FancyKey – Fonts That Make for Fun Chats

Looking for a way to make your chats more interesting, much more impactive and amazingly expressive? Simple fonts can only take a message so far. The emotion that may lie behind the words you type may never be revealed unless you have the right artistic presentation or the right script. Chat apps only have so many fonts available for use; but don’t sell yourself short. FancyKey is a fun app that takes the letters you tap out and renders them in a fun and fanciful way.

Pinssible Labs has put some little creative thinking into their latest update to their app to offer more choices and more functionality. Enhancements include:

  • Close to 100 unique fonts
  • Adaptxt Technology supporting enhanced auto-correct and word suggestions
  • Six vibrant themes
  • Keyboard integrated with Emoji / Emoticons / Emoji Art with auto-suggestions and one-tap functionality
  • System Settings-defined shortcuts
  • Protection of privacy; fully functions without “Full Access” 

The app is available for free and works on iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches; however, this latest version requires iOS 8 or later and is optimized for iPhone 5 and later. The download is simple an easy, with a seamless setup. Setup is completed in a few easy steps. After download, go into System Setting, General, Keyboard, and then Add Keyboard. You will find FancyKey as an option to select.


Once you have integrated the app, fancy fonts become intrinsically available anywhere you can type and chat. This could be from iMessage, sending off an email, posts on Facebook, and more. Messages you put out to your friends and share with the world can take on more meaning and emphasis with a mere metamorphosis of the font set you use.

Once you are in an app that allows you to type, FancyKey will become an option as a keyboard. This can easily be turned off whenever you choose by going back into System Settings and disabling FancyKey. The app can still be on your device, but simply will sit in the background and you will default to a standard keyboard.

The only downside to using FancyKey is trying to switch between keyboards, and this may be more of a device issue than an app issue. I would have liked to see the keyboard options choices be a bit more apparent. Rather, I had to tap around to realize that pressing the globe icon on the keyboard revealed all keyboard choices. Maybe I am just a novice that needs to experiment a bit more.

Aside from that, FancyKey makes typing a little more fun because the letters and words dance a bit more livelier on the screen, making the story you tell, news you convey or moments you share be that more animated and alive. What better way to connect than to use a script that speaks your mind in exactly the way you picture your words. Download FancyKey safely and easily and start sending messages that mean more.

Web PC Suite for Effective File Transfer

Everyone is now recognizing the need for faster, easier and more effective file transfers between PC and devices. Clearly, going wireless solves a lot of problems and inconveniences, and anyone who can find a way to make this happen wirelessly is going to have a winner in its hands. GeekSoft, one of the leading mobile developers and publishers seems to have hit the nail right on the head with its latest app called the “Web PC Suite”. Wireless transfers between and among PC and Android mobile phones and similar devices certainly solves a lot of problems, and this concept is neatly encapsulated in the Web PC Suite, a file transfer app.

Web PC Suite makes file transfers less messy since it dispenses with the need for a myriad of cables and connections. It also makes the process faster, saving a lot of time since the transfer takes as fast as several seconds, depending on the nature and size of the files being transferred, and the wireless speeds. There is no longer a need for flash drives and USB cables, so that also saves you a considerable amount of money. Since the transfer is browser-based, no software installation is required. This nifty little app called Web PC Suite does all that, and even makes the whole process actually fun!

The best thing about Web PC Suite is its user friendly interface. Anything that makes what used to be a lengthy and complicated process – transferring files – simplified and much quicker, scores high in our books. Connecting is very easy. All it takes is a quick scan of the QR Code, or you can even make use of Direct Connect. You just have to make sure the devices you are connecting are using the same Wi-Fi network. Connecting is free and, unlike other apps of this same nature, there is no need to sign up for anything in order to get it to work. There is also no need to download any software on your personal computer and install it; the transfer is completed using just a web browser.

Web PC Suite

Another issue often encountered with respect to file transfers is compatibility. For example, only certain devices are recognized. There are also instances where only selected brands or platforms permit file transfers. That is not a problem with Web PC Suite, since it allows file transfers across platforms. You can transfer files between your PC and your Android mobile or tablet. Samsung, Apple, HTC, Huawei, and LG are only several of the many brand names that work using Web PC Suite. Browser compatibility is also a non-issue, since it supports all browsers, including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and more.

File size limitations are also often the cause of several file transfer failures. Web PC Suite lets you transfer large file sizes without any difficulties. It also allows batch operation, meaning you can choose multiple files, which you can then download or upload as a single compressed zip file. But file transfer is not the only thing that Web PC Suite can do, since it also allows users to manage and organize their files. The File Manager is multi-functional and definitely makes managing files a breeze.

While it is true that Web PC Suite allows writing directly to a mobile device or smartphone’s SD card, this has certain limitations. At the moment, this function only works on the SD cards of devices that are running on Android KitKat version.

The Web PC Suite is turning out to be the best file transfer and file manager app today, and more and more users are enjoying its lightning-fast performance and user-friendly interface.

File Expert with Clouds Manages Files on Android

Sometimes, file managers do not really live up to their name. Instead of simplifying things, they actually make the whole process ever more painful. With File Expert with Clouds, GeekSoft has come up with a way to manage files easily (and painlessly) on mobile phones, PC, tablets, and cloud storage servers. File Expert is an app that allows managing files on mobile phones, PC, and other devices, as well as cloud storage servers. It locates files quickly and organizes them expertly, depending on the appropriate category. It also facilitates quick and easy file transfer between and among devices, and works across different connection types.

File Expert also utilizes the free cloud service called GCloud. Its Cloud Storage supports access to various cloud services, such as Google Drive, Sky Drive and DropBox, to name a few. Other features include a fully functional multi-tab File Manager, a file downloader, file sharing via network and FTP, an App Manager, an Image Viewer and a Text Editor. To say that the File Expert is power-packed would be an understatement. This small app seems to be able to do everything, from locating files, organizing them, downloading files and sharing them. No wonder it is called a file “expert”!

The fact that the cloud service is free is a definite plus in its favor. It supports a lot of cloud services, so users will have no trouble accessing their files, no matter where they are located. Aside from the powerful file manager, the file downloader function is also a great addition. It is very fast, and allows downloads to resume in case they have been interrupted. Users can also easily share files through FTP, or send them using Wi-Fi. It is also possible to browse and download content from another person’s phone using the Quick Connect feature.

File Expert

The user interface is also worth mentioning. It is clean and fuss-free, and it takes no time at all before one can get the hang of it. It is very easy to navigate that even first-time users will have no trouble at all. The interface makes use of tabs, which are definitely easier to understand and work through. Since it resembles the workings of a basic web browser, it does not even require a lot of instructions to get anyone to understand it.

File Expert is a free app. As expected, there are bound to be ads. However, this seems to be a small price to pay for a free app that does a lot of things.  Also, it is not completely free, since there are features that you would have to shell some money for them to be available to you. Also, in order for files to be sent via Wi-Fi, it is also necessary that the receiving device has File Expert installed on it. Otherwise, the transfer will fail. The search for the ultimate file manager on Android is now over! File Expert by GeekSoft is, hands down, the best file manager available today, and everyone can enjoy its many useful features for free!

Run the Ruins of an Aztec Temple to Stop the Apocalypse

Adventures come in all shapes and sizes, in different places and with an assortment of challenges. Most games have you cramping fingers until numbness sets in. Not so with most running games. Yeah, those are the ones where you simply tap or swipe to make your player move around to avoid a fallen tree, a stone column or jump over a stream to avoid being swept away. If Temple Run is coming to mind, then you know all too well the adventures, the twists and the turns, and you may be thinking, how could a game like that get any better? Well, put it in a different time and place, give your runners a new face and you’ve turned a race into a mission to save the world. The Aztec world, that is.

Spirit Run is a game from the makers of Zombie Run HD, namely, RetroStyle Games. They seem to have a pattern going on, but they wear it well. They have taken the basics of running through mazes, avoiding mishaps and collecting powerful life-restoring gems and made it a new challenge and immersing the run in an ancient time and place. They have also added the element of spiritual transformations so that your runner, who is human, can swap his soul for a bit of time into his animal counterpart.

Animal counterparts take one from being an Aztec into becoming a Panda, a Fox, a Bear, a Panther or a Wolf. Each runner, of which there are five, has its own animal counterpart. Of the five runners, one is for free and comes with the basic downloaded game. Opt for any of the other four by making either an in-app purchase or shelling out some gems that you’ve collected.

Spirit Run

The game basically takes you from very simple and elementary levels to help you learn the foundational movements to maneuver your runner across bridges, over gaps in the path, under fallen trees and make quick turns. The initial levels keep the speed of the runner at a pace that allows for learning without getting turned off to the game. There are even opportunities to find and earn gems, which sometimes is unheard of in tutorials.

The end goal is to prevent the imminent apocalypse which will destroy your temple and your people. You, as the runner, must make it to the finish line to save a civilization; and it’s not an easy feat. The preliminary levels help you gain skills and confidence, but higher level challenges await as you move up the ranks and the ladder of levels. When faced with danger, you can morph your runner into his animal self and defeat the oncoming antagonist. Get past these roadblocks and move forward to collect more gems, more life, more strength, and move on.

While fun to play and fairly easy to learn, it would be nice to have some sort of help button to give you a context of what it is you are heading for. Just running can get boring and you sometimes end up stopping and wondering where you really are headed, in terms of game play. Yet, for a game that is free, at least for now, Spirit Run is a fun take on a game that so many app players know too well, and brings fresh perspective on it. For those that are experts, this will be an easy game to master.

Trail the tail – Fun App Where Kids Follow, Find and Learn About Animals

Kids love to learn and explore, but don’t always have the opportunity to experience firsthand different places and things. When it comes to a love of animals, they love to see and hear and learn about what each type is all about. The zoo is a great place to show kids a little about the exotic animals that live on the African savanna; but a better way to introduce those animals in a more interactive and fun way is through Thematica’s Trail the tail app.

Trail the tail runs on iPad and magically transports little ones to a new place, with different games, activities and animations to keep eyes wandering and fingers tapping. A tail swishes and wiggles mysteriously and quickly disappears, inviting kids to explore the savanna that is home to a variety of animals we don’t often see.

The app is an interesting mix of entertainment and education, keeping kids searching for animals, turning over rocks, moving aside branches and seeing firsthand how savanna animals live and behave. Navigation is as a simple as a tap. There are no complicated or rushed actions needed. Kids and adults alike will take simple pleasure in moving around the various venues offered by the app.

To start, the main screen offers up three major areas to explore, denoted by three buttons spread across the bottom. Tap on any one of them; there is no specific order to follow or complete. Each button takes you to a different area of the savanna with different types of activities.

Trail the tail

Each area then offers its own set of activities, animals to watch and learn about. In some places, a camera is given, and kiddos must take snapshots of the animal when it makes itself available. This involves careful placement of the camera so that the animal falls within the boundaries of the lens, and then a quick snap! The photo is taken and can be saved in a frame by tapping on it. Kids will see a line of empty frames waiting to be filled. Once completed, kids then move on to the next adventure by tapping on a leaf that quietly waves hello. If kids don’t quite get the clue, have no fear; because the app conveniently offers up an arrow showing you where to go. 

Returning to the main screen is always available by tapping on the “return” icon that sits at the top left of the screen. Activities left undone will revert back to the start, so kids will have to start from scratch filling frames or finding things. Another type of activity offered includes feeding different types of animals. In a much understated way, kids will learn the types of foods each animal can and will eat, and which types don’t work. This is done by dragging food items near the animal’s mouth, and seeing if the mouth opens wide open with bright eyes to boot, or if they shut in agony. Through game-play, kids learn about eating habits.

Being such a simple app, there is not much lacking but for an increase in challenge or something to work towards. Each activity or game is fun to play, but there are no points accumulated or treasures to uncover, which may entice kids to try a bit harder. Nonetheless, Trail the tail is a great way to keep little ones a bit busy, in search of mysteries that are hidden, only to uncover a new animal while learning something about it.