Kombie – Create Your Original Video Content

Kombie is an application that allows its users to create their own original content. The application allows users to create two video clips together. One of these clips is from a featured list, found on the Kombie App, while the other clip can be recorded or uploaded from any IOS device.

Kombie allows users the creative freedom to create their own videos for all of their social media accounts. Registering for the app is very simple. You can use your Facebook account to register, or you can sign up using an email address. There is no verification process for registration. You can begin creating videos immediately after registering your account. Your account name resembles a twitter handle (Ex. @yourname). Once your account is created, you can go on to make a video clip, or “Kombie” video clip.

After registering for the application, a tutorial begins and walks you through the steps of how to create a video. The process begins by selecting a video clip from one of the Kombie playlists.  Topic lists include many subjects like: Latest, Top 100, and Funny. These lists feature video clips from all corners of the internet. These videos include popular memes, movie clips, and popular music videos, or television shows.

The next step is adding your own video clip. This clip can be uploaded from your device, or recorded on the spot, by using the in-app camera feature. Once you have added both videos, you can add details to your video. Editing your personal video is simple. By using the small scissor icon, located at the bottom of the screen, you can edit the video, or cut certain parts out. You can also edit your video by changing the coloration.



These features can be changed by using the paint bucket icon at the bottom of the screen. The filters vary from simple sepia tones, all the way to purple or blue tones. The Kombie clip cannot be edited. This issue was one thing that I think negatively impacts the application. Users have to let the video clip interact with their personal video clip without being able to alter the Kombie video at all.

The positive side of Kombie is that you can share your creation across multiple social media platforms. Once your video is created you can preview it and share it to your Kombie profile, your twitter page, your Instagram, and even your Facebook.

Run and Rock-it Kristie – Run and Jump to Release Rock N Roll

Looking for fun that’s back to basics and a new twist on platform gaming? Run and Rock-it Kristie is just the app for you. It features a young rocker who’s aiming to make it to the big leagues in the musical industry, and can only get there with your help.

Your job is to get Kristie through a maze of everyday, run of the mill, obstacles she might come across while walking the streets of her hometown in the middle of summer, while dashing through the brisk air of autumn, or sliding across snow-capped hills in the midst of winter.

This game is all about a rocker named Kristie. The game moves Kristie through a myriad of scenes full of animation and color. In summer, the game will move Kristie along the sidewalks of her town, in search of stars that help her reach her destiny. As she walks, or runs, along, there will be obstacles, like trash cans, ladders and boxes. You have make Kristie jump over these obstacles, allowing her to continue on her course.

Logistics of game play is simple. There is an icon of a shoe at the bottom left of the screen. You tap it, and Kristie jump. Tap several times together and she jumps and jumps and jumps, helping her reach a staircase landing that hugs the side of a building, which may help her reach the top of the next building. As she jumps and “flies,” she can also collect stars. Some stars are large and some are small. Collect them all to maximize your game playing options.

Run and Rock Kristie

Scenes that you get right off the bat are the summer scene. The fall and winter scenes remain locked until you collect enough stars. When Kristie finishes the end of a scene, you are rewarded with an amazing guitar solo, which change with every scene you play. However, within the summer scene, there are 10 different playing levels, to keep you busy.

If you can’t wait to score enough points to see other game playing options, you can always make an in-app purchase, an option that’s available from the main screen.

Other options allow a few simple adjustments to your playing experience, like music and sound controls. Outside of that, there are not many other things that you can change about the game. It doesn’t hook into Game Center, so good or bad, there is no competitive feature to this game.

This turns out to be a nice benefit for folks who are looking for a game that doesn’t kill off your player because you didn’t complete a level in time. Sometimes, games like those can be a turn off.

The only real downside to the game is that you don’t have access to the other scenes straight away, which would have been nice. Maybe offering just 5 levels across two scenes would draw in more subscribers.

Run and Rock-it Kristie is still a winner with what it does offer. A simple and fun game and lets you play as long as you want, without bounds!

Duh Color Stuff – Dynamic Decision-Making Adventure for Young Readers

Immerse your young reader in an adventure that, yes, involves a computer, but sends them soaring on a quest that requires a bit of wit and a lot of imagination. Neighborhood Watch Kids and Duh Color Stuff is the name of the game, and kids get to join Maya, Arnold, Suzie, Billy and Johnny help solve mysteries that plague the neighborhood.

The mysteries are never the same and kids get to choose how each story and adventure unfolds as they analyze and choose the path to take. This is more than an online mystery story, this is an experience that fully absorbs kids and makes them a part of the plot.

Kids will traverse the town as they turn pages, gathering evidence, analyzing it, and then deciding on what to do an where to go next. No two adventures will be the same because each will transpire uniquely. Interspersed amongst the pages, splattered  with hidden clues, are puzzles and games that may or may not help with the mystery, but are fun to play and build great problem-solving skills.

Taking place in a neighborhood called Watch, the mystery erupts when an unusual incident occurs on the playground. The kids, along with yours, then embark upon a journey around town to find clues, collect them on a well-designed “bulletin board” that saves your information even if you stop the game. Headquarters is a perfectly placed treehouse, where members gather to discuss events, information and what to do next.

What’s really cool about this game is that it not only teaches kids to think methodically and analyze what they see, but it forces them to also learn how to work as a team, because as you will see, when it comes time to making decisions, your child will not be able to single-handedly make a choice; there will be opposition to choices and opinions to deal with – which is what the real world is all about!

Duh Color Stuff app

Navigation through the game is well designed, allowing for easy swiping from one page to another. Readers have a choice of reading the story on their own and driving their experience, or listening to a narrator and having the pages advanced for you.  In both cases, readers can bookmark up to five pages that are chock full of information they may want to refer to often.

What would be nice for those who are still learning to read and are using the narrative option would be a feature that highlights words as they are spoken, so the narration is easy to follow and word recognition is easily absorbed.

Outside of that, Duh Color Stuff is worth the purchase. It gets kids off the gaming kick and introduces something more productive in terms of a learning experience and a product with lasting value, for minimal cost. The suggested age for players is 8 years and up, but if you have an avid reader, there’s no reason for you to wait and download this dynamic app.

Photo Collada – Create and Share Photo Collages

Photo Collada is an application developed by VicMan Software for those who have Android smartphones. It is the top of the line application right now to produce photo collages. The application features a number of options bundled up together in a high quality application that also allows for one-of-a-kind decorations, customization as per the user’s will and sharing of everything through social networks.

At a glance the main features of Photo Collada are : 

  • Layouts and photogrids

With a selection ranging from the most basic to the most unusual ones, it is possible to produces collages from a single photo to as many photos as exist in the gallery. The number of options exceeds any and all provided by similar apps available.

  • Customizable frames

The users’ imagination and wishes are the limit here. They can choose from a number that is far greater than anything that existed in the past, of solid colors, distinctive backgrounds, 3D rendering options and a lot of others which can be added in batches or one at a time.

  • Creative text

Any application that respects itself should never be released without providing the user with the ability to caption photos with the appropriate text. Photo Collada includes a routine with enough fonts and styles to write slogans easily and with a high degree of distinction.

  • Social network sharing

The rage of the era has sharing over social networks as a must. Photo Collada follows this notion and provides the easiest way possible to upload the user’s creativity to any and all available social media networks.

Photo Collada for Android

Photo Collada is the easiest to use and most complete application in comparison with its competition. The features that people wanted have been included along with some additional ones. Overall the rating is 4.2 out of five with the definitive advantage being the chance to shape things in any way the user wants.

Photo Collada app is only available for Android smartphones. But that’s not the end of it as even the phones that operate in older versions need to upgrade to a newer one before the app can be installed. Some phones do not even have the capability of upgrading, therefore the number of potential users is severely limited.

Photo Collada clearly offers the most complete package in reference to photo collages than any other app in the category. More and better options can be found in dedicated software that is not free and does not offer the bundled solutions that this application does. It is clearly the best such app for tablets and smartphones, but VicMan must see to it that the next versions released can operate either across operating systems or at least in iOS. It is a pity to limit the number of users that can appreciate what Photo Collada can do.

NiLi – A City Concierge at Your Fingertips

No one really knows everything about what’s going on, even in their own city. Sometimes you’ll be sitting on a Friday afternoon, wondering what to do over the weekend. Well, now you don’t have to look very far, because NiLi can provide options galore. If you live in San Francisco, Las Vegas or Los Angeles, you can take advantage of this app that has taken these cities by storm.

Once you download the app, you can connect through Facebook or Twitter. If you choose not to, you can always opt to create a profile using an email address. You will have to enter your city so the app knows where you hail from, and if you’re not in a serviced city, it may prompt the creators to get going on that city.

Anyhow, back to the app. Options to look for fun stuff to do are organized by Events and by Venues. If you want to search for something in particular, you also have that option. Let’s say you are looking for a balloon festival, or a concert for grunge, or a karaoke party, you can type that in and see what pops up. When an event is listed, you can read details about it under the Info section. If you like what you see and you plan on attending, you can select the Going option, and the event will be added to My Events.

If you are connected via Facebook or Twitter, you will then be able to share your thoughts about the event and your plans with friends easily, making is effortless to get your gang in on the event, too. For each event, you can make comments, take photos and elaborate on the event before it happens, while it’s happening and even after it has come and gone! It makes the event live on, allowing you to relive the fun times and make it more memorable.

Nili app

If you choose to look for venues, that is also another way to find out what’s happening at your favorite places, giving you another way to find some fun. You can even check out what others are doing and how much fun they had or are having by viewing video clips uploaded to the app under NiLi Media. NiLi fills the night with entertainment in a way that allows you to frequent familiar places or find out about new ones. It’s up to you.

The only downside to the app is the limited offerings it currently has. It features full functionality in three cities, and offers basic info in five others. I look forward to an expansion real soon so that I can make use of it anywhere I go.

While I wait for that to happen, I will be sure to use NiLi when I visit the cities where it is offered, and look forward to the surprises it has in store for me.

Tears of the Machine – Each Successful Steps Reveals your Story

The year is 2085. You’ve been asleep for so long, you don’t remember your name, where you came from how you got here, and why everything has been destroyed. All you have is a faint glimpse into your past, in the form of an image of a girl. Who she is and your connection to her remain unknown; but, it’s what drives you to march past the enemy beings who work for the forces that have taken over – the Global Order Coalition.

Tears of the Machine is the name of the app, given to use by creator Mohamed Elzankaly. You are the machine, of sorts. You are the person that is behind every move of this machine. You have become this machine by donning the mech suit so that you can battle and survive the mayhem that has become your world – all at the hands of the Global Order and all other renegade factions that are out to fracture and destroy the peaceful world you once knew.

As you move about desolate lands, looking for clues to your past and any information that may shed light on the girl that has become a link to it, you must defend yourself against any enemy that comes your way. At first, there will be few that cross your path. As you destroy them, you will collect points, which opens up so many more playing options.

The game itself is divided into four chapters of a story. The neat thing about the game is that you can play it by following the storyline or by just playing it as a survivor game and advancing through levels as you successfully complete playing levels. You can choose either mode and switch between the two, if you wish.

Tears of the Machine screenshot

If you choose the Story Mode, you will see four chapters, the first of which will be the only one available to you, as indicated by the absence of a lock on it. The other three chapters will be visible, but will be locked. As you move through the game, you are navigation through the storyline, which is set before you, giving you context and purpose.

Choose Survival Mode and you will launch straight into game play. You will continuously fight and play, collecting points and climbing up the level ladder. In either gaming mode, you will have the chance to explore several extras, such as the various game worlds and a collection of audio logs that reveal the unknown, helping you uncover the mystery that is at the heart of the game.

The only downside I saw to the game was the simplistic graphics and setup of the game. I found it awkward to move my mechanical robot at first, but eventually figured out how to manipulate his movement and set him on a path to find out what was going on while shooting down anything that looked dangerous.

Overall, this game has brought the survival game onto a new playing field by giving it a storyline on top of which to set purpose to your program. It’s not your typical survivor game, it’s also a mystery. Download Tears of the Machine and find out for yourself.

Family Fun Continues on a Fishing with Grandpa

In the next installment offered to fans of Fairlady Media, find yourself filling up buckets of fun Fishing with Grandpa. This app extends the unique and valuable series that helps teach life skills to kids in a light-humored and experiential way.

Many of us, back in the day, spent hours with grandparents and extended family, having loads of fun and learning equally as much. Many kids today don’t get that kind of time with family, and more specifically, with grandparents, who have so much to share, wisdom to wield and time to carefully deliver lessons that build strong foundations.

FairLady Media has concocted a series of apps that, through games and exercises, give kids a virtual experience with Grandpa. In this app, they go on a fishing trip, learn the ins and outs of what it takes to make success on such an outing.

Not like other games, this game moves at an inviting pace, moving casually and sweetly as Grandpa shows his supportive love. The character’s voice is as you would expect for a Grandpa, slow and soothing, and full of character; however, every so often, a bit of mischief sneaks through with pippy comments that make you smile and remind you that he was once a boy, too.

Upon downloading the app, you can set preferences by going to Settings. Most importantly, you play gatekeeper by defining your child’s threshold, which basically defines access levels and privileges. In settings, Music can be turned ON or OFF, selection of activity types (more for parents), the ability to recycle through certain activities you may want your child to gain more practice on.

Activities abound in the app, which offers ten in all. Skills tested include counting, sequencing with numbers, categorization activities in which kids much select items that are the same or different, color sense, puzzles, and to keep things light, some video clips.

Fishing with Grandpa

At any particular level, the app takes care to introduce activities that stimulate within the child’s capabilities without being overbearing, so as to turn the child away. Themes revolve which offer up new exploratories and perspectives.

As an example, one activity has kids measuring the length of a freshly caught fish. Once mastering this, parents and teachers can then bring the lesson to life by asking how long the child’s arm or leg is. Grandpa makes sure kids don’t get bored or stuck with careful guidance and sound suggestions.

There’s not much to not like about this app. It presents in such vivid color and life, that kids will easily migrate towards it, no questions asked. The only improvement this app could use is a few more exercises to provide more variety, because kids these days master things fast, no matter their age, so more variety up front would be beneficial.

Outside of that, Fishing with Grandpa brings to life the wholesomeness of a good old-fashioned fishing trip with Grandpa in a way kids can experience – anytime. It’s a game with value.

Sage’s Sky – Innovative Mind-blowing Mechanics in a Flight of Fancy

Looking for a new adventure that’s high on fun and excitement, providing entertainment that’s easy to learn? Sage’s Sky is just the app for you. Available for both Android and iOS users, this game trumps with a new take on the launching game, bringing innovation and mind-blowing mechanics to flight.

You help Sage take flight by launching him from his nest in a tree and then guiding him along the skies and clouds, as far as he can go. The first few flights will be easy, with minimal disturbances and obstacles to pollute your path. However, as you progress, you will see an increasing number of nuisances trying to nail you as you try to gain speed and distance.

The app features the following:

  • Flight that’s smooth and refined
  • Easy to play
  • Scenes and obstacles powered by quality graphics
  • Many upgrade options allowing you to maximize launch distance
  • Five birds to choose from, each with their own strengths
  • Available for iPhone and iPad

When you first download it, you will immediately be able to play with a single tap. The app also allows for you to see your stats, purchase upgrades and rate the game from the initial screen. Once you tap the screen, you are taken to the gaming screen. Here, you will see elevation information in the top right corner, so you know how high you are flying. There is also a pause button in the lower left, so you can take a break when necessary.

Sage's Sky

As you play, if you fail to stay in flight, Sage falls to the ground and you will see a stats screen so you know how much life you have left in the game, how many coins you may have used.  You can redo that session and start over. To launch Sage, you swipe to the right, the only direction the game works in. As Sage flies, you tap to flap his wings, allowing him to keep flying or to fly above things he needs to avoid, like say trees, bad bugs, mountains and more. If you fail to tap enough times, Sage will lose momentum and fall in a flurry of feathers.

Ok, so thing to look for are coins and power ups. You definitely want to hit those, because that gets you points which ultimately strengthens Sage and makes him soar farther. He even starts to look bigger and better. Things to avoid include bad bugs, El Nino types of storm weather, bombs and spiky types of objects.  There’s no saying what you will run into, but be ready to tap carefully to avoid them. You can either fly above or sail below them.

As you collect points, you will have more options available to you to help make your launches and soars more powerful, which in turn means more point collection. The only downside to the game was the lack of information on how to play. A sample trial run would have been nice just so you know how to swipe and how rapidly to tap. Just saying.

Other than that, it was lots of fun once I got the hang of it. This is a definite download for anyone looking for something different.

Tangram Browser for Smartphones

More than computer desk tops or laptops, people rely on their smart phones for internet browsing. Browsing internet through mobile phones have become a phenomena because it has given us the liberty to browse and surf about anything, anywhere at any time. 24 *7 connectivity with a handy device makes the mobile phone an indispensable tool for internet browsing.

In past, it was just an internet explorer that we used on our computers without worrying about any compatibility issues, but with advancement of technology and new devices, it becomes important to choose the appropriate application for your device. Not all the browsers will work efficiently on every device. There’s altogether a different market for internet browsers that are designed specifically to work on mobile phones and android. Of all these browsers available, Tangram stands out as one of the best option for effective and seamless browsing experience. It is the most advanced application of the time that allows maximum productivity in minimum time with the help of its browsing tools.

Tangram comes with latest technological features and benefits that promise a smooth and uncomplicated browsing function. Using its fast SWIPE action, it becomes easy to do multi-tasking quickly without losing any work. A lot can be done in a jiffy by just swiping across like exploring multiple sites, adding bookmarks, taking and saving notes for future references, saving images, adding websites to the reading lists  (so you can directly open the reading list later to read the pages you want to reach in specific).  This and many more functions can be performed with Tangram as it comes with SPAAS (SeeK, process, Analyse  &  store) system  that ensures smooth and hassle-free work and even analyses the browsing sessions to optimize the usage for the user.

Tangram screenshot

One of the best features, that Tangram offers is the flexibility to halt & re-start the work without any data loss or session loss. It allows the user to stop in the middle of a session anytime, and to re-start from where it was left with no loss of data or work. Another amazing feature of Tangram is the FAB button which allows the user to perform a multiple- query search with just one click. So you can search for multiple URLs by just clicking on FAB. Now, that makes the search function real quick and easy for the user.

Summarizing the benefits and features of this browser for a quick glance:

. Compatible with all Android phones.

. SWIPE action, that allows you to toggle freely between different websites and links.

. Analytical abilities of the browser, helps it to search the best options for your work.

. Lets you halt and re-start a work session without losing any data. Therefore,  the user can simply re-start the session from where he had left.

. Allows multiple-query searches to be conducted with its FAB button. Various URLs can be searched upon by just pressing FAB, and these URLs are grouped separately without any mess.

. The user is able to save links in the bookmark section or can even save the entire session into a folder.

. One can easily shuffle between tabs, can even have those tabs save in different folders or change the order of the tabs to have it stacked priority wise.

Tangram is a must-have for all those professionals who want quick and seamless browsing sessions and amazing browsing tools to enhance the productivity. With the kind of features this application offers, it certainly has an edge over the other ANDROID browsers at the moment.