Audials Radio – Listen to Over 100K Radio Stations

The telephone was essentially invented to make communication between people that are not in the same geographical location possible, in recent times the use of telephones have assumed greater dimension we now have what is commonly called “smartphones” as if the telephones of old were dummies. A smartphone is used to perform various tasks like reading, taking pictures, accessing the internet etc. It is not uncommon for people nowadays to plug in earphone to their smartphone fully engrossed with music or enjoying a nice program on one of the various internet radio stations that we have, it is multimedia experience generally that this rare application seeks to polish and brighten.

Audials Radio is surely an amazing New Year gift by the developers no wonder it has been downloaded about one million times from Play Store. However, maybe due to the many features the app possesses its interface is not above average there is really nothing mind-blowing about it, the features and options are not neatly arranged.  This does not in any way make reviewing the salient features of this app a futile endeavor and this shall be done below.

Features and characteristics of the app:

Radio recorder: While listening to online radio via your smartphone the radio station might play a song that you have been looking for or the song being played might appeal to your hearing all you need to do is to click on the radio recorder on the app and the song would be downloaded to your music player.

Audials Radio

Clock radio: What good way to start your day can be better than being woken up to the sound of your favorite radio station playing you music well, with this app you can set your preferred radio station as your alarm there is even an option for snooze.

Podcast: With about 100,000 podcasts delivering diverse message and information ranging from news, documentaries, sports etc. to choose from there is never a dull moment with this app.

Internet radio: Navigate the internet radio space easily with this app which allows you to surf about 80, 000 radio stations with ease. Access to top-notch radio stations like the BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 1, Heart, Capital FM, BBC Radio 5 live, Classic FM, KISS, hasn’t been this easy.

Wireless Music Syncing: The app allows you to connect with your computer at home and enjoy your computer playlist wherever you go.

Access to SD card: This app allows you access to your sd card in order for you to play the songs on it

Access to cloud storage: Your songs are stored on cloud storage you need not worry this app allows easy access to your crowd storage as easily as you can access the songs on your sd card.

Find the Best Radio station for your Music: No matter the genre of music you like whether rnb, country music, Hip-hop or what have you and no matter unpopular you feel your favorite musician is there is an option in Audials Radio that allows you to search for the radio station playing your favorite music genre and artist.

Equalizer: This option allows you to amplify your music to your own taste you can edit the bass, 3D effect of the song etc. This option is best enjoyed with a blasting earphone.

Super school – Edutaining App for Toddlers and Preschoolers

If I was asked to describe this application with a word I will describe it as “edutaining” a word coined from education and entertainment if all you wanted was an application that is both educating and entertaining then think not too far for all you need is the Super School application. Here is an application developed for toddlers and preschoolers with the aim of introducing their young fertile minds to education in a casual atmosphere devoid of the strictness of the traditional school system. People especially adults tend to view mobile phones and tablets as a tool to receive, make calls and get entertained through multimedia applications and games, the reality of this age is that mobile phones and tablets are a great medium through which people can get educated as well as get entertained and this is what this amazing application has done.

I personally look forward to seeing the developers of this application make more application like this that can afford adults the opportunity to get educated and entertained, adults should also benefit from nice initiative like this but while waiting for the developers to do just that we would attempt to discuss some of the major salient feature of this application.

Graphics: Being an application for toddlers and preschoolers the graphics of the application was tailored to meet their psyche as an adult you might not find the graphics cool but if only kids were to rate it they would give a fairly good rating. The developers made use carefully selected colors and cartoon characters that is constantly reminding us that it’s a children app.

Super School

Voiced Ebooks: when we think of eBooks what we picture is a book in readable through electronic devices like mobile phones, tablets and computers this application offers a unique kind of eBook the kind that is voiced meaning your device reads the content of the eBook for you, the reason for this is not farfetched the application was designed for toddlers and preschoolers that are just learning to read.

Games: one major outstanding feature of this app is that it is fortified with over fifty games and these are not ordinary shoot the villain game these are educative games that were carefully selected to teach your kids arithmetic, writing and the likes some these games will be discussed below:

Bubble Phonics Pop – This game assumes the role of a music teacher as playing it will enable your kids to learn different sound forms which differs from level to level.

Match the Fruits and Vegetables: This game allows kids to match different kinds of fruits and vegetables together thereby learning which fruit and vegetable are compatible.

Spell It Right – Knowing how to spell words correctly by anybody cannot be overemphasized, with this game your kids would learn to spell words correctly there are about 1000 commonly used words in English for your kids to practice with.

This application still has some other amazing games like Caterpillar Skip, Alphabet Trace, wizard math, old even Ninja etc, but due to space constraints we won’t be able to discuss them all.

Nursery rhymes and songs: There are numerous nursery school rhymes and songs your kids can learn with Super School, these are popular songs and rhymes that are very popular hence their addition to the app by the developers.

TetriAttack Armageddon – Prevent Meteorites from Destroying the Earth

Based on a classic game of the 1990s called the Tetris Attack this game is a sure way to jog your memory and remind you of the ecstasy you experienced if you played it in the 90s and if you are just getting a taste of this game for the first time our honest review here will open your eyes to what to expect as you download and play the game and if you have played and enjoyed the game keep calm and wait for other reviews. Be a good citizen of planet earth by preventing meteorites from destroying the earth I can hear you asking yourself how do I that I do not work with NASA well by playing the game in the right way you can help us keep the earth safe from the meteorite as you soon as you lose in the game a lurking meteorite will hit the earth or should I say hit your phone. An attempt would be made to shed light on the salient features of the game below fasten your seat belt while you ride with us.

Gameplay: The game play is like your normal arcade classic game, as soon as you launch the game the android logo shows up followed by the name of the game developer which is 16bitsoft inc comes up after which the game is ready to be played. The game’s objective is to prevent pieces from reaching the top and this is done by rearranging the pieces either horizontally or vertically into a set of three or more you really have to time conscious while doing that the saying that time wait for no one is particularly relevant here and as the game proceeds new piece will come up.  The game comes with three different modes namely story, never ending, and time attack high scores are listed based on the game modes.

TetriAttack Armageddon

Free to play: one of the beauty of this game is its affordability all you need to enjoy it is an android mobile phone or tablet with a free memory space that is not above 30MB, there is no hidden charges either before or after download, it doesn’t bring out those annoying pop up advertisement, you need not connect to mobile data or Wi-Fi network before you enjoy it.

Compatibility: The game is compatible with every android device and operating system version from the first OS version to the one that would be developed next year.

Soundtrack: You have to acknowledge the developers here the sound track is simply on point, as soon as you launch the game your ears are treated to a nice music by soundtrack by “D.J. Fading Twilight” but I assure you the music won’t fade away from your memory in a jiffy.

Graphics: To be honest here there is nothing really spectacular about the graphics it is what you can expect from any tetris game especially when it is modelled after a version that came out in the 1990s. However, the aircraft that travels out of the planet earth when the game is started and the meteorite that would hit the earth when the game is over looks considerably nice the choice of colour used is averagely cool too. TetriAttack Armageddon‘s graphics will not be a hindrance to you having fun as you play the game.

Fortune City – Get Educated and Entertained

There is nothing compared to getting educated and entertained all together and at a glance, this gamified finance application seeks to teach you the intricacies of finance and building a prosperous city with sound economic growth without boring you with economic and financial jargons that is taught by the traditional schooling system. What you get is an application that makes finance easy, fun, and entertaining which makes it ideal for anybody that is interested in finance no matter the age or educational qualification what really matters is the interest in finance.

This application teaches basic finance terms like budgeting and book keeping with gamification, this affords you the opportunity to watch your city grow and develop as you take basic and major financial decisions, you also can see by yourself if you make any wrong decision as your city might remain stagnant due to a wrong decision. In case of the city becoming stagnant no need to worry about that you can join Cashy the Cat, Fortune City’s Chief Financial Officer, and together expand your city into a flourishing metropolis. All these are done like playing games.

With this great finance app you do not only learn the intricacies and complexities of accounting with ease as the game simple interface affords you the opportunity to easily keep track of your account with a chart which shows your total income, total expenditure, and total balance, on the chart are items such as entertainment, food, drink, shopping, transport, miscellaneous and amounts spent on these items, you can also recruit citizens as your city grows from just being a city to becoming a metropolis.

Fortune City app

However it is observed that the game focuses more on spending rather than creating substantive wealth. It also encourages the culture of spending, rather than discourage it so it is safe to say it is not designed to help build up savings or positive cash flow or to get out of debt.

Beautiful interface: The interface is simply designed and yet attention is paid to details which are represented with diagrams like pie charts and bar charts. The application is colourful and yet splendid to the eyes it is designed in such a way that it can be enjoyed both by adults and young children.

It allows for customization: This gamified finance app with city simulation allows you the freedom to engage your artistic creativity and genius as it allows you to decide how the city would look like you have over one hundred building styles to choose from you can also determine the transportation system, the sewage disposal system etc. you also have the task to make your citizens happy the happier they are the more prosperous the city would be. This gamified finance app turns you to a city planner, administrator and an accountant all at once.

Compete with friends: Fortune City allows you to compete with your friends as they develop their own cities too, your cities are ranked based on their prosperity, the more prosperous and happy the citizens are the better it would be ranked. There are also special rewards for daily users of the application.

Automatic synchronization: progresses in the game are automatically synchronized meaning that you do not have to worry about manually saving your progress.

Explore the Milkyway with Walkr

Have you ever wondered how a trip to space which scientists believe and have proven is limitless and boundless would look like? Have you ever wanted to explore the Milky Way galaxy with its over one hundred billion stars? This amazing game offers you the opportunity to travel to space without being an astronaut working with the America’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration which is popularly known and referred to as NASA or working with the space program of the People’s Republic of China.

Get set to conquer outer space and interact with aliens with this adventurously educating and entertaining game which seeks to bring the space experience to your mobile phone, this mobile game allows you to discover planets with your own spaceship which is powered by the footsteps you take while your phone is with you meaning the more you trek or walk the more fuel your spaceship gets and make them habitable using various resources like the over twenty five different plant species you can use to build your planet, you can also visit planets and other galaxies discovered by your friends while they can also visit yours too. Sounds complicating right? As complicating and complex the game appears it is worthy to note that the game is simple and very easy to navigate even kids and young adults with little or no knowledge of space would find it easy to use.


The over twenty five discoverable planets namely Caramel Apple, Octopus Cavern, Heart of Flames, and more are uniquely different from each other, kudos to the games developers here, the game would be boring and wacky if the planets and aliens living there were all of the same stock and features. The game’s graphics coupled with its simplicity is one of its forte and selling points.

However, as beautiful and exciting as the game is there is a need for notifications to show quickly as soon as missions are completed or as soon as there is a need for it while playing the game one realizes that notifications are delayed whether it was deliberately made to be so or not it would increase the game’s appeal if notifications came quickly as fast as they are needed.

Gameplay: You play the game as an eleven year old genius that invented a spacecraft powered and fuelled by footsteps I really wish humans can reach this level of technological advancement in the real world, the game is played on a single player mode but you can also go social by visiting other planets discovered by your friends, you can jump in an epic, join a fleet, and start an adventure with other captains. Complete missions to lead them to the right planets and build a happy galaxy and while at it unlock over forty achievements wear it like a badge of honour and be proud of it.

Free to play: The game is completely free to download and play, you do not have to worry about data or Wi-Fi connection before you enjoy the trip to space and start colonizing aliens

It allows for customization: Walkr allows you to customize your galaxy to your own taste and help you devise means you deem fit to increase the population of the inhabitants of the planets.

Digital Crack – A Unique Game with Salient Features

This puzzle game was excellently and uniquely designed for three categories of people namely: Children, Teenagers, and Adults. No matter your age, gender, academic qualification, social status, race, religion, creed and what have you Digital Crack has something great in stock for you, what you need to enjoy this game is an android device with a little spare memory space for games and applications and as applicable in other things in life you also need to have a passion for games generally and puzzle games in particular.

It is however honestly observed that the interface used by the developers still makes it more of a teenager game than an adult game, the game would also be so much better if there were options for multiplayer mode which affords players to compete with their online friends. It is hoped that newer and upcoming versions of the game would take that into cognizance and do the needful. Now let us take a look at some salient features of this unique game.

Free to play: Perhaps the originator of the saying that the “best things in life are free” has this game in mind when he came up with that saying, one of the most outstanding features of this game is that it is completely free, you do not need to have mobile data enabled on your phone, neither do you need to have Wi-Fi of mi-fi access on your phone or tablet before you enjoy this game. To cap it all there is no pop up advertisement neither is there no hidden charges just download the game, install it and enjoy.

Compatibility: whether you are a rich executive in a blue chip company and in possession of high end sophisticated android phone or just a modest high school graduate with a modest low budget android phone you are not hindered in any way from enjoying this game as it is compatible and runs well on any android device whether mobile phone or tablet.

Digital Crack

Graphics: Considering the size and simplicity of this game one would initially expect a low graphics game with unwelcoming and boring interface but you have to give it to the developers they were able to develop and come up with a beautiful Full Color and high resolution visual graphics that is appealing to the eyes and maybe to the heart too.

Sound effect: The game’s sound effect is digital and multi-channel, this is also enhanced by brilliant and amazing digital music soundtrack to really enjoy its sound effect at optimal level just plug in your ear-phone and get engrossed in a world of puzzle gaming.

Gameplay: As earlier discussed the game has three modes of Child, Teenager, and Adult it lists high scores in each category in a table format this allows you to clearly see your scores and compete with your friends in score ranks. As soon as you click on the start button, what you see is a picture of the earth in space with other tiny stars, you then proceed to the game proper which is an arrangement of square boxes of different colors. Digital Crack is played by selecting three bricks of the same color arranged in vertical or horizontal order, one has to be time conscious as you only have one minute to select all the bricks but the time will freeze as you get your brick selection right. The game runs smoothly with each touch being responsive to its touch Inputs and controls.

Saved games option: The saved game option is completely configurable meaning that gamers can configure how they want their games saved.

Movie Show – A Complete Entertainment Package

Researching and discovering movies is undoubtedly one of the way to keep ourselves informed and up to date with the entertainment industry. All this is made easy thanks to our smart phones. Searching for our favourite movies at home or on the go has never been easier thanks to a handful of high performing app found in the Android Store. One of the best apps to search movies on is Movie show and it is free to download.

This app is the complete package and every movie lovers dream because it delivers all the information on your favorite movies and television series at the tip of your fingers. The genres you can find information on with this application include the usual favorites such as Sci-fi, comedy, adventure, musicals, horror, animations, action, documentary, family, true stories and much more.

A great app is not perfect if its layout is sluggish or difficult to use. Movie Show on the other hand has a very simple layout with a toggle menu which is located on the top which shows television and movies titles. Users can search for their desired titles by simply manually browsing through the app, using keywords or by genre. Anyone who wants to know what critics say or find out actor/actress information on TV shows and movies like Family guy, Arrow, The Big Bang Theory, Despicable Me 3, SpiderMan homecoming, Star War: The Force Awakens, X-men: Apocalypse and many more should download this app because they are all available there.

Movie Show

What also makes a good app is how it performs when it is open and Movie Show is very smooth when it runs and it launches within a few seconds. The one thing that people who search for movies or TV series information dislike the most is when an app just closes for no reason or is slow. It can kill the vibe and put them off ever using an app again when they want to search movies. Thankfully Movie Show does not have any crushing issues and it performs perfectly whether you are using it via Wi-Fi or a data plan. The quality in which pictures and information are presented on this app is magnificent. You can also read what highly thought of critics like Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic, IMDb and TMDb have had to say about a particular show and movie.

With so many apps available in the android store that offer users with the ability to discover and search movies and episodes on their devices, Movie Show is one of the best around. It is absolutely free to download and its ability to provide detailed information on everything that you search irrespective of the genre is very impressive. An excellent lay out and its user friendly interface make it one of the easiest pick up and use app in the Android Store. For any movie fanatic and series lover out there, this is the perfect app to read on everything that is happening with your favorite show as well as upcoming releases because it delivers on everything it promises and runs smoothly.

TriPeaks Solitaire Challenge Tops the Rest

Most gamers think, solitaire is solitaire, it’s so boring. How can you make it more exciting. Well, TriPeaks Solitaire takes a new look at solitaire and turns it into a new kind of game, with more highs and lows than the typical card game.

A free download, TriPeaks deals the cards out a little differently. 18 downturned cards are placed out in the shape of three connected peaks. Simultaneously, 10 cards are placed face up under the peaks, as mountain filler. Next, one upturned card is placed on the discard pile, which is located at the bottom of the screen, and the remaining cards are then overturned and placed as the stockpile just left of the discard pile. Clicking on a card on the peak can move it to the discard pile, provided it follows in sequence, up or down.

As is the case in any solitaire game, clicking on the stockpile reveals a new card you can play with. Different games reveal new challenges that can earn you more points and more advantages in game play, so you can win more. One example is the timer freeze function, that lets you stop the clock so you have a better finishing time overall. But it’s important to remember to learn to play fast, as finishing before time is up, and possibly in record time, gets you even more points.

Tripeaks Solitaire challenge screenshot

While solitaire is traditionally a game played by yourself, there is no reason why you can make it a challenge against fellow solitaire players. TriPeaks brings in friends through Facebook, if you so choose. All you have to do is connect with your Facebook friends and you’ve got challengers waiting for your next move. You can all play and get ranked, so you can work not only against the cards, but against friends, as well.

The graphics and background kind of give the player a sense of being in Vegas, with deep colors like purple and black, further enhanced with crisp movement of objects. The background music also lends itself to enhancing the overall experience.

Most of the game is free, but it’s always nice to know that there are options to purchase the powerups and bonuses that can also be earned through games that you win or points you earn.

I would probably make some of the screens less ornate. I know that the creators were going for a lavish Vegas look, but it can get distracting at times and makes it a bit more difficult to get to the meat of the information.

Other than that, I found TriPeaks to be a great expansion to traditional solitaire type games, providing a new type of challenge to the card game arena. This app is also available for iPhones.

Never Forget With Reminder

You forgot that you were presenting today so you are dumbfounded in front of your colleagues. You do the best that you can under the circumstances but it could have been better if you had only prepared. Or, you could of had Reminder, the last word in reminder apps!

I am sure we have all been in a situation where we have forgotten something. In today’s day and age it is impossible to remember it all on our own. Just on a normal day, we are faced with more than seventy decisions, so there is more than enough on our plates.

If you are wondering how our brain handles it all – well, it cannot. And that is how little pieces of information filter through and get lost in the day. It is unfortunate that those little pieces of information could have been really crucial, like those two birthdays you forgot last year!

Eventually, when you do remember that forgotten anniversary or piece of homework, it is followed by a big apology and plenty of excuses. It can either go two ways from here, an argument or the polite “it’s okay” – but you know it really is not okay.

Avoid these predicaments by giving yourself the gift of Reminder, it is the simple but most effective way to to create reminders and stick to them. Create your reminder by tapping on the plus sign at the bottom right and fill out all the information.

Scroll and search through your reminders, edit and delete them as you wish. You can skip the scrolling by viewing the daily summary reminder, which will show you the reminders for that particular day. Do things sound super well run already?

Reminder Screenshot

One of the wonderful things about the reminder app is its simplicity and user-friendliness, setting reminders can be done in seconds. When it comes to customizing your notifications that could take a few minutes to setup on day one – just because there are so many!

  • Customize your theme – choose between light and dark
  • Choose between standard and compact view
  • Date and time pickers
  • Choose ringtones, vibrations, and popup notifications and tiles for each category
  • Set hourly reminders or snooze
  • Add your own widget to the app


As you can see, you can really personalize things to your preference. Below are a few more features one can enjoy using the must-have app:

  • Separate active and completed task lists
  • Categories with different colours and settings
  • Search option
  • Auto backup and manual backup
  • Reminder- Pro is the ad free version


With all of these wonderful features getting things in order will be a trouble-free affair. Reminder is perfect for school, work, home, and personal use. Just think about it, you will never have to make another awkward apology again!