Loopacks – Digitized Sound Creation for Artists and Music Lovers Alike

Calling all DJs who are looking to up their creative juices with technological tools, there is a new app in town that makes it easy. Technology is not new to music, not by any stretch of the imagination. The key if finding an app that works for you. Loopacks is just that, if you are looking to create quality loops and drum mixes.

What is really neat about Loopacks is that it’s not just for experts. Loopacks makes is easy for all musicians to create beats and remixes through experimentation and discovery, which is what making art is all about. Easy to use, Loopacks brings powerful toolset to your fingertips so you can focus on the music, rather than the movement of pieces.

The look and feel of the app is very similar to equipment you would find in the recording studio. If you are new to sound track creation and editing, this app may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but trust me, once you play around with it for a while, you will get the hang of it. There is nothing to break, but the fear you may be feeling.

I would highly recommend using the app on an iPad, although it is available for download on the iPhone as well. It was just easier to see all the controls, buttons, and graphics displays easily on a larger screen.

You can experiment first by choosing built in beats and loops and adding them to your own compositions. These tracks can be saved and shared using SoundCloud, which is a feature I really liked. Why create something if you can’t share it?

After getting comfortable with the editing aspect, you can start to record your own beats and loop and then start to mix them to create new pieces. Each Loopack is comprised of 32 sounds, including: synth, vocals, a drum machine loop, guitar loop, baselines, percussion loops, and more.

The app comes with four Loopacks, without purchase: Deep House, Power House, Electro Blues, and Atmosphere. If you want more, there are several in-app purchasing options that allow you to add to the basic collection.

I am not a real music aficionado, but I did find this app to be very entertaining. I did not know how technology could help you take existing recordings and turn them into something that sounded so different and interesting, and then serve as a backdrop to a unique composition you can call your own. This app is not just for musicians, it is for anyone who loves music.

If there is anything I would change about the app, it would be the selection of in-app purchases that are available and making them season oriented. How cool would it be to have something nightmarish for Halloween or festive for Christmas?

For a free download, this app is worth far more than that. Loopacks provides artists with high-tech tools needed to compose colossal pieces of music while serving as a neat environment to experiment and play with sound.

Become a Bastard Emperor on Gladiator Bastards

Gladiator Bastards as the name suggests, is an arcade game where you show your skills and fight against characters to pass through each level to become the Bastard Emperor. That’s when the game stops! This game has some really cool graphics and is developed so beautifully that you can sometimes get lost in it focussed on the achievements.

Gladiator Bastards is not that huge an app compared to some arcade games that come in huge sizes, but can be quickly downloaded if you have an internet connection with moderate speed and can be installed without any fuss.

As far as settings are concerned, you can choose to have the music and sound FX on or off, choose language to be either English or Chinese, your achievements can be viewed using the achievements button, set Everyplay recording on or off (setting it on will require app access to take photos and videos + record audio), reset game data if ever necessary (this process cannot be undone) and finally change Gamer ID and picture!

When you start the game, you are presented with a screen where you can see how many coins you have (initially you have 0 coins if this is your initial start), any achievements (for example, you have to prove yourself to be a skilled fighter when it comes to throwing projectiles to get the “Knives of the avenger” medal. When your enemies are afraid of your magnificent air attack techniques, you will be awarded the “Death from above.”) and the six characters available to choose from (only two are unlocked initially, others require coins to unlock).

Gladiator Bastards app

Tapping the screen opens the game area, where you have a joystick that controls your movement (left, right, jump and crouch) and three buttons labelled A, B and C that have skills with different strengths; A being the mildest and C being the strongest.

As you fight against your enemy, you use the weapons and skills that you have (each character possesses different weapons, power and skills) and fight the enemy. Using a combination of the joystick and power buttons lets you portray different skills to attack the opponent.

Progress bars or gauges for each fighter is displayed on top, with two colours; one that is red coloured for life or stamina and the yellow one for skills and survival. As the game progresses, the red bar keeps decreasing, showing that your stamina or life is decreasing and depending on the skills you portray while fighting, the yellow bar progresses. There are three parts on this gauge; I, II and III and as the bar progresses past these values, you get a special move for each.

Features of Gladiator Bastards:

  1. You are able to choose a character among six available, provided you have coins to unlock the four locked characters.
  2. You can record your game play and share them using Everyplay on the social media
  3. You can compare your score and skill levels with your friends on the leadership board and see how you rank amongst them.
  4. With each achievement, you are given a medal and these can be shared with your friends and others on social media.
  5. The achievements waiting to be accomplished on the list keeps you focussed on the game and helps you wisely make moves to attack the enemy

There are videos that come in between levels, showing up as giving you bonus rewards of gold coins if you watch them, but they look and feel like unwanted and unrelated videos with respect to the actual game.

Airy YouTube Downloader – Download, Store, and Play YouTube Content Sans Internet

Ever wish you could save some of those videos you’ve seen on YouTube so you can watch them whenever you want, without needing internet connectivity? Sounds impossible, but it’s not, because there is Airy.

Airy is a YouTube downloader for the Mac that lets sift through all of your favorite playlists and pick favorites to save and play when you want. You can even save entire playlists! What’s even more useful and unique is that you can download just the audio MP3 files, so you can play your YouTube playlists without videos.

I know there are other apps out there that download MP3 files, but Airy was extremely easy to use and provided a clean interface and organization tool to facility easy searches.  The other neat thing about Airy is that you can also choose the format of the audio file besides MP3.

The easy integration of Airy with standard browsers makes the usability top notch. After downloading the Airy app, you integrate with the browser of your choice, and then you will see the Airy bookmark icon, which triggers the download. It was so easy to just bookmark a video link and then save it.

Make note that currently, Airy is in its free trial mode, so when you go to download a playlist, it will capture just the first two items. You will have to go in and download the remainders manually.

I haven’t done much downloading of videos, but the features I found in Airy were quite impressive:

  • Video Quality – you can tweak settings for video download so that when they play you get the quality you want. Videos can download as MP4s, FLVs, and 3GPs, and you have the option to set the resolution, as well.
  • Restrictions – if you have younger folk who will be using the app to download content and want to make sure they are accessing what they are allowed to view, you can easily place password protection on individual downloads. This keeps them out of what they should not have access to.
  • Content Information – when you download a video or mp3, you also get the artist, title and album art.

A really neat feature in Airy is the ability to resume download that may has stopped by accident or that you intentionally paused. You can even have Airy alert you when a download completes.

I really could not ask for more in a YouTube downloader app. Airy seems to have it all. I found it extremely straightforward to use and it had no issues with any of the downloads I tried. I was able to easily save the files wherever I wanted them. I would say the only wish I could have is to have the app download directly into a file sharing app like Box.com or Google Docs, so I can easily share without sending files.

Apart from that, Airy YouTube Downloader has made YouTube downloading so easy and convenient. I never thought I would ever use an app like this, but I am seeing so many benefits to having it that I look forward to buying the official version when it comes out.

Wartime X – Dynamic and Quick-Paced Card Battle War Game

Card games can get dull after a while, unless you are playing something high stakes like poker. If you’ve grown out of the slower set of card games and are looking for something charged up with challenge and even higher stakes than poker, look no further than Wartime X.

The creators of Wartime X have combined the need for speed with strategic moves in a game that tests your quick-thinking skills.  Stemming from poker play and the foundations of war, Wartime X stimulates the mind and senses with scenarios that keep you on your toes.

The game setup is simple. You get three cards in one hand. Using those cards, you initiate moves and attacks. The key is to make those moves quickly. For every set of three cards you have in your hand, you must quickly evaluate them and determine what combination to use given the situation you are in – to maximize success.

Cards don’t look like the typical ones we know. Instead, there are heroes and villains that you use to carry out missions and stamp out the opposing team. As you play further into the game, as in all games, you collect more points that afford you sophisticated armor and weaponry through a stronger card set.

Combat is played out by placing your card combo down – whatever you choose. Each set you put down is a symbolic “move” you are making against your opponent. Each mission and fight is based across 100 different cities.

Each card combination can create one of many “moves”: Holds, Attacks, and Blocks are some of the moves you can make, stemming from the strategic plays that comprise poker. Characters on the cards each have their own strongpoint; learn and use them to win. As your point collection increases, you can add to your character collection and beef up the ones you already have.

While typical battles are played out against warring nations or factions, this game pits you against soldiers, mutants and minions who seek to rule the world.

I liked the daily bonuses. They helped me recover from losses I may have sustained, which were quite a few in the beginning. The game is set up to help you learn and get better. No one can be an expert at anything right from the start, it takes practice, and Wartime X allows for that – a great bonus!

The only improvement I would make to the game is to add more dimension to the game in terms of graphics and color. It’s pretty dark and flat, and could use more life.

Looking just at game play, Wartime X is something new and different. There are plenty of card based battle games, but the execution of this game is unique and keeps the pace up, keeping you challenged and entertained.

Top 4 Personnel Management Apps

The internet age has been the beginning of a new lifestyle. E-commerce is the new business trend, fleet businesses have greater challenges to keep up with customer demands, and every business has to manage time so that they don’t waste time. To make sure employees are complying with company policies to ensure customer management and to boost productivity with proper time management, businesses are turning to a PC, iOS or android spy, and use various tracking solutions to monitor all online and offline activities in which their employee engage.

Time is money in the 21st century and depending on cell phones is inevitable. Customer relationship management is also a crucial aspect of business management in the world today. This is why, people expect more from their workforce in terms of accountability, documentation, coordination, and loyalty. We are here with a list of the top eight personnel management apps for present businesses:

Zoho CRM

The Zoho CRM online app gives users a 360-degree view of their sales and other day-to-day business activities that are in the pipelines. It enables identifying business trends, increases efficiency, reduces costs, and makes it easier to spot an opportunity. It is available for use on both iOS and Android smartphones so that workforces can retain, assist, and attract customers while they are on the go. You can subscribe to the Zoho CRM for as low as $12 per month. This app helps you manage reports, document library, roles, and profiles. It has email integration, workflow automation, inventory management, and time-based actions. You can use it to automate daily activities so that you can focus on sales.

zoho app

Microsoft CRM

This is a CRM online app designed by Microsoft. This app helps companies create long-term relationships to deliver exceptional customer care. It aims at developing great relationships based on trust and knowledge within the workforce and with customers. Microsoft CRM helps companies manage their sales, services, social activities (including social media), and marketing. It helps you streamline the processes to boost productivity, reduce cost, get insight to automate sales processes. It allows users to offer self-assisted, onsite services. It also has solutions for planning, marketing, and resource management. Through emails, SMS, social media, and all channels, you can manage an entire workforce effectively. You can subscribe to this app for as low as $50 per month.

microsoft crm


Xnspy is an ideal solution for employee management. Its features work well for employers who are in need of an iOS and android spy. Sometimes, knowing where each retail employee is, what kind of information team members share and whether they are using the cell phone responsibly matters. Fleet businesses and others that have their workforce on the go all the time need an advanced app to coordinate with them by tracking their GPS locations. For accountability, using geo-fencing in Xnspy is possible with this app because the app notifies you whenever target employees go outside the watch listed areas. This app allows you to track all incoming and outgoing emails, text messages, IM messages, photos, and videos and allows you to record and listen to calls. You can know whom the target employees’ contact through call logs. The “Watchlist words”, and “Watchlist emails” feature are helpful for customer management. It works on both jailbroken and non-jailbroke iOS devices. You can subscribe to the services it offers at as low as $8.33 per month.

xnspy app


Trello is for teamwork and proper planning. If you work with a large number of people, handling different projects at the same time is easier with this app. You can share ideas, To-do list, projects that are in the working phase and those that are complete. It allows you to add members to the group easily and share instructions across the entire team with a simple click. You can make labels define the category of the project, make checklists, and plan due dates, and even send attachments to your team members easily. It works for both iOS and Android devices, and it is FREE.

trello app

Apart from using apps that are a good iOS or Android spy, or any of these top four personnel management apps, you can consider using some of the top five remote apps for android users.

Feed the Spider – Fun Time Feeding a Spider and Learning Trivia

Not all gaming app are created equal. If you are tired of the high intensity games and seek something simpler that entertains for hours, look no further. Feed the Spider will keep you coming back for more and you will never get enough.

With enhanced background sounds and backdrops that add to the adventure, it’s a game that excites gamers young and old. I usually don’t go for games that look trivial on the surface, but this game is nothing like that, at all!

So, who is the spider and how do you feed it? Your spider is a Black Widow, and she is very hungry. Spiders like to eat other insects, so your missing is to capture as many insects as you can to fill your spider’s belly. You simply tap and swipe them toward the spider’s mouth, and watch as it gobbles the insect up.

Another tactic you can use to capture more than one insect at a time is to make a set a trap, made of spider’s web, of course. Tap on the spider and lash out at the bug to ensnare it and bring it in, just as a real spider would. If you choose to use this tactic, be careful not to trap the spider itself, lest you make it trip over itself!

The game seems overtly simple on the surface, but it is far from that. You will find yourself hooked, line and sinker, once you start game play; and don’t worry about getting bored, because that will not happened.

As you move through screens, you will get an assortment of insects to nourish your spider: flies, beetles, mosquitoes, and bumblebees, to name a few. As they fly or waddle by, you have to think quick and act fast to tap it into Ms. Widow’s mouth, before it disappears.

Feed the Spider has over 1200 levels of challenging scenarios and games that gradually increase from the starting level onward. You also will get to play against three different types of forest backdrops, keeping the game new with every turn.

As you play, you will also get opportunities to collect daily bonuses, which help you survive games and move through levels. Bonus points are not the only bonus you get, you also can learn lots about spiders as you play. The game spits out spider trivia every so often, so you get a learning experience along with your entertainment! Not many games can claim that.

I loved the graphics and the cartoonish imagery, which enhance the fun of the game. If I could ask for any improvements, it would be to maybe add a few different types of games in addition to Spin the Spider. Just feeding the spider and playing the one game can get monotonous.

Outside of that, Feed the Spider is a treat for all. While it looks like it would only be fun for kids, nothing could be farther from the truth. I spent hours playing it and could not put it down – which made it very difficult for me to keep my kids off as well!