – but again, if the pictures are the same as what you played, no challenge. However, you could get through them faster and earn more points after knowing what to expect.

Awesomely entertaining and engaging, Fame Face is a keeper for me for the time being until I get fully stumped and don’t want to start over. I played for much longer last night than I intended, which speaks volumes for the game. If you are into the celeb scene and need a fun free game to fill those voids in your day, this is the perfect little app!