dispair – Brain Teasing Exercise to Strengthen your Noggin

With so much automation in our lives, it’s a wonder that we are able to remember anything anymore. Think about how many phone numbers you can remember now. A decade ago you probably had ten numbers memorized, ready to be dialed. Now, you’re lucky if you can remember your own cell number.

Things may not be that bad, actually, but it is a fact that we are using our brains for certain activities much less often than before. This can lead to deterioration – also known as “use it or lose it.”

If you are looking for a fun way to use your noggin, then download dispair today. It’s a neat brainteaser game that forces you to focus and activate brain connections to get the right answer.

The game itself has you look at a bunch of letters, and then place them in the correct order.

The app challenges players with increasingly difficult puzzles to solve. The complexity behind them is such that the play levels don’t even start at 1, they start at level 4 and make their way up to level 8:


  • Level 4: this is the introductory level, where you accustom yourself to the goal of the game
  • Level 5: games are bit tougher, but you will easily work your way through this level
  • Level 6: the challenge gets more serious at this level, but multiple trials will strengthen your ability to pass from this phase
  • Level 7: games at this level are harder, and you may be tempted to quit at this point, but because the game is so addicting, you will keep going back to get through this level
  • Level 8: this is for die-hard players who know they have what it takes to beat a brainteaser

You can also play in two different modes. Beginner’s Mode allows you trial play and lets you make several attempts at your answer, allowing you to learn the game and how it works. It also allows you to figure out quickly just what the game is looking for in terms of an answer. The combinations are many, so practicing in this mode is crucial.

Professional Mode is the serious side of the game. Here, you are challenged and afforded little leeway when mistakes are made. This allows you to turn on the heat and see how your deductive talents work.

I initially found dispair a bit despairing. It was hard trying to figure out what the right combination was and I came across several fails. However, each fail was really a learning moment that allowed me to collect data and learn how to play better.

I would say that having a Level 1, 2, and 3 would help players feel less anxious about playing this game, because as it stands right now, it’s a bit daunting to think of playing at Level 4 straightaway.

Nevertheless, once you start playing dispair you easily get hooked onto it, especially if you are the combinatorial mathematical type.

TSC Music – Improve Your Listening Experience While Protecting Your Ears

Our sense of hearing is precious, and so is the equipment that allows us to hear. Protecting what’s in our ears is so important, but in this day and age of earplugs, it’s so easy to cause damage, even if you keep the volume low.

Nearly 1 in 5 people today have some degree of hearing loss, and in most cases, this loss is due to exposing the hearing organs to loud noises.

The TSC Music app is the first of its kind. It allows users to stream music via Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube, and makes the necessary adjustments to ensure you hear quality sound without hurting your ears. You may be wondering how an app can do that. Well, think of TSC as an equalizer of sorts, which when it comes right down to it, is what it is.

TSC adjust the wavelengths of the various components of sound so that your hearing organs can receive them safely. It knows how to do this by the results of your Threshold Sound Conditioning, which is a test that you should take periodically within the app. It tests your hearing condition and uses this data to equalize the sound you listen to in a way that minimizes damage.

The Threshold Sound Conditioning allows you to test each ear separately, so data for each is collected. No two ears are the same, so it is critical that you measure each ear’s data so that the equalizer can do its job.

TSC Music

Simple to use, the app is clearly laid out and everything you need is easy to find. Every time you perform the sound conditioning, the app collects the data and presents it on a graph that is very easy to follow. It shows:

  • Your progress
  • Your max and min INDEX values
  • The amount of time you have used TSC

I have never seen an app like this that allows you to listen to music with the highest quality in a way that is almost customized to your ears. How cool is that? Most music apps stream music the same way to everyone, but you have to know that we all hear it differently based on how our ears work. Think of the improvements in quality of sound you will experience by using TSC to stream the music.

This is no simple app, either. The TSC technology was clinically tested by Stanford University and by over 100,000 users. With that kind of backing, it is hard to question the efficacy of this app.

While TSC Music is fully integrated with Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud, I would definitely like to see it expand to other music streaming apps like Amazon and Pandora.

Until then, I look forward to enhancing my music listening experience with sound that are customized for me, so I can enjoy quality sound without injuring my ears.

Simplanum – Simplified Powerful Planning in One App

Do you hate moving around from app to app looking for information about a project or task that requires several steps and different days and times to meet the end date? You find yourself adding reminders in Calendars, adding tasks with due dates in planning apps, and adding detailed notes in another app. It is a time waster at best.

Ditch the multi-app work management and download Simplanum. Simplanum rolls all of the apps you could possibly need to plan, manage, and complete projects and events in one simple app. No more hopping between apps looking for the information you need. It’s all in one place, as it should be.

Simplanum features the following, which I was excited to take full advantage of:

  • Full Functionality – a Notepad, Calendar, and a Diary, so information is all in one place, interconnected and accessible.
  • Cloud Storage – keep things safe, easily retrievable and synchronized across multiple devices
  • File Attachments – not all of your data will be entered in by hand. Attach emails and files to your tasks so you have backup information.
  • Embedded Checklists – create lists of what needs to be done as part of a note or an event.
  • Weather Forecasting – know what the weather may be like for the upcoming year, so as a planned event nears, you can make necessary adjustments.
  • Web Client – access your app’s data from a desktop easily so you can plan from anywhere.
  • Screen Clips – take screen shots or clips from most browsers.
  • Localized – your apps information is on your device, so there’s no need for the Internet.
  • Text Recognition – detects times and dates in text to help with Calendar updates.
  • Geolocation – can easily be added to notes
  • Voice Recording – add information easily for meetings and plans
  • Locks – lock notes and applications by security code and Touch ID

Simplanum screenshot

If you choose the Cloud option, there is subscription fee based on the level of storage you want. I liked this feature because you may start out small and then want to upgrade as your application use grows.

The app is well designed and easy to navigate, allowing you to spend more time managing projects and less time learning the app. The interface between the calendar, notes, and reminders is seamless; as if the creators knew just how the mind works and made the app in a way that was a natural fit.

The only thing I would say is missing is connectivity to navigation, so that when you are going to a meeting or event, you can do so without copy pasting the location in another app. This may come soon, I hope.

If you are looking to bring organization into your life easily, download the free Simplanum today and experience the ease of effortless planning.

Mansion Casino Fun Has Gone Mobile

If you are a fan of Mansion Casino or have heard about it, then waste no more time wondering – get on your Apple device and download MansionCasino, the app. Yup, the creators of the colossally successful casino website have packaged up ten years of online casino gaming entertainment into an app that allows you to play on the go.

Players from all over have gathered to the website to get paid to play, and now, even more will be able to join in on the fun. You can download the app on both the iPhone and iPad.

You might be wondering why this casino app is so much better than others. Well, I have to say that straightaway you are awarded double the amount to play with when you first download the app. That’s a bonus of 100%. After that, the gaming is great and the winnings are outstanding.

I have never seen such variety within one gaming app before. Games include Marvel slots, like Iron Man 2 and The Hulk; games involving live dealers, such as Poker, Craps, video based poker, progressive slots; and of course, live roulette games featuring real croupiers and live streaming.

The more you play in Mansion Casino the more loyalty points you accumulate, which increases your chance for bigger cash bonuses. As in many other types of gambling games, you can play for real or virtual money – you choose. As your loyalty grows, you can move up into VIP status, which makes it easier to gather and collect even more loyalty points. Stick around long enough and you may even reach Elite status. Make note that each special status level requires you to have a minimum amounts on cash on deposit in the app.

On the more technical side, I found the app to be visually stimulating and further enhanced with realistic sounds you’d find in the real casino. The games themselves adhere to the boards that govern Gibraltar, which is where the business that created the app is registered. Gaming can get dangerous, and the app makes sure that its clients do not misuse or fall trap to any issues.

Playing simple games is not all the app has to offer. On weekends, there are excursion games you can sign up for by making a deposit. These are offered through promotions every so often and offer gamers to explore new countries, their games, and their culture.


Another neat offer is the Red or Black Bonus. These come every Wednesday and allow you to double your winnings, should you choose the right color! On Fridays, there are other extras available that allow you to earn extra winnings, as well.

Most other apps are just games that allow you to play and win coins or points. Here, we are talking cash, sometimes virtual and sometimes real. That is up to you. Know that if you ever have any questions or issues with your earnings, winnings or deposits, the customer support is superb in addressing your concerns quickly. I had a question about a deposit I made and I wanted to inquire about retrieving it. The folks in customer service immediately answered my email and I got what I needed.

The app is unable to offer all that the website currently does, which is a small inconvenience in terms of variety. However, the app does have a lot to offer, most importantly being the fact that you can play anywhere you want to and not have to be stuck behind a desktop.

MansionCasino’s iOS application fulfills your gaming desires with quality games and abundant payouts. It also keeps you as a gamer in check so you don’t go overboard or in too heavy. It is smart gaming with big entertainment value.

Deadroad Assault – Blow Up Zombies with Your Weapon of Choice

Like power in your hands? Are you into the zombie scene and looking for a new kind of app that puts the fun back into a shooter game? Then look no further. Deadroad Assault has come up with a zombie challenge that is not a hit because it’s unique, but because it’s fun.

You are a trucker who has been stranded on the side of the road. Your truck has issues and won’t start. As night falls and darkness creeps in, so do the zombies. At first, they come at you slowly. First one creeps down slowly from the top of the screen down to where you sit crouched behind a rickety wooden wall.

Don’t worry, though. You are not left to just your defenses by only hiding. Luckily, you have kept stashed away in your truck, your powerful Gatlin gun. This gun will take you only so far, though – maybe through Level 2. Oh, that’s another thing, there are several levels to play through, and as you get faster with the taps to take out the zombies, you will advance farther into the game.

Each zombie you take out gets you points. Rack up points to go shopping in the in-app store. Mind you, you will see an ad or two in the store before you get to view the goodies; have patience and this too shall pass. Once you see the goodies that are available, you will be fired up to do better, because you will need better firearms and walls.

Deadroad Assault

You can also choose to trade in points for powerups, making each tap you blast towards a zombie that much stronger and possible take out more than one zombie per tap. This is something you will definitely need as you move up within each level and into the next levels. The zombies come at you faster and in clumps. This means you either have to become a tapping machine or have bigger blasts.

You will know when you are close to failing a level when you start to see the zombie mob boss show up. Bigger than the regular zombies, he also sports some kind of funny looking bone in his face. See him and you will start to see darker zombies that come at you faster. See him three times, and you are out.

I liked Deadroad Assault a lot, even though it was a bit frustrating the first time zombie boss took me out. But I persisted and got through. I do have to say that the interface got slightly confusing and rapid after I saw the zombie boss and I did not realize at that point that the zombies were going to come at me faster. I was taken by surprise, but just played the level again and again until I figured out what to do. It also required me buying a better blaster, as well.

If you are looking for something fun and simple to play, and like shooter games, then Deadroad Assault is a game to get.

LingoKids Teaches Kids Chinese the Easy Way

Commerce in China is no joke. Businesses have been making a beeline to the Orient to capture dominance in a market that is one of the largest. To counter that, Chinese businesses are booming and spreading worldwide. It’s only fitting that command of the Chinese language may be what sets your child apart from the rest when it comes time to seeking global opportunities.

How do you easily introduce Chinese to your child without making it a project? Scientists have proven that the younger a child is, the better they absorb a second language. Given that fact, and the fact that you most likely don’t know any of the Chinese dialects, you are left to seek out a source of instruction.

That’s where LingoKids for learning Chinese comes to the rescue.

LingoKids has offered a variety of language learning apps that target youth who have minds like sponges and can pick up a second language effortlessly.

LingoKids immerses children through activities and games, introducing symbols and sounds that make up the language. Kids don’t realize they are learning because they are having so much fun. Once you download the app, you can play it anywhere; it’s all on the device and requires no connectivity to the internet.

LingoKids app

What really attracted me and kept me interested was the colors and animation.  I can see why kids would never want to put the device down once they got started.

One thing to note is that while the app itself is a free download, you will have a small set of games to play included with the free download. Once your child moves past those games and needs something different, you can make an in-app purchase to expand your collection. You can sign up for a 12-month subscription for $89.99, which will allow you access to the app and all new games for one year. I would recommend this because most kids fly through the games, and you will want them to be able to continue their learning without pauses. You can also avail an exclusive 25% discount from this link.

What I found especially helpful is the printable worksheets that kids can complete to supplement what they learn in the app. This allows parents a way to engage the kids without devices and forces them to use another medium to learn.

I really couldn’t suggest anything wrong with the app. I would like it if the free download came with more games so that parents could see if the app works for their kids. But I do see the benefit to making the app require some purchases; it prevents having to rely on ads, which parents definitely do not want on app their kids are using.

Safe to use and quickly effective, LingoKids Chinese is the way to I you are looking to expose your kids to the Chinese language.

ABC Magic App Helps Kids Learn to Read Early Using Fun Phonics

Kids are learning to read at a very young age these days and parents who are looking to make the art of learning letters and their sounds an easier task are in luck. Preschool University has taken phonics to a whole new level of understandability by embedding the learning process into games and activities.

ABC Magic Phonics is filled with colorful graphics and amusing sounds that keep kids asking for more. They won’t be able to get enough of the app, and parents will see quick results.

Free to download, ABC Magic Phonics offers a variety of games for early learners. The app relies on teaching sounds of each letter, in lower case only. Learning both upper and lower case only adds to the symbol set that kids need to memorize. The app focuses on lower case first and the sounds, not the names.

In one game, players are introduced to the letters, one at a time, along with the sound and a graphic of an item that begins with that letter’s sound. The music and rhythms that play along help emphasize what the child sees on the screen. It’s amazing to see how kids are drawn to what the app displays and how it keeps kids engaged.

ABC Magic Phonics

After listening to the sound of the letter and how it is used, the app has the child make the sound of the letter and speak the word. The repetition and connections on different sensory levels further solidifies what is learned. If the child needs to hear the sound of the letter or the word, they simply tap on either to hear it again. It helps the child engage with the app and learn sounds through repetition.

In one game, the app shows the letter and one image. In another game, the app shows one letter and four images whose name will be spoken by the app when tapped on. A third game challenges kids to figure out which item begins with the given letter based on its sound. An example is the letter ‘a’, whose sound is as it’s used in the word “apple.” Other images will show an astronaut, a rose, and a ladder. Kids of course must choose the astronaut in order to correctly fill a blank spot.

In the options section, parents can select the words their kids can learn or choose all. You can even select a different color for the vowels. The apps voice can be female, male, or random.

I really thought the developers did a great job of incorporating clean images with clear sounds that helped kids learn proper sounding of the letters. I also liked the color scheme. It was in line with what preschoolers are used to seeing and it drew them in like a magnet.

What would be really neat is the ability to write out the letter at some point in time after the sound and recognition have been mastered. This will further the child’s memory of the letter and its sound and how it is used in a word.

This would be a nice improvement, but as is, ABC Magic Phonics is a treasure for parents looking to help their kids get a head start to reading or just give them more practice with sounds so they are ready to go when they start school.

Dynamically Charged Sniper Ops with Challenges around Every Corner

If you are looking for a challenging shooter game and haven’t found it, look no further. Sniper Ops 3D tests your power over precision with a technologically charged app that astounds all who play. Your mission is to help save the world from mass destruction brought on by enemy who inflict terror to take over.

The game tests your ability quickly target and take out the enemy, no matter who they are. In over 200 different scenarios, your skills will be tested; skills that require precise placement of your weapons and swift shots. Miss a target and you may the one taken out.

The app is a free download, so it’s easily accessible to all. Keep in mind that due to the nature of the app and its content, it is not wise to allow children to play. We all know it’s just a game, but it may not be appropriate for the younger folk.

After downloading the game places you in one of its starter scenarios. This is nothing to sneeze at because even the beginner level provides enough challenge. If you are already what you would consider an expert, then you will have no issues moving through quickly to a level that offers the challenge you seek. There are over 200 games to play, so you will never get bored, and the app creators are constantly enhancing the app, so each scenarios may change even as you are in it.

Sniper Ops screenshot

Now, we come to why you are a sniper. Well, your aim in the game is to put your sniper skills to the test by using expert targeting skills to loom in on the enemy and take them out. Who’s the enemy, you ask? Terrorists trying to take over the world.

Mind you, you are not alone in the fight. The world’s defenses are all at arms trying to keep the enemy at bay, and they need you, an expert sharpshooter to help. Whether you like sharpshooting or not, you will be drawn into this game, because the graphics and sound pull you in the story and you can’t help but engage and fight.

Initially, you may not have the best of weapons, but that slowly changes as you add to your list of successful target destructions. Earn enough coins and see your selection grow, allowing you to choose more powerful weapons and ammo.

The game moves fast, so you have to move faster to keep up. You will never grow bored playing Sniper Ops 3D. If you have found that you have exhausted your ammo reserves and still want to play, then the app offers in-app purchases that allow you to restock your coins and continue. In-app purchaser range from “Tiny” packages at $4.99 to the Diamonds Pack 4 at $39.99.

While in-app purchases seem like a underhanded way to pay for a game, you will truly appreciate they exist because they allow the developers to make the game ad free. Imagine being in the middle of a moment when you are carefully following your target for the perfect shot, only to have the app pause for an ad.

I couldn’t recommend a change to this app if I wanted to. I would only remark that there are terrorists all over the world and not just in the Middle East, so scenarios that reflect this would be awesome.

While my progress in the game is moving slowly, I still get a kick out of playing because I have never experienced a shooter game that is so dynamic and diverse. It really places purpose behind the mission which makes playing even more fun. Download iTunes Sniper game and Android Sniper game from these links.