DRIVE.NET – Interactive Car Blogging at its Best

If you love cars and you love to talk about them, then DRIVE.NET is the app for you. This app runs on both iOS and Android and is available for free downloading. It brings together a community of car lovers from around the world and allows members to partake in a car show that runs continuously, without bounds.

Once you download the app, you will see it has a very simple interface. Until you create an account, you will only be able to read posts that have been submitted by members, comments to those posts, and replies to those comments. In a nutshell, you will have completely passive access and exposure to the app.

After you create an account, the road opens up wider to an experience like no other. You can now start to post photos and articles describing what you like, what your experience is with cars, or just blog. Many users like to use this app to journal road trips or adventures they take. You can even chronicle your experience in researching and finding your first car. The sky is the limit to what you can post. Make it interesting enough and you will attract enough followers to fill a freeway.

The main screen is the list of featured posts. At the very bottom of the screen are buttons that take you to different functional parts of the app. The big “D” at the very left is the main screen. Next comes “Feed” which allows you to tap into the News Feed that keeps you up to date on what’s happening in the automobile scene. “Comments” comes next, allowing you to view the comments you have posted on any number of submissions. “Messages” is where you can create a new posting on any forum, or community. This is also where you can upload and edit photos before publishing them online.

DRIVE.NET screenshot

DRIVE.NET lets you promote your car, as well, if you are a collector and seek to find a different way to share your passion for cars. Posts submitted to DRIVE.NET are strictly monitored, so only information concerning cars is allowed, along with content that is original and free from any offense. The editors of the app ensure that all comments, messages, and photos uploaded for posting adhere to guidelines explicitly outlined on their website. The creators of the app also advise that accounts will be closed if adherence is not met.

The only downside I could see to this app is the inability to really see everything you would like to see on a smartphone. With so many featured posts enhanced with images and artful descriptions and storytelling, a larger device, such as an iPad works best. It does makes sense to have it available on a more mobile piece of equipment, but writing eloquent stories and descriptions, as so many cars deserve, warrants a proper editing venue with keyboard. However, for those who are adept at typing on mobiles, it may just well serve the purpose it’s intended to.

Overall, as an app you take with you anywhere you go, it’s perfect for keeping up with what’s happening in the world of cars, and for letting the world know all about your special treasure.

Ocean Hunt Offers a Lot of Fun and Challenge

With so many hunting games and apps out there today, they are all in danger of looking the same. With Ocean Hunt, however, Won-O-Soft has come up with a game that, while using a tried-and-tested game concept, promises to still offer a lot of fun and challenge for anyone who plays it. Players are given a limited amount of time to catch as many fish as they can by using a spear (to actually catch the fish) and a reel (to bring it in and accumulate points).

Using a spear, players will catch as many of the swimming fish as they can. All the fish that are caught must be reeled in out of the water to earn the points. It is simple enough: the more fish you catch, the higher your points will be. Ocean Hunt features a colorful underwater environment, with 28 different fish types and accompanied by perky tunes. To add to the level of difficulty, various flotsam and trash will also be floating around, making it more of a challenge to spear the fish. The player must avoid these pieces trash while playing.

Once you tap on the START tab, fish will start swimming in both directions across your screen. You should use your finger to swipe on the screen to adjust the aim or direction of the spear, which is located in the center top of the screen. Tapping on any part of the screen will release the spear, hitting on the targeted fish.

To reel in the caught fish, you must quickly turn on the Turn Reel System that will appear on the right side of the screen. Doing it quickly will ensure that the fish does not get away, and that you will earn points in as short a time as possible, so you can proceed to catch more fish. There is an online leaderboard for this app, which will motivate players to catch as many fish as they can and score high.

Ocean Hunt screenshot

When it comes to being unique, some players would say that Ocean Hunt is anything but. After all, the game concept is already something that has been done many times over in the past. What makes this game unique, however, is the level of difficulty it poses. It is easy to learn, and it is definitely easy to play. However, mastering it is another matter entirely. Timing and speed are going to be very important and that is what makes this arcade game very addictive.

This fast-paced game’s gameplay can prove to be quite monotonous for those who are looking for more “action” in their mobile games. While it is true that it is challenging, it would have been better if more obstacles are included, just to up the ante. Those who are looking for a challenging mobile game will find it in Ocean Hunt. It can provide hours of fun and enjoyment, despite its simplicity and the risk of becoming tedious or monotonous after a while. The colorful interface, coupled with the catchy and infectious sounds and tunes, also adds an element of fun to the whole experience.