Defense of Egypt – Cleopatra mission

Defense of Egypt is a game of the genre Tower Defense, as the setting is of ancient Egypt and the warrior defends the Egyptian land from the Roman troops. The player is the warrior who is appointed by Cleopatra, takes commands and sets up weapons in different units to defend Egypt from the endless waves of enemies, the Roman army. The game takes defense to a whole new level where you build powerful weapons and plan strategies to protect the Egyptian land from the Romans. This game is free to play.

Egypt is ruled by Cleopatra when she hears that the Roman ships are approaching to invade the Egyptian land. She appoints a warrior to fight against the Roman troops whose ships are approaching the shore. Cleopatra wants the warrior to throw them back into the sea and hence teaches the warrior the basics of defense.

The warrior takes commands from Cleopatra and also with the help of the Gods, sets up units and uses different weapons to defend Egypt from the Romans. There are a lot of new inventions and Cleopatra wants the warrior to use them against the Roman troops. To improve defense in the game, you must constantly be increasing the power of weapons which are the most effective at the highest level. You get rewarded for accomplishing the tasks given to you by Cleopatra.

You can complete the pilot level to familiarize yourself with the game and there is also a bonus level that can be played at any point. The player who is the warrior starts from the default ‘complexity’ mode which is ‘Normal’ and then improves their strength further depending on how they play to progress to other modes.

In order to start the fight, click the call button on screen that looks like crossed swords. Icons on the right panel labelled ‘i’ that appear when the Romans enter, give you information about the different types of warriors in the troop; for example, archer, legionnaire, infantrymen, etc. and also about the units and weapons. The warrior builds a defense area where he places various weapons like ballista, catapults on the path of the Roman troops at important spots on the map.

As the troops march into the Egyptian land, these weapons are used to destroy them and to prevent the troops from destroying the city. There are treasure chests that appear at times and if collected will earn you points. Killing the enemies and sometimes cutting down the trees will help you earn coins. Weapons need to be upgraded whenever possible in order for them to be efficient.

Opening the box on the left bottom corner reveals lightning, tribolos, and other instruments that can be used to kill the enemy. The warrior can participate in the battle by throwing tribolos in the path of enemy troops or by calling for help from the Egyptian Gods. You can speed up or slow down the battle by choosing the arrow button on the top right corner of the screen. You can improve gears after each stage.

The game has good graphics and sound with an interesting historical story behind it that makes it an interesting game to play. There are a large number of units in each level that can be loaded with different weapons depending on the strength of the enemies in the field at that time. Each weapon has a different strength and speed. The battle fought is interesting with many strategic actions that can be used to complete each level. The power and coins that you earn at each level can be used to improve the weapons that you use. The warrior makes decisions and responds quickly with the help of the Egyptian Gods to protect Egypt from the Romans.

Defense of Egypt has several levels, that is more than 60 and each level has varying difficulty and accomplishment. There are also 16 types of enemies each with different power and armor.  When it comes to weapons, there are 6 types of weapons that can be upgraded and 5 types of gears for combat vehicles that can also be improved. The player can get involved in the fight by using grenades, tribolos, fire, lightning, and frost that can be found in the box at the bottom left of the screen. Overall this game will be liked by both children and adults. There is support for a few other languages as well other than English.  The game score can be shared on Facebook.

During the gameplay, although a lot of commands and instructions are given by Cleopatra, it would have been better to have a few more onscreen instructions for novice players to understand and catch-up on the game easily and quickly. There could be some free power-ups to improve vitality instead of the in-app purchases.

Singapore Maths – Gaming Adventure to Strengthen Math Skills for Young Scholars

Many kids simply don’t like math. Maybe they don’t have a good background. Maybe they have a hard time understanding the teacher and how the concepts are presented. Whatever may be the case, math is in our day to day lives as adults and having a strong grasp of mathematical concepts puts you head of the game. Singapore Maths from Kids Academy Co delivers just that.

If you are a parent of a child between the ages of 6 and 8 who is struggling with math or just want to further strengthen the skills your child currently possesses, there is an easy to way accomplish that does not involve trips to a math tutor or education center.

Singapore Maths uses a proven three-step process that has been specially formulated for kids, so they stay interested and grasp concepts quickly. The app’s design was developed in Singapore as a tool to help kids learn math easily. In its adoption into this app, the design was enhanced to comply with Common Core standards that are currently in place across the nation.

For parents, there is the most important assurance that the app is free from pop-ups and ads, something kids do not need to see.

So, what does Singapore Math have that makes it so special? It’s presents math through games, videos, interactive worksheets, activities, and adventures. When kids open the app, they will see an adventure map that outlines their starting point, intermediate goals to achieve along the way, and their final destination. 

No more packets with repetitive problems. Math becomes a challenge of explorations and dare, urging kids to take on the mission and forge forward.

Be aware that the app’s content is accessible only through a paid subscription. You can download the app for free, but you must choose a membership in order to play. Fees are $7.99/mo or $49.99/year with a 30-day free trial.

The app aims to teach kids the following math concepts:

  • Count and trace numbers – younger kids learn their numbers and how to write them
  • Foundational numeracy skills – know what the numbers mean
  • Math operations – add, subtract, multiply, and divide
  • Geometric shapes – basic figures and features
  • Patterns and sequencing – understand the relationship between multiple items and identify patterns

You can purchase one subscription and let multiple children in your household use the app. What is really neat about the app, and this is really important for those parents who don’t want their kids on devices all the time, is the ability to print, for free, worksheets that kids can complete, anytime and anywhere.

I don’t think there is anything about this app that I did not like. I would be nice, however, to try out one or two games and print a worksheet as a sample to see if the app would work for the child.

Barring that, Singapore Math is a must download if you have been struggling with your child, trying to help them master math at whatever age they are. Elementary math forms the basis for so much in a child’s later years of education and adult life; it’s important to make sure that the foundation is solid, and Singapore Math can do just that. Get printable worksheets for kindergarten here.

Totem Rush – A Match Game Like No Other

Most match games offer one basic thing, the challenge to linearly assemble items that are the same, whether it be horizontally or vertically. It’s fun for a while, but when you grow past whatever excitement you initially felt, the game tends to pale in the light of others.

If you just can’t let go of playing match games, but want something more than just a grid with icons that you need to clear, download Totem Rush.

Immediately you may wonder what the “rush” means, but as you play and move more into the game, you will discover why.

In Totem Rush, you are the protector of an archipelago of islands. Your ultimate goal is to protect each of these islands from war mongering invaders. OK, well, they aren’t as vicious as that, but they are invaders that want to take over your island.

They do so by trying to capture your ship, make their way to your island, and overtake the settlement.

Totem Rush

You are challenged by the game to protect a series of 19 islands. Each island represents a phase of play. Conquer the challenge presented at each island, and you move on to the next phase, or island.

I have never seen a game so involved as this. It provides a complex blend of simple game play – a match game – with a more involved and strategic test – to defend an island.

Just when you think you will get bored with the matching, you are transported to another part of the app and find yourself building up defenses and keeping invaders at bay.

What I found helpful were the hints and suggestions on what to do.  Every so often, there would be a finger pointing to an object, asking you to move it this way or that.

Totem Rush itself does not have a main menu or screen, so there is no information page or overview. You have to dive in and figure things out on your own.

What puzzled me most in this app was that at one point, I was shown the series of islands and my progress. It looked as if I needed to complete the games on island number two, but I had no idea how to start those games. I tapped on the island, on the cards that sat beside the island, and on various other icons, with no luck. It was confusing and I was not sure how to proceed.

Nonetheless, I did have fun playing the match part of the game. When it transitioned to the building part, I became confused because it did not seem like I was doing much and I really did not know if I had succeeded or failed.

I will continue to play and try different things to unlock the mystery and get to the next island – it is much too tempting to be left alone. Totem Rush is also available on Android.

Audials – Locally Choose Global Sounds

With over 80,000 stations playing more than 120 musical genres, Audials Radio offers lovers of music an endless choice of sources from which to play sounds that you love. These stations are not just in the U.S.; no, they come from all over the world. Audials acts like a musical hub, allowing users to search through their treasure trove to select stations they find interesting. Sure, there are lots of other apps out there that stream live music, but they don’t offer something that Audials does.

With Audials Radio, you can record something you really like and listen to it later. Who lets you do that?

Sometimes the stream may play your favorite song, or just something you stumble across that you can’t listen to entirely. The recording function allows you save it so you can listen to it later. What is really neat is that you are not required to create an account within the app to record music or shows.

Audials app

Not only does it have music, but it also offers streaming sources that play videos as well, so you can record shows.

Its strongest point, and something I really liked, is the ability to quickly search for and find what you want. It allows you to hop from station to station within genres or based on artists you love listening to. It beats using any search function, which most of the time, can eat up a lot of data and time.

The next strongest point is the fact that the app is commercial free. Imagine that. I have never seen a free app that does not interrupt the smooth transmission of music with annoying disruptions.

Navigating around the app is just as easy as listening to what it plays. The displays are crisp, clean, and colorful in just the right amounts. I loved the font that is used because it made it so much more easy to read and find the stations you wanted to, without jumbling or cramming things up.

If you are not in the mood for global sounds, there are plenty of local options to choose from. This means within the U.S. or within your metro area. The choice is yours!

The sounds that come from the app rival any that you would get from a quality speaker system. The app is powered to a degree that supports smooth streaming, without buffering – another annoyance I hate.

Another nice feature that I know I will be making great use of is the timer. You can find an amazingly peaceful and mesmerizing station that calms your mind and puts you to sleep. I would definitely set that up on timer to put me into a peaceful sleep – every night.

The only downside is the inability to move the recordings from your phone over to another device so you can listen from there; however, in all fairness, the ability to record is something that overshadows this one small shortcoming.

Download Audials Radio soon, because you don’t want to waste any more time listening to the same old stuff over and over again. Broaden your auditory horizons with Audials and you’ll discover sounds you never knew existed!

Match the Three Stooges – A Brilliant and Fun Game

There are a lot of fun games on the market. Some of them can be very complicated and hard to play while others are a lot simpler and easier. Games have come a long way from simple things like the game of snake or point and click, and while other were playing snake some were watching the three stooges. Games that have become a lot more popular are match three games, a game that combines the old gem of the three stooges and the new game of match three is called Match the Three Stooges.

Match the Three Stooges has a wonderful user interface with a very colorful design. There are 5 worlds that you can play through, the scenes, pictures, and music change every 5 levels in the game so the colors and design are always changing. There is a total of 100 levels which means there are 20 different pictures and songs to look forward to as you play through the game.  There are even boss levels where the music changes and transports you to new levels and new worlds.

Match the Three Stooges

The game has been designed by a former Call of Duty designer known as Brian Douglas, he puts a spin on the classic pictures from the original stooge movies. The classic Three Stooges Volume soundtrack has been changed and renewed by Murv Douglas, who has been in the bands Powerman 5000, Lords of Acid and Diamonds n Scratch. These new twists are shown throughout the game as you match the stooges and earn more points to win the game.

It is very easy to play the game, you start up the game and begin to play on the first level and the first world. The objective of the game is very simple, to match three of the same stooge, once done the match will disappear and more will fall to take the tiles places. Once done you will earn points and when you earn a certain amount of points you will complete the level and move on to the next one!

This game is great to play and provides fun for the whole family while taking up a lot of time. There are a couple of small things that would make the game better if fixed, the game is still of a high caliber but as with all apps there are a few flaws. With this game you have to have an internet connection to play the game, which can be a little difficult if you are on the go and don’t have network coverage. Another thing is that there are only 100 levels, and if you play a lot you may not have any more to play. The developers will respond to any suggestions which means they really care about where their app goes.

Match the Three Stooges is a brilliant and fun game for anyone of all ages to play. It’s simple and combines the classic stooge music (sung by the stooges themselves!) with the modern match three games available on phone and tablets anywhere. This game is a must have for all fans with the option of competing against your friends and bragging about your high score. Now this game is free to download and play with the option of purchasing somethings in app. I recommend this to everyone who like to play games!

Whataplace Helps You Find Where You Want to Go

Traveling can be a big hassle, you are away from home with no sense of direction and it seems like the only places you’ve been eating lately are fast food restaurants. When you can’t find anything else or need help finding you way back Whataplace app is for you. Whataplace was made with the traveler in mind, especially those who go to countries where they can’t speak the language. Of course the app can also be used by the home based traveler who is trying to be a traveler in their own city.

The Whataplace app is an app that can help you find where you want to go wherever you are. The app is very simple to use with a nice clean design that makes all the features easy to find. This app allows you to search, share, and save your favorite places, even places not marked on the map. The main feature of this app is the save feature because there are so many things that you can do with it. For example, the app saves the coordinates of where you are at any time and place. This is useful because you can go back into the app and label this location if you would like to so that you remember where it is. The app can also do this without an internet connection, if you are somewhere without service but need to remember where you parked your car you can still easily save the location and come back to it.


You can also search for locations of many different types that are close to you! The app collects data from Google Places and puts it into hundreds of categories that you have at your fingertips. You can use the categories or you can use the search bar and type in whatever you would like to find. This app can also show you the website, phone number, closing and opening times of what you select, if available. You can also see user ratings in the app to determine where you would like to go.

There are many good features of this app including the ability to share your location or a location with your friends or family. There are many ways to send the information to your friends and family from email, text, or many types of social media. Now there is one slight problem with this app that I have found, sometimes the app shows locations that are a little too far away when there are closer options. The developer has commented on this and is saying that he is working on making this better so soon this won’t be a problem anymore!

Whataplace app is an excellent app that can help you get where you are going or find where you were. There are many great features of this app including saving, sharing, and searching for locations with fairly high accuracy. Overall this is a very sound and high quality app that is useful when you are somewhere new. Personally, I do recommend this app because it puts all of the information we look for in one place and being able to save the coordinates of where my car is parked or some other important place is a feature I have not seen in any other apps. This app is great to have all the time!

Music Cube – Configure Your Own Music

There are only a few apps around that can provide you with high quality sound and music but I think I have found an app that is absolutely amazing and can make any song sound brand new. This app is called Music Cube. It has so many features and a high quality user interface. It is a very professional app that just keeps getting better with time. It makes you wonder why you aren’t paying for it! (Admittedly there is a Pro version you can pay for to help support the developers as they make the app even better.)The design concept is in the name giving the app a stylish theme, cubes.

I personally love to be able to configure my own music to sound the way I want and with the customizable equalizer I can do just that. This app is very simple to use with an easy equalizer that even comes with some preset options if you don’t feel like going through the trouble of changing the song by yourself. There is an excellent bass booster in this app that can make the music seem almost 3D in your ears which is really cool when you are walking down the street. Also if you like a loud bass you can make it to where you can feel the bass in your body.

Music Cube app

There are many different types of music files supported by this app including MP3, WMA, AAC, 3GP, OGG, and FLAC. You can tag each of these files with whatever you want so that you can organize the music in a variety of ways, which comes in handy when making your ultimate playlists which is easily done in app. Through the app you can even share music files and playlists with your family and friends, so everybody can join in on the fun. This music player will download all the cover art and information about the band as well so you can learn more about your favorite songs and have the official cover art to go with it.

If you are really into the app there are even more features to customize your phone such as widgets. The one thing about the app is that you cannot download any music from it. There are many easy ways to download music from other places though so this is not much of a problem unless you aren’t very tech savvy. However because the app doesn’t take up a lot of space on your phone there shouldn’t be a problem downloading a second app to download music to your phone or possibly downloading the music off of the internet. Either way I think that getting Music Cube is still very worth it.

I use this Music Cube to make music videos and although I don’t post them anywhere the quality turns out really well. If you need a music app to create better sound than this is the music app for you. Just keep in mind that even with all the great features you may need one more app to make it perfect until the developers can figure out a way to let us download music directly from their app.

Be Fit with Sportsman PRO. Workout

There are exercise apps all over the market but none are quite like this one. Losing weight can be super tough and finding the motivation to do it is even harder. Our bodies need exercise but sometimes it can be so hard to get up and do it. Sometimes the only motivation is looking in the mirror or stepping on the scale and realizing you need to lose a little bit of weight. Maybe you don’t want to lose weight but you want to get stronger, the results you look for don’t show up on the first day so it can be very hard to continue your training. There is now an app called Sportsman PRO Workout that can help you solve all of these problems!

Sportsman PRO. Workout has just been recently updated with all new features which means that it is an ever changing product. This app won’t stay the same for long, it will always be getting better! The user interface is super simple and super easy to use. A few presses of a finger and you have a whole new workout routine set up and ready to go! You can even change the colors of the interface to whatever you desire so that you continue to enjoy the look and feel of the app. The easy to set reminders with cute ringtones are also a bonus when it comes to enjoying the way the app makes you feel.

Sportsman PRO. Workout app

Now this app has a variety of workouts that you can customize, you can make your own work out lists and workouts. The type of workouts you can do include strength workouts such as push-ups, sit-ups, and squats and circuit workouts which are workouts that are preset. When you do these workouts you can have them timed and you can have your calories counted so that if you would like to lose weight you have the ability to look at your calorie output.

Every app has its flaws whether it be in its design or its content. With this app it seems that the flaw lies in its content. Although this flaw is not huge it is still something that is noticeable. While there are workouts on the app, there are not a lot. It seems that even more variety could be added to this app and that would make it better. That being said this is the free version of the app, for a few dollars more you can unlock the full version of the app. Although I have not indulged myself and gotten the full version, reading a few other reviews it seem that it would be worth checking out. So if you ever have the time you may want to open up the app and buy the full version for more workouts.

Sportsman PRO. Workout is spectacular and although it has its flaws it still comes through as being super useful when it comes to working out and getting your body moving. With this app you have a variety of tools at your disposal to lose weight, gain strength, and overall become a healthier you. So if you have the time and the motivation I would look into getting this app and getting started on the track to the new and improved body you have always dreamed of. Sportsman PRO. Workout is also available for iPhones.

My Digital Afterlife Keeps Your Passwords Safe

In this day and age everything we have is controlled by passwords and locks. Social media, email, our cellphones and bank accounts. Often times we have people who rely on us, who we help and we pay for but what happens when we die? All those passwords and locks meant for security don’t seem so helpful anymore when the person you take care of can’t get access to money to eat. Well, there is an app that you can get on your phone that can contain all your passwords and locks and keep them safe until after you die.

This app is very simple to use, it has a straight forward layout making it easy to add new passwords. Opening the app you are prompted to put in a password, which you can easily write down somewhere to let your dependent access the account, after which you are brought to a list of your different passwords. Once you go into a specific password you not only have access to the password but a list of details that you have put in as well. If there is any specific way you want a password to be used once you are gone you can simply input this here.

There are many different passwords that you can put into the password manager such as your home insurance, bike locks, bank accounts, your computer, even your internet password. Not only can you put in passwords but you can put in what you want to happen when you die. The password on the app makes sense because this is very valuable information, if you lose your phone and somebody gets a hold of this information your life could be ruined. However, it also makes it difficult because once you are dead you can’t exactly tell anybody your password. The point of the app is to give people access to your information after you are gone, but if they can’t get into the app then they won’t have that access. You can always write down the password for them but that also brings about a problem because there is a possibility that they could lose the password.

My Digital Afterlife app

In conclusion this app is very helpful, it can protect those you have protected by giving them access to your accounts. All apps have small flaws but it can be easily remedied by just writing down the password to one account. This app provides a safe haven for your passwords and your wishes after you die making it easier for the way that you would like your burial to be carried out to happen. You can simply put in your password and what you would like to happen to the account then leave it alone.

My Digital Afterlife has been designed for ease of use, it is meant to be very simple and yet very powerful. This app will protect your information so even if you lose your phone you do not have to worry. It will help those you care for even after you are gone.