Piczle Lines DX – Strategically Place Segments to Connect the Dots and Solve Puzzles

Puzzle solvers rejoice!! If you love puzzles that stretch and exercise the mind but entertain as well, then you have got to download Piczle Lines. In a nutshell, you are creating a picture by solving a puzzle; hence, pic+zle, or piczle.

The puzzles are not like jigsaw puzzles. No, these are more sudoku-like in nature, forcing you to think about your next step before you make it. Lots of logic is involved, so be ready to flex your brain when you take this on.

The game itself is a very modular, so you can play for a while, and then start up again whenever you have time using the convenient Continue button. You’re not expected to finish anything in one go, but rather, you play a bit, then come back and play some more. Everytime you come back to your game, you will be giving your brain some time to absorb your last moves and see where you want to go next.

To play, you are basically drawing out lines and segments that eventually make a picture. As you make and complete these pictures, the images grow in complexity and challenge. Each line segment shows a number at the start and end points which define the number of segments each line should consist of. Players use this to concisely draw the colored lines.

Segments are created by linking two circles shown on the grid. Each circle has a number in it. The challenge is to draw a line that covers the number of squares represented in the circle. For instance, if you see two circles with a four in them, and there are four squares that connect them, then draw a line to connect them.

If you feel you’ve made a mistake, you can undo a drawn line or segment and start over, because the app keeps track of every line you draw.

The free to download app comes equipped with enough games to get you used to how to play and then learn the ins and outs. When you are ready for a tougher puzzle set, then you can make an in-app purchase to download them.

The only downside to the game is that it centers around one method to make the pictures: connect the dots, so to speak. Maybe adding another dimension to the game will keep things interesting.

Outside of that, this game is great for anyone of any age. There is no pressure and it makes you exercise your ability to lay out lines on a grid, without crossing over, giving it a somewhat strategic air about itself.

If you are looking for a different kind of game, then Piczle Lines DX is the one to get.

Live Football Stats and Scores – Football Fan Utopia

If you watch football, and I mean the football known to all around the world, and what folks in the U.S. know as soccer, then you have got to download Live Football Stats and Scores, with no delay.

Live Football is an app for iOS devices that brings football fans closer to the game, bringing live data and streaming to users around the world, from games that are played almost anywhere. It hooks viewers and followers of various matches into the stats that surround the various leagues that pit teams against each other.

You can choose Favorite teams and from there, you can get Live Scores from games that are In Play, view games that are currently in play and mark the matches that you want to follow.

After marking the matches, you can view details on each.

My favorite page in the app is the page that compares two teams. I can go straight to it and see precisely how one team stacks up against another, one a point-by-point basis. This page is found under “stats”. You can compare BTTS%, Clean Sheet, BTTS+Lose %, BTTS+Win %, Cards per game, Avg. Goals per Game, and more.

The page itself it laid out cleanly so you can get to the data you’re interested in. You can even customize it by viewing the stat comparison for the last five games, last ten games, or to date for the season. You can also choose All or HvA.

SBAT app

I skipped a page, though. When you download the app, you will see six options to view: Timeline, Stats, Lineup, Recent, H2H, and Table.

Timeline takes you through each game and marks key plays in the game, noting the number of minutes into gameplay, the player, and what happened. Items that are tagged include yellow cards, red cards, corners and goals. This is listed for both teams in the match.

Recent displays games recently played for each team in your matchup, but it shows all other teams each team has played. For instance, in a matchup, if you have Chelsea and Swansea, it will list recent matches for both Chelsea and Swansea. If you select Mixed, it shows where Chelsea was Home and Away. If you select Away, it lists only those games in which Chelsea played Away, and if you choose Home, it lists all games where Chelsea played at Home.

These types of stats are great for fans and for betters alike.

Overall, the layout of the app is pretty cool, but i felt that there was too much information on the H2H page. It showed pairings of data for both teams in a match all on one page. I would recommend moving to a different page and displaying those stats for each, one at a time.

Barring that, Live Football Stats and Scores is chock full of information that any football fan should not live without. Easy to use and up to date, it keeps you in the game.

MyPostcard App to Create and Send Cards from Your Device

All special moments deserved to be shared. Sometimes, it’s not as easy as it sounds, especially when you have family and friends living all around the world. Fret not, now there is MyPostcard – Postcard App.

MyPostcard allows users to create postcards from their mobile device, customize them, and then send them. The app takes care of the printing and the sending – if you can believe that! 

These postcards are like no other. You get to personalize them with your own photos. Now, you are not at the mercy of what you find at the local drugstore or tourist trap. Your postcards will feature your experience, customized to send exactly the image and matching message to go with.

The real beauty of the app is that you don’t have to do any work to send the postcards. Once you have created the postcard, you simply add the mailing address and hit ‘send’. The app will take care of figuring out the postage required to send the postcard based on where you are sending it from and where it’s going.

That step, in and of itself, is a huge timesaver! Who has time, while on vacation, to look for postcards, find out where to buy postage, purchase the correct amount of postage, and then send it?

MyPostcard app

The app is laid out intuitively. The icons across the bottom of the screen are in the order of the steps you will follow to create, print, and send the cards:

  • Select Style – here you will choose the layout of the postcard image. You can choose from using just one image to a collage of images.
  • Select Photo – from this screen, you choose the photos you want to fill the template with. These photos can come from the images you have saved on your device.
  • Write – put together the message you want to send on the postcard. You will also get to add the mailing address of the person you are sending the card to.
  • View – take a look at the finished product before you hit “send”
  • Send – this is where you ask the app to print the postcard on quality materials using vivid color and print quality, figure out postage, and send it.

If you are like me and you are wondering if the app will know enough to put the correct amount of postage, don’t worry. They take your location and the destination to calculate the postage that will be needed for a postcard, affix the correct stamps and then post it.

While MyPostcard is focused on sending hardcopy cards, it would be great to be able to send out the digital postcards from the app itself. I know there are other app that already do this, but it would be so cool to be able to send out both ways from one app, keeping things simple.

If you are looking for an easy way to create postcards and then let someone else do the hard work of posting the cards, MyPostcard is the app. Download today…don’t delay!

SENTENCE READING MAGIC App Helps Kids Learn to Read the Easy Way

Kids are learning at a pace that’s faster than what we knew as kids. Having the opportunity to leverage so many online tools and techniques has widened experiences for kids today that far surpass teaching tools of yesteryear.

If you are looking for such a tool to help your child learn how to read, without the frustration and angst that so often comes with, then download Sentence Reading Magic today.

This app is based on the widely known and highly effective teaching techniques that serve as the basis of the Montessori School system. The app itself is the bridge that links children from being able to read words to being able to read sentences, thus allowing them to read books.

It does this cleverly through two learning modes: Sentence Building and Reading Mode.

In Sentence Building, children complete activities which allow them to drag and drop words into correct positions, resulting in a well-formed sentence. The app will let the child know when a word is out of place and will allow them to change its placement.

Sentence Reading Magic

In Reading Mode, kids then sound out each word and can confirm correctness by tapping on the hidden images for each word.

Using touch-to-hear technology, kids can tap on a word to hear how it sounds. This spreads the learning to so many planes, allowing kids to see the word, hear it, and speak it simultaneously, reinforcing the learning process.

There are also pictures that provide hints for kids who are struggling with certain words. The app comes packed with 325 different sentences comprised of up to six words. The word set include 50 of the most used sight words needed for first time readers.

To get into more detail about Sentence Building, the screen itself is in landscape mode, so kids can see things clearly and there is ample space properly show the sentence. The words are given at random near the top of the screen and the child must then drag and drop each word into its rightful place near the bottom, which shows empty boxes, just waiting for their words. If have chosen a 4-word sentence, there will be four boxes. If you choose 6-word sentences, there will be six boxes. You get the picture.

When kids build the sentence correctly, they can then tap on the words to hear their sound. Entertaining music then plays once the sentence is successfully built, and the child can then move on to the next sentence.

I think it would be a great plus to have the ability to print out worksheets from the app so kids could write out some of the words, and look forward to such an update when it comes.

Until then, parents and teachers alike will find SENTENCE READING MAGIC to be a great teaching tool and supplement to teaching techniques currently in place. There’s no better way to teach than through an experience.

Loopacks – Digitized Sound Creation for Artists and Music Lovers Alike

Calling all DJs who are looking to up their creative juices with technological tools, there is a new app in town that makes it easy. Technology is not new to music, not by any stretch of the imagination. The key if finding an app that works for you. Loopacks is just that, if you are looking to create quality loops and drum mixes.

What is really neat about Loopacks is that it’s not just for experts. Loopacks makes is easy for all musicians to create beats and remixes through experimentation and discovery, which is what making art is all about. Easy to use, Loopacks brings powerful toolset to your fingertips so you can focus on the music, rather than the movement of pieces.

The look and feel of the app is very similar to equipment you would find in the recording studio. If you are new to sound track creation and editing, this app may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but trust me, once you play around with it for a while, you will get the hang of it. There is nothing to break, but the fear you may be feeling.

I would highly recommend using the app on an iPad, although it is available for download on the iPhone as well. It was just easier to see all the controls, buttons, and graphics displays easily on a larger screen.

You can experiment first by choosing built in beats and loops and adding them to your own compositions. These tracks can be saved and shared using SoundCloud, which is a feature I really liked. Why create something if you can’t share it?

After getting comfortable with the editing aspect, you can start to record your own beats and loop and then start to mix them to create new pieces. Each Loopack is comprised of 32 sounds, including: synth, vocals, a drum machine loop, guitar loop, baselines, percussion loops, and more.

The app comes with four Loopacks, without purchase: Deep House, Power House, Electro Blues, and Atmosphere. If you want more, there are several in-app purchasing options that allow you to add to the basic collection.

I am not a real music aficionado, but I did find this app to be very entertaining. I did not know how technology could help you take existing recordings and turn them into something that sounded so different and interesting, and then serve as a backdrop to a unique composition you can call your own. This app is not just for musicians, it is for anyone who loves music.

If there is anything I would change about the app, it would be the selection of in-app purchases that are available and making them season oriented. How cool would it be to have something nightmarish for Halloween or festive for Christmas?

For a free download, this app is worth far more than that. Loopacks provides artists with high-tech tools needed to compose colossal pieces of music while serving as a neat environment to experiment and play with sound.

Wartime X – Dynamic and Quick-Paced Card Battle War Game

Card games can get dull after a while, unless you are playing something high stakes like poker. If you’ve grown out of the slower set of card games and are looking for something charged up with challenge and even higher stakes than poker, look no further than Wartime X.

The creators of Wartime X have combined the need for speed with strategic moves in a game that tests your quick-thinking skills.  Stemming from poker play and the foundations of war, Wartime X stimulates the mind and senses with scenarios that keep you on your toes.

The game setup is simple. You get three cards in one hand. Using those cards, you initiate moves and attacks. The key is to make those moves quickly. For every set of three cards you have in your hand, you must quickly evaluate them and determine what combination to use given the situation you are in – to maximize success.

Cards don’t look like the typical ones we know. Instead, there are heroes and villains that you use to carry out missions and stamp out the opposing team. As you play further into the game, as in all games, you collect more points that afford you sophisticated armor and weaponry through a stronger card set.

Combat is played out by placing your card combo down – whatever you choose. Each set you put down is a symbolic “move” you are making against your opponent. Each mission and fight is based across 100 different cities.

Each card combination can create one of many “moves”: Holds, Attacks, and Blocks are some of the moves you can make, stemming from the strategic plays that comprise poker. Characters on the cards each have their own strongpoint; learn and use them to win. As your point collection increases, you can add to your character collection and beef up the ones you already have.

While typical battles are played out against warring nations or factions, this game pits you against soldiers, mutants and minions who seek to rule the world.

I liked the daily bonuses. They helped me recover from losses I may have sustained, which were quite a few in the beginning. The game is set up to help you learn and get better. No one can be an expert at anything right from the start, it takes practice, and Wartime X allows for that – a great bonus!

The only improvement I would make to the game is to add more dimension to the game in terms of graphics and color. It’s pretty dark and flat, and could use more life.

Looking just at game play, Wartime X is something new and different. There are plenty of card based battle games, but the execution of this game is unique and keeps the pace up, keeping you challenged and entertained.

TSC Music – Improve Your Listening Experience While Protecting Your Ears

Our sense of hearing is precious, and so is the equipment that allows us to hear. Protecting what’s in our ears is so important, but in this day and age of earplugs, it’s so easy to cause damage, even if you keep the volume low.

Nearly 1 in 5 people today have some degree of hearing loss, and in most cases, this loss is due to exposing the hearing organs to loud noises.

The TSC Music app is the first of its kind. It allows users to stream music via Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube, and makes the necessary adjustments to ensure you hear quality sound without hurting your ears. You may be wondering how an app can do that. Well, think of TSC as an equalizer of sorts, which when it comes right down to it, is what it is.

TSC adjust the wavelengths of the various components of sound so that your hearing organs can receive them safely. It knows how to do this by the results of your Threshold Sound Conditioning, which is a test that you should take periodically within the app. It tests your hearing condition and uses this data to equalize the sound you listen to in a way that minimizes damage.

The Threshold Sound Conditioning allows you to test each ear separately, so data for each is collected. No two ears are the same, so it is critical that you measure each ear’s data so that the equalizer can do its job.

TSC Music

Simple to use, the app is clearly laid out and everything you need is easy to find. Every time you perform the sound conditioning, the app collects the data and presents it on a graph that is very easy to follow. It shows:

  • Your progress
  • Your max and min INDEX values
  • The amount of time you have used TSC

I have never seen an app like this that allows you to listen to music with the highest quality in a way that is almost customized to your ears. How cool is that? Most music apps stream music the same way to everyone, but you have to know that we all hear it differently based on how our ears work. Think of the improvements in quality of sound you will experience by using TSC to stream the music.

This is no simple app, either. The TSC technology was clinically tested by Stanford University and by over 100,000 users. With that kind of backing, it is hard to question the efficacy of this app.

While TSC Music is fully integrated with Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud, I would definitely like to see it expand to other music streaming apps like Amazon and Pandora.

Until then, I look forward to enhancing my music listening experience with sound that are customized for me, so I can enjoy quality sound without injuring my ears.

Simplanum – Simplified Powerful Planning in One App

Do you hate moving around from app to app looking for information about a project or task that requires several steps and different days and times to meet the end date? You find yourself adding reminders in Calendars, adding tasks with due dates in planning apps, and adding detailed notes in another app. It is a time waster at best.

Ditch the multi-app work management and download Simplanum. Simplanum rolls all of the apps you could possibly need to plan, manage, and complete projects and events in one simple app. No more hopping between apps looking for the information you need. It’s all in one place, as it should be.

Simplanum features the following, which I was excited to take full advantage of:

  • Full Functionality – a Notepad, Calendar, and a Diary, so information is all in one place, interconnected and accessible.
  • Cloud Storage – keep things safe, easily retrievable and synchronized across multiple devices
  • File Attachments – not all of your data will be entered in by hand. Attach emails and files to your tasks so you have backup information.
  • Embedded Checklists – create lists of what needs to be done as part of a note or an event.
  • Weather Forecasting – know what the weather may be like for the upcoming year, so as a planned event nears, you can make necessary adjustments.
  • Web Client – access your app’s data from a desktop easily so you can plan from anywhere.
  • Screen Clips – take screen shots or clips from most browsers.
  • Localized – your apps information is on your device, so there’s no need for the Internet.
  • Text Recognition – detects times and dates in text to help with Calendar updates.
  • Geolocation – can easily be added to notes
  • Voice Recording – add information easily for meetings and plans
  • Locks – lock notes and applications by security code and Touch ID

Simplanum screenshot

If you choose the Cloud option, there is subscription fee based on the level of storage you want. I liked this feature because you may start out small and then want to upgrade as your application use grows.

The app is well designed and easy to navigate, allowing you to spend more time managing projects and less time learning the app. The interface between the calendar, notes, and reminders is seamless; as if the creators knew just how the mind works and made the app in a way that was a natural fit.

The only thing I would say is missing is connectivity to navigation, so that when you are going to a meeting or event, you can do so without copy pasting the location in another app. This may come soon, I hope.

If you are looking to bring organization into your life easily, download the free Simplanum today and experience the ease of effortless planning.

Mansion Casino Fun Has Gone Mobile

If you are a fan of Mansion Casino or have heard about it, then waste no more time wondering – get on your Apple device and download MansionCasino, the app. Yup, the creators of the colossally successful casino website have packaged up ten years of online casino gaming entertainment into an app that allows you to play on the go.

Players from all over have gathered to the website to get paid to play, and now, even more will be able to join in on the fun. You can download the app on both the iPhone and iPad.

You might be wondering why this casino app is so much better than others. Well, I have to say that straightaway you are awarded double the amount to play with when you first download the app. That’s a bonus of 100%. After that, the gaming is great and the winnings are outstanding.

I have never seen such variety within one gaming app before. Games include Marvel slots, like Iron Man 2 and The Hulk; games involving live dealers, such as Poker, Craps, video based poker, progressive slots; and of course, live roulette games featuring real croupiers and live streaming.

The more you play in Mansion Casino the more loyalty points you accumulate, which increases your chance for bigger cash bonuses. As in many other types of gambling games, you can play for real or virtual money – you choose. As your loyalty grows, you can move up into VIP status, which makes it easier to gather and collect even more loyalty points. Stick around long enough and you may even reach Elite status. Make note that each special status level requires you to have a minimum amounts on cash on deposit in the app.

On the more technical side, I found the app to be visually stimulating and further enhanced with realistic sounds you’d find in the real casino. The games themselves adhere to the boards that govern Gibraltar, which is where the business that created the app is registered. Gaming can get dangerous, and the app makes sure that its clients do not misuse or fall trap to any issues.

Playing simple games is not all the app has to offer. On weekends, there are excursion games you can sign up for by making a deposit. These are offered through promotions every so often and offer gamers to explore new countries, their games, and their culture.


Another neat offer is the Red or Black Bonus. These come every Wednesday and allow you to double your winnings, should you choose the right color! On Fridays, there are other extras available that allow you to earn extra winnings, as well.

Most other apps are just games that allow you to play and win coins or points. Here, we are talking cash, sometimes virtual and sometimes real. That is up to you. Know that if you ever have any questions or issues with your earnings, winnings or deposits, the customer support is superb in addressing your concerns quickly. I had a question about a deposit I made and I wanted to inquire about retrieving it. The folks in customer service immediately answered my email and I got what I needed.

The app is unable to offer all that the website currently does, which is a small inconvenience in terms of variety. However, the app does have a lot to offer, most importantly being the fact that you can play anywhere you want to and not have to be stuck behind a desktop.

MansionCasino’s iOS application fulfills your gaming desires with quality games and abundant payouts. It also keeps you as a gamer in check so you don’t go overboard or in too heavy. It is smart gaming with big entertainment value.