Be Fit with Sportsman PRO. Workout

There are exercise apps all over the market but none are quite like this one. Losing weight can be super tough and finding the motivation to do it is even harder. Our bodies need exercise but sometimes it can be so hard to get up and do it. Sometimes the only motivation is looking in the mirror or stepping on the scale and realizing you need to lose a little bit of weight. Maybe you don’t want to lose weight but you want to get stronger, the results you look for don’t show up on the first day so it can be very hard to continue your training. There is now an app called Sportsman PRO Workout that can help you solve all of these problems!

Sportsman PRO. Workout has just been recently updated with all new features which means that it is an ever changing product. This app won’t stay the same for long, it will always be getting better! The user interface is super simple and super easy to use. A few presses of a finger and you have a whole new workout routine set up and ready to go! You can even change the colors of the interface to whatever you desire so that you continue to enjoy the look and feel of the app. The easy to set reminders with cute ringtones are also a bonus when it comes to enjoying the way the app makes you feel.

Sportsman PRO. Workout app

Now this app has a variety of workouts that you can customize, you can make your own work out lists and workouts. The type of workouts you can do include strength workouts such as push-ups, sit-ups, and squats and circuit workouts which are workouts that are preset. When you do these workouts you can have them timed and you can have your calories counted so that if you would like to lose weight you have the ability to look at your calorie output.

Every app has its flaws whether it be in its design or its content. With this app it seems that the flaw lies in its content. Although this flaw is not huge it is still something that is noticeable. While there are workouts on the app, there are not a lot. It seems that even more variety could be added to this app and that would make it better. That being said this is the free version of the app, for a few dollars more you can unlock the full version of the app. Although I have not indulged myself and gotten the full version, reading a few other reviews it seem that it would be worth checking out. So if you ever have the time you may want to open up the app and buy the full version for more workouts.

Sportsman PRO. Workout is spectacular and although it has its flaws it still comes through as being super useful when it comes to working out and getting your body moving. With this app you have a variety of tools at your disposal to lose weight, gain strength, and overall become a healthier you. So if you have the time and the motivation I would look into getting this app and getting started on the track to the new and improved body you have always dreamed of. Sportsman PRO. Workout is also available for iPhones.

My Digital Afterlife Keeps Your Passwords Safe

In this day and age everything we have is controlled by passwords and locks. Social media, email, our cellphones and bank accounts. Often times we have people who rely on us, who we help and we pay for but what happens when we die? All those passwords and locks meant for security don’t seem so helpful anymore when the person you take care of can’t get access to money to eat. Well, there is an app that you can get on your phone that can contain all your passwords and locks and keep them safe until after you die.

This app is very simple to use, it has a straight forward layout making it easy to add new passwords. Opening the app you are prompted to put in a password, which you can easily write down somewhere to let your dependent access the account, after which you are brought to a list of your different passwords. Once you go into a specific password you not only have access to the password but a list of details that you have put in as well. If there is any specific way you want a password to be used once you are gone you can simply input this here.

There are many different passwords that you can put into the password manager such as your home insurance, bike locks, bank accounts, your computer, even your internet password. Not only can you put in passwords but you can put in what you want to happen when you die. The password on the app makes sense because this is very valuable information, if you lose your phone and somebody gets a hold of this information your life could be ruined. However, it also makes it difficult because once you are dead you can’t exactly tell anybody your password. The point of the app is to give people access to your information after you are gone, but if they can’t get into the app then they won’t have that access. You can always write down the password for them but that also brings about a problem because there is a possibility that they could lose the password.

My Digital Afterlife app

In conclusion this app is very helpful, it can protect those you have protected by giving them access to your accounts. All apps have small flaws but it can be easily remedied by just writing down the password to one account. This app provides a safe haven for your passwords and your wishes after you die making it easier for the way that you would like your burial to be carried out to happen. You can simply put in your password and what you would like to happen to the account then leave it alone.

My Digital Afterlife has been designed for ease of use, it is meant to be very simple and yet very powerful. This app will protect your information so even if you lose your phone you do not have to worry. It will help those you care for even after you are gone.

Towers Battle Solitaire – Up the Ante with Your Solitaire Game

Lovers of games like Tri-Peaks, Pyramid, Freecell, and of course, Solitaire can now take their game up a new notches by downloading and playing Towers Battle Solitaire. At first, it sounds like a tower battle game, but is far from that. This app takes the well known and well loved game of Solitaire and gives it a new twist.

The stakes are not too high; there is no real money involved. However, what you do get is a chance to win some fun prizes; and the more players that join a game, the better the prizes.

The app is free, and provides hours of entertainment on both your iPhone and iPad. I prefer playing on the iPad so I can see the cards and the playing table better.

When you first download the app you will see what looks like a card playing table, complete with the green felt and all. You will also see that there are other players involved, because there will be cards handed out on all sides of the screen, or rather, the playing table.

The main menu offers tips and pointers on how to play for newbies, so don’t worry if you are Solitaire expert, but are not sure about player against others. There are several opportunities for trying out smaller games, while working your way up to tournaments. Some tournaments last for an entire day, so if you really get good, you can dive deep and go all in.

One Change Tournaments involve up to 1,000 players, all simultaneously vying for the pot of gold with an equal chance for a win. Battle Tournaments involve qualification rounds, so you really need to be good before you partake in those.

Towers Battle Solitaire app

To play the game, users choose a card that is higher or lower in value than the card in the center pile from any of the collections on the playing table. Coins are involved, so be aware that you need to maintain enough to stay in the game. Ultimately, the goal is to clear your playing area, just as in Solitaire. A way to score big is to have a run. This happens when several matching cards are stacked in succession, called a “Run.”

Rounds can go on for a while, and if you are running out of coins to stay in the game, then you have an option to purchase more coins and keep playing.

I like that the game is free, but I do have to say that the amount of time allotted for “free” playtime can pass by quickly, forcing you to make an in app purchase.  So, its lure is a bit sneaky, and it would be nice if it wasn’t.

Nonetheless, Towers Battle Solitaire is still a crowd pleaser and it lets you engage with fellow players who love the same. Solitaire has never been this much fun, and once you start you will not be able stop. The excitement escalates as you sign up for more games and tournaments, so get set and go.

Towers Battle Solitaire website

Towers Battle Solitaire Play Store

Towers Battle Solitaire Amazon

3D Live Wallpaper: Fairy Woods – Beautiful and Interactive

This app is something that is interactive and beautiful which is an often time very hard to find when looking for live wallpapers for your cellular device. It is a wonderful app that is highly recommended by those who use it.

There are 20 different pictures that you can choose from in this app and all of them are simply beautiful. They come in ranges of colors and art styles so you get your pick when choosing what you want to be shown. Not only are there a lot of pictures but they all are in 3D which is highly interactive as when your phone moves, they move! The images rotate around the fairies and what they are holding so it is almost like you are holding the fairy yourself.  It is quite fun to play with when you have nothing better to do. 3D Live Wallpaper: Fairy Woods is very unique as everything has been made specifically for the app such as the art.

Often times live wallpapers with many options have two problems: they will take up a lot of space and drain a lot of battery. This live wallpaper only takes up 12 MB of your phones storage, which is much less than the social media apps you may have on your phone. Also, this app will use your battery as if you didn’t have a live wallpaper. That means that your phones will run just like normal! Plus, the developers of this app really listen to what you have to say, any suggestion to their app and they will respond to you. They are constantly developing the app so it just keeps getting better!

All apps have their flaws and this one does too, the one problem that I have with this app is that there are not any moving parts. Yes, the screen does rotate and it is 3D, however, there isn’t a moving aspect to the wallpaper. I think that there should be a choice of maybe leaves, raindrops, snow, etc., falling and I think that would make the app perfect. It might make the wallpapers drain your battery a little bit more but I think it would be worth it.

3D Live Wallpaper Fairy Woods screenshot

All in all, this app is very creative and cool. There are a lot of choices that you have to choose from and the variety adds a lot of fun, so if you wanted to you could change it every day! The interactive part of the app is simple amazing, I have seen it before but not quite like it is in this app. The fact that almost anybody can use this app makes it wonderful because that means that even my child could use 3D Live Wallpaper: Fairy Woods on their phone and have fun with it. Of course with every great app comes the downfalls but they aren’t deal breakers. I am sure that if brought up with the developer they would consider adding it in!

I really do recommend this app, even just checking it out I think that anybody would enjoy it.

Berenstain Bears in the Dark – Learn to Deal with the Dark

Ever want to dive in and jump around the pages of a book because it looked so fun?

Now you can. Wanderful has taken a boatload of books containing quality content that have been around for many years and transformed them into interactive and education.

The Berenstain Bears In the Dark tells the story of Brother Bear and Sister Bear, the beloved siblings of the Berenstain Bears book series, and how they deal with being in the dark.

This app takes the story from the book and skillfully brings it to life in an interactive app that keeps kids coming back for more. At a minimum, this app is a tool that teaches kids how to read. Explore its many offerings and tips, provided in the Options window, and you can unleash unlimited options for discovery and learning.

When you first download the app, you will see the main screen upon which Sister Bear is dancing and inviting you to play. Users have two options from here: “Read to Me” and “Let Me Play.”

If you choose “Read to Me,” you allow the app to narrate the story book as you sit back, listen, and watch as the animation acts out the story. Words will glow as they are spoken, subliminally teaching kids how to read through word recognition by sight and sound. Take note that in this mode, the user will not be able to tap on any of the item on the screen to trigger an action.

If you choose “Let Me Play,” you can navigate through the book on your own, reading what you want and tapping on all sorts of pictures and items on the display. If you tap on a word, it will sound out and glow. Tap on a lamp, and it will turn on and off. Tap on the curtains and they will open. All sorts of fun things happen around the Berenstain compound – there’s no end to the fun!

What’s really nice about this app is that you can use it in English or in Spanish. For kids who are learning Spanish, it’s the perfect tool to practice with! If you want get even more adventurous, you can make an in app purchase and use the Portuguese version.

Parents and teachers can take advantage of the tips and a preview to resources found on the Options page (navigate to it from the main screen). This helps them get the most out of the app and offers a variety of activities that kids can complete outside the app. To download the full version of the teacher resources, you have to make an in app purchase of $2.99, which gives you the Premium Upgrade version.

There were not very many negative things to say about this app. I love the Berenstains and Wanderful has done an amazing job of rendering their captivating story in an app. I would like to see a larger display, because as it stands now, it does not fill my iPhone screen horizontally.

That is very small price to pay for an app that has so much to offer. If you have kids, you need Berenstain Bears in the Dark!

Toon Clash Chess Depicts an Amazing Fantasy 3D World

It’s an Android-based Chess game with attractive 3D animated characters in the amiable fantasy world of Playville. It depicts an amazing fantasy 3D world. There are three different environments to play in the game; these include Forest, the Playville Town, and the Magic Tree.  The game features unique action 3D characters and hundreds of fun arcade style animations modeling actual chess pieces. The game lets you enjoy playing chess like never before.

The game offers different chess modes that let you chose your favorite team (black or white) to play against the AI. When you upgrade to the full version of the game, you’ll be able to access the two-player hot seat mode where you can play with family and friends on a single device whenever and wherever you are.  The game comes with an intelligent AI with different difficulty levels that challenge you as a real worthy opponent to play with when you’re alone. As you advance to higher levels, the AI adjusts to your level of complexity.

After downloading and installing the game on your device, the game prompts you to select your favorite team and the difficulty level that matches your experience. The three difficulty levels are easy, medium, and hard. The easy level is specially designed AI for beginners while the medium and hard levels are more complex challenges to beat designed for experienced players and masters respectively. After selecting the opponent you wish to play with, a Playville Quest chess board with both opponents team appears which follows the rule of Chess for every move you make. On every win, you earn more rewards and improve your player rating.

Toon Clash Chess features an auto-save feature that automatically saves the progress of your last game and lets you continue playing at some other time. Whenever you make a foul play, you can undo previous moves. The full version offers an unlimited ability to undo moves as many times as you like and hints the most viable next move. The game has different views to choose such as the Side-Perspective view, Top and Free camera view modes you only have to touch and rotate your camera to your preferred viewing angle.

Toon Clash Chess

Toon Clash chess is a Playville Quest certified game with appealing graphics that suites all ages. Its animated cartoon chess game would be a perfect choice for kids to learn, enjoy, and become lifetime chess fans. It allows its users to adjust the difficulty levels, select their favorite team, and enjoy an attractive and fun Chess experience.

Spend your leisure time in style by challenging your chess proficiency against one of the world’s finest puzzle board game. Build your gaming ability by completing the most achievements you can and share the fun with family and friends.

Thai Alphabet Game F – A Worthy Way to Spend Your Leisure

With a comprehensive platform and simple Thai language tutorials, this app avails the core Thai alphabets, letters, and numbers. The app’s discreteness provides for simple interactivity to enhance the alphabet’s writing, pronunciation, definition, and usage. Regardless of the beginners’ age and nationality, the app’s transforms you Thai learning to an impressive gaming encounter. The more you play it, the more you boost your Thai communication and expression fluency.

The best way to start learning a language is by grasping the language’s basics. Similarly, the app guides you through the recognition, writing, definition, and pronunciation of most common Thai letters.  No matter how less your knowledge in The Thai language is, you will find it easy to learn and master the 44 consonants and ten numbers while identifying standard letters by listening to their pronunciations. When you are fluent enough with Thai scripts, you’ll find a perfect editor to practice your eloquence through writing. Depending on your commitment, you’ll take time to master the language thoroughly and enjoy free flowing Thai fluency.

The game starts by providing a list of essential Thai alphabets to simplify the process of learning, practicing and writing of its scripts. The App avails five mini games platform specially made to train you through identifying, learning, and writing each Thai alphabet. Every successful letter you create comes with its audio pronunciation and a picture for depicting its meaning. As you advance to higher levels in the game, you will build your Thai speaking ability by select letters and numbers perfectly. To become a pro in this game, you must be able to maintain a standard Thai conversation.

This game comes with a comprehensive alphabet list for quick reference. The list’s learnability affords an easy way to read and understand each alphabet in the list. The game only requires a learner to master the consonants and ten numbers. An acutely sensitive app outline enable you to learn how to write Thai scripts by tracing your finger along it. The tracing hint guides you towards writing complete and correct letters. After filling out a letter, the app provides a voice pronunciation, an English explanation, and a picture meaning definition. The five mini-games images feature pairs a message to its image meaning and enhances a long-term familiarity. The game also allows users to learn the driving skills and claim trophies on each success.

Thai Alphabet Game F app

The game does not fully exploit all the idioms available in the Thai language rather selects the necessary letters, consonants, and numbers. It also demands a lot of time to learn how to read and write a script; therefore, it’ll take to speak and write fluently in Thai. The game requires its user to have a smartphone before downloading and installing it.

Thai Alphabet Game F offers a worthy way to spend your leisure. It’s a perfect guide to The Thai language that lets you gain fluency by playing with alphabets and listening to their pronunciations. You’ll also have a picture to depict the meaning of the same.

Interactive and Engaging App – Little Monster At School

Teachers are constantly on the lookout for new and unique ways to present classroom materials in a way that is inventive, engaging, and effective. Pair that challenge with the technology explosion that doesn’t seem to cease, and you have a recipe for success like no other.

Educational apps have flooded the online market, available in all sorts of formats and accessible via a myriad of media. If you have a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop or a PC, you will find an app that does exactly what you need.

For teachers looking to easily introduce and foster strong reading skills, while teaching real world problem solving, look no further than the amazing set of Wanderful Interactive Story Books. Specifically, if you are a fan of the Little Monster book series, you will love Wanderful’s playful adaption of “Little Monster at School” by Mercer Mayer.

Wanderful has taken this timeless story and turned it into an interactive reading experience, leveraging cutting edge digital technology and creative genius.

When you first download the app, Little Monster will greet you and explain how to use the app. Your choices are: “Read to Me” or “Let Me Play.”

In “Read to Me” youngsters let Little Monster tell his story, while his mom, dad and sister chime in when it’s their turn. Each page features animation brought to life with vivid color and sharp graphics. It’s as if you are watching the cartoon version of the story book.

In Little Monster At School, it’s Little Monster’s first day at school. He goes to school excited, but quickly comes across the typical issues that kids face, like being left out or feeling out of place. It teaches about friendship, being a friend and encouragement. It also helps teach kids that everyone has a strength, and it is so important to focus on each person’s strengths and how they help everyone.

In “Let Me Play,” kids can tap on just about anything on each page to see something happen: curtains open, doors close, words are spoken, so kids that learn how to sound them out and learn to read. Kids can read the storyline text on their own, or tap on each word to hear Little Monster speak it. Either way, kids will easily learn to read.

When you are ready to move on, you can tap on the right arrow to move to the next page, or the left arrow to go to the previous page. Arrows are located at the bottom corners of the screen.

All 18 pages of this interactive app is chock full of fun. The app also offers story within the main story, encouraging kids to delve deep into the storyline and look past what they see before them.

From the Home screen, teachers and parents alike can peruse the various other storybooks Wanderful has masterfully morphed into apps. There are also options to: select a different language, review and use teacher resources, settings, and parental tips.

There is not much that can be said that the app needs to improve upon. It was a pleasure to use, providing hours of fun for my kids. I suppose if I had to suggest an improvement, maybe making the screen a bit wider and making the corner icons a bit larger would be helpful to parents, who may need to take out the magnifying glass to find them.

Other that than, I absolutely loved Little Monster At School. It brought a wonderful book to life in a way that I could not think was possible and made sharing this classic a labor of love.

AtHome Camera – A Trusted Home Security

One of the world’s best and most trusted home security and video surveillance App, AtHome Camera transforms about 10 million devices to work as a video monitoring system. It may be customized to work as baby monitor, nanny cameras, pet camera, elderly care among other functions. The App supports all platforms, including Windows PC, Mac, iPod, iPad, iPhone, Android Phones, Android Tablets and Smart TV. Integrated and configured with AtHome Video Streamer, it enables you to keep track of your home when you are out by receiving realtime alerts whenever incidents occur.

The App is built to support several professional functions; these include alarm recording, schedule recording, remote capture, email & push notification, two-way talk, video capture, video preview, split-screen viewing, cloud storage of alarm video among many others. The app allows for secure video streaming enabled by powerful encryption and P2P transfer technology. Built with a sophisticated and advanced technology, AtHome proofs to be the best choice to install as your home video surveillance.

You start by preparing two devices that is a computer and a smartphone. Then download the AtHome Video Streamer App from Google play or Apple App Store and install it on your device. After successful installation, your device is assigned to a unique Connection ID (CID) to mark the first time launch of the AtHome Video Streamer. Proceed with downloading and installing the AtHome Camera app onto the other device you intend to use as the viewer, then open the app , create an account and log in. Finally, add a camera by selecting either “Add by CID” or “By QR Code”, your live streaming set up is complete and ready for realtime footage.

The apps setup start by installing the PC side software that coordinates all phones, cameras and other smart devices. Then install the app on your phone and configure it to the pc side. Then add other camera devices to communicate to the pc side through a wireless connection where your pc sends notifications to your phone wherever you are.

The App affords realtime remote monitoring where the user can watch a live streaming via 3G/4G or Wi-Fi network whenever or wherever they are. It also features a motion detection capability that sends emails or push notifications instantly whenever motion is triggered. It comes with a secure and private, two-way talk communication, where you may directly communicate to pets and people. You may also remotely adjust your IP camera to capture the entire room or schedule an automatic video recording that starts in background mode. The App is portable on most Windows and Apple platforms and enables you to add multiple streamers on a split-screen viewing without losing any recordings since cloud storage acts as a backup storage.

The app requires a fast and stable internet connection which is expensive to install and maintain. It also requires smart camera devices that are also expensive to buy and install. A user requires some technical knowledge to successfully set up AtHome Camera surveillance.  The user must have a strong device with a high resolution camera for the app to work effectively.

This is an advanced way to keep your home secure or keep track of all activities taking place in your absence. AtHome Camera also provides an effective way to communicate to people and pets in your home whenever and wherever you are. With this app you are fully in control of your house!