DraftCode – A Powerful PHP Web App Development Tool
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DraftCode – A Powerful PHP Web App Development Tool

Web app development has skyrocketed in demand with the increase of traffic online and life in general moving towards the Cloud. Every person uses web sites in one way or another; either to shop, register for classes, tap into a portal from the doctor’s office or just surf for something to do. We are all on the internet more than we spend time sleeping, it seems. To support all of this, we have web apps.

Any kind of software development most people think of usually requires the use of sophisticated development environments, access to servers and connectivity to other machines so pieces of code can be captured or called to complete a function. In web app development, much of this connectivity can be self-contained. You are mainly developing to add increased functionality to a web site or page, possible providing interconnectivity between other sites. However, in the grand scheme of things, not much is needed in terms of external servers.

Yet, most development environments require just that: a connection to the internet and to servers. This can lend itself to limitation on where you can take your creativity; and, in web page and app development, you want flexibility. DraftCode PHP provides that flexibility and more on your iPad, all in the palm of your hands. When you first download this app, which is not too pricey for something that will allow you to make beaucoup bucks. It has an extremely simple interface for something that allows you to make complicated and deeply functional apps. The interface can also be customized to help you make the most of your experience on the iPad. Color schemes, backgrounds, fonts and more are all choices you can make to make it easier for you to decipher and decode.


Web app development should not be a chore. It should be labor of creativity. Having a place to perform it on your iPad means you can take it with you and make changes when and where you want. Creativity must not wait for a computer. It should be captured when it occurs. Coding for WordPress? It’s supported. Coding for Flatpress? Ditto. The app supports PHP 5.4.23 and allows developers to develop offline themes and plugins, while testing in a fully functional runtime environment. You will run app as if they were running for real on the internet and rendered on Safari.

Extensions supported include Sqlite3, MySQL, PDO, OpenSSL, libxml and ZIP, so developers will not want for more. Although, the creators of DraftCode promise more is to come. Cookies, forms and sessions as needed are all basics that make for reality while developing, so there are no surprises when the app is released. Files can be moved around, shared and imported, so ideas can be reused with ease. DraftCode can tap into the iPad’s camera roll and photo storage to make use of graphics you’ve already got. See an image you want to use on the spot and use it. This environment has opened its doors and made it possible to see more and connect.

A bit of help or instructions on the app itself would have been extremely useful. It took me a few tries to figure out what each icon represented and effects it would have. Yet, for a small price, this app provides a great deal of convenience and power in hand held machine that becomes your very own server that serves up your creation.

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