Klieg Creates Videos from Photos

Klieg is a photo video application for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone; I used it on my iPad.  It takes a series of photos and makes a video out of the photos you select from your photo gallery or take with the app.  It contains burst mode to capture action shots in a series. Klieg would be great to use to add to blogs or social media sites.  Easy, seamless, one-touch uploading to Facebook and Twitter is probably one of the better features of the app.

Klieg’s one-touch features and one-touch selection make it very user friendly.  This app does exactly what it says it does. There are a series of photography filters you can add to your photos after you select which photos you want to use out of your gallery; black/white, sepia, holga… all the favorites of a novice photographer (with different, simpler names, of course) for easy one-touch editing.  For an extra $1.99, you can unlock more filters for photo editing.  You can apply filters to the whole photo series at once.

Klieg Video

Klieg prompts you when your video is finished with options to choose what you want to do with your video, which makes it really handy if you use social media on a regular basis and would be a great ad tool.  It’s a seamless option to upload to Facebook or Twitter and there’s even an option to e-mail or save to photo gallery. You can change the FPS (frames per second) to speed and slow the speed of the video, which makes it great to use for photo slideshows and presentations for iPhone and iPod Touch users.

Klieg Video making

Klieg could be better.  Even though it’s a pretty neat app, there are aspects I would change if I had the chance. The app uses swipes in different directions to navigate the app.  It takes a little practice to get the hang of how to do what.  But, if you “tap & hold” it brings up navigational directions as far as what swipe does what, but they don’t all come up at the same time.  It makes the app hard to navigate and going back could be a bit more user-friendly in that department.  I found a navigation video on Blip that helped me with navigation of this app the most.  I never could get the FPS adjustment to come up on iPad after trying multiple times.

It would also be more convenient to be able to use upload to a blog, YouTube or Vimeo, but you can save the video and upload it via those sites. Would also be really helpful to be able to add music to video or voice-overs for another effect, for instance, a song from iTunes or description or how-to. With all the photo and video apps out there, I can’t see that this is hugely beneficial as-is.  An updated version should be in the works, in my opinion, and may become the best photo seaming video app out there.

Jewel Bash Pinball – Break the Jewels with Pinball

Jewel Bash Pinball does not require much and it would be even much easier and more enjoyable if you have ever played the original pinball game. This game is easy to play and very interesting. The user interface is very friendly and you get to enjoy very high quality graphics as well as very bright colors of the game.

Jewel bash pinball is a very simple game that is very much related to the pinball game. The game basically involves a pinball, table and diamonds. The main aim of the player is to get as many points as possible by smashing the ball to the furthest distance. When the ball is hit or smashed by the flippers at the bottom of the table it will generate a chain of reactions by hitting many more parts of the table as well as the diamonds on top of the table. This will generate a chain of spontaneous reactions and the player earns points.

Jewel Bash Pinball promo banner

Jewel Bash Pinball promo banner

This game has three tables one of which is for multiplayers. With the multiplayer table, more than one player can be able to play the game at the same time. This just makes the game more enjoyable and provides the players with the thrilling experience and the urge to compete among each other.

The player is welcomed to the game by great graphics and animations. It is the table where the game would be played that appears first on the screen of your android device. The table has two or more flippers at the bottom depending on whether it is the single player or multiplayer table. There is also the ball at the table that the player will smash while playing the game.

Jewel Bash Pinball screenshot

The game will start when the ball drops from the top of the table towards the flippers and the player is supposed to smash the ball back to the top of the table. The main aim of the player or players is to prevent the ball from falling below the flippers and hence earning as many points as possible. The game is even much more interesting while playing with several other players. The player who hits the ball with his or her flippers will earn the points that the ball will generate. Hence, in order to compete more favorably, all players must strive to hit the ball as many times as possible so as to earn the most number of points.

Unlike many other games that are compatible with android devices, Jewel Bash Pinball provides amazing graphics and animations. The game is also very fast and hence very quick to load. The players wouldn’t have to waste much time waiting for the game to load.

This game has awesome speeds but it may to fast to some players. This will thus pose a challenge in controlling the game and hence the player might have a difficult time playing the game. Nonetheless, with maximum concentration and focus on the game, the players get a thrilling experience and enjoy the game very much.

zeZebra – Free, Fast and Surprisingly Useful

zeZebra is a new app that allows users to send and receive files over a peer to peer network. The app is being championed by its developers as a way to “Share photos, videos, documents & more––send digital media of any size, to anyone, anywhere––FREE!” The tagline, taken from zeZebra’s website, sounds too good to be true. It also takes a subtle jab at the competition and is relentlessly upbeat. But consumers are used to all of this, the only question that really matters is: does the app deliver?

That depends on how you look at it. If zeZebra was aiming to unseat Cloud storage giants like justcloud.com, Dropbox, and Google Drive and crown itself the new King of file sharing, then it is a colossal failure. Cloud usage is becoming incredibly commonplace. It’s trending, to the point where the only question IT companies really need to answer to find work is: “Can you set us up with a Cloud?” It’s useful for businesses, students, and most importantly it’s fun to say. No app like zeZebra is going to replace the Cloud that tech culture is fetishizing. Period.

zeZebra Screenshot

If, however, it was looking to provide a service that no Cloud has even tried, then it is a rip-roaring success. Peer to peer transfer is more effective in many ways, for many things, than Cloud storage is. Plus, it does not require massive banks of data servers so its services can and always will be far cheaper than Cloud storage. The caveat to this advantage, of course, is that many Cloud storage options are free until a certain arbitrary storage limit is reached. So assuming you don’t use your Cloud storage to send movies, entire photo or music albums, or obscene amounts of .pdf files, what is zeZebra useful for?

The app is very simple, for one. Managing your file transfers is incredibly easy, once you have built your network. It is simply drag and drop from a computer, select and send from a mobile device (zeZebra works for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android). Any files, of any size, to anyone that uses zeZebra, anwhere with internet connection. The only time when this app won’t seem especially useful is before you have used your silver tongue to convince your business associates, friends, etc. that its worth using. Building the network is annoying, but surprisingly easy. I found that simply emailing the file through zeZebra will usually convince the recipient to get the app, since it is free after all. The email prompts them to download zeZebra to receive their file, they usually do, and voilá, new contact.

Sending files with zeZebra

Once you have your network built, zeZebra offer speed that Cloud storage cannot match. Cutting out the storage server in a warehouse somewhere means your files is simply going straight to the person you wanted it to go to. This cuts out one whole data transfer, resulting in a much faster transfer.

Another feature that is negligible to many, but extremely important to some, is that of security. Since the data is not routed through even zeZebra’s servers, the only parties who can see that data are you and the person you send it to. It’s not encrypted, which would make zeZebra more attractive to the cypherpunk crowd, but perhaps a future version will add in that feature.

So, no. zeZebra won’t replace Cloud storage. What it will do is take up the slack, doing all the things that Clouds can be used for but really shouldn’t, and doing them easier, faster, and more securely. Besides which it, too, has a very fun name to say. Watch out Cloud.

Spice up Your Day with Syncrohearts Love Game

There are a lot of different love games on the market, but most couples know that you usually don’t need much for the ones that are the most fun. Syncrohearts Love Game is an app for the iOS platform (it works on both the iPhone and the iPad) that is looking to enter this swollen market. It is a simple app that lets a couple play a digital card game with each other. The cards usually are simple, and seek to encourage conversation, communication, and compliments between the couple.  The app is simple, so it does not have any real function issues. There are moments when the players wish that the cards had been a tiny bit more creative for a larger variety, but the app accomplishes its goal well overall.

Syncrohearts homescreen

Syncrohearts homescreen

The game is easy: the couple takes turns picking cards from four different categories. The game ends when one person gets their score to one hundred, but points are randomly awarded, so this is really just a timing thing. The fact that the competition is completely randomized is important, because if it pitted skill against skill some of the more competitive personalities would quickly start straying from the purpose of the game which is to feel good and increase conversation between partners.

The cards fall into four categories: 4Fun cards, Couple cards, Insight cards, and Hot Stuff cards. The cards vary in degree of intimacy, which makes the app a little more versatile in what it can accomplish. For a fun night with a relatively new flame, try and stick more to the 4Fun and Hot Stuff categories, with a few Couple cards thrown in to learn a little bit more about each other. If a more intimate night is desired with a long term relation, tread heavier in the other end of the spectrum, tossing in a few Hot Stuff or 4Fun cards to lighten the mood. Many of the cards are prompts to stimulate couples to really talk about a relationship. This can be awkward at first, but can be exactly what a relationship needs. This app can be a great way to stimulate that.

Syncrohearts instructions screen

Syncrohearts instructions screen

Syncrohearts Love Game does not have a depth of function, which is good because it makes it easy to use and nearly impossible to malfunction. However, it can also sometimes fall a little short in variety within the cards. To really get the most out of the game, couples will find they need to get a little creative on their own. Syncrohearts Love Game encourages this, with a lot of the rewards and prompts simply being jumping points for longer conversations. If it is played too much, the different cards can start seeming a little repetitive. It is not hard for couples to make the adjustments though, making up little games within games that can really spice things up. The beauty of Syncrohearts Love Game really lies in what is brought to the table by the couple, which is as good a measure for a relationship app as it is for a relationship.

Syncrohearts Love Game does not try to do anything fancy or overwhelming, and puts most of the control in the couples hands as it should be. With a little bit of creativity couples will find an entertaining game that really does help them talk a little bit more about their relationship. And always remember, you can stop and resume the game whenever you want.

MewSim App Teaches the Skill of Nurturing

Are you fond of pets? Would you like to take up responsibilities and nurture a sweet little kitten? You can help it grow into a beautiful cat, by fulfilling all its whims. Buy it some food, ice creams and toys and I am sure it would grow really soon. As the simile goes: As playful as a kitten, the same concept is witnessed here in this gaming app by Dynamic Pixels. This fun simulating app is just perfect for someone ready to learn the art of nurturing.

The game begins, where you can choose the color of your kitten and give it a name. Not only this, you can also decide the sex of your cutie. You can buy a mouse for your new family member and help it learn hunting. If you have a female kitten, then buying a bear for her, would be a great idea. Gift your pooch a ball or a ball of yarn.

Adorn your female kitten with a beautiful red bow available at just 29 coins. Make her look her best. Design the perfect ambiance for her and give her the best nurturing. She will definitely enjoy your company and be faithful to you.

MewSim iTunes Image

MewSim iTunes Image

Buy a helicopter for your macho kitten and he will surely have ample of enjoyment with it. You can buy all this with the coins you earn from two in-between games. Purchase everything that can keep your kitten happy. Keep him / her in different rooms, for instance the sitting parlor, dinning room and kitchen. Give it a bath where he can sail through his / her bathing tub. Give it a new nice shampoo to keep away the fleas.

Allow your pet to go for holidays with your friends. After all, even it needs a break. Share your MewSim through the social network integration system. Remember to bring him / her back home when he returns from the vacation. This innovative app will definitely bring out the caring nature from you. Available in seven different languages, this gaming app by Dynamic Pixels can be enjoyed by people from all over the world.

MewSim iTunes Image 2

Although, the graphics of the app are a little confusing and everything leads you to a payment page where you need to spend your coins to buy stuff for your kitten. In short, you need to pay for everything to nurture this beautiful kitten. The only rescue is the inbuilt games where you can earn some coins and then spend them on your pooch.

The latest version of the MewSim app features an in-game video which can be tapped to watch. Can be supported both by an iPhone and an iPad with a minimum requirement of iOS 4.3 or later. You need to spend real currencies to purchase fish for your cat. You get 140 fishes at $0.99, 480 fishes at $2.99 and so on. Though a free app, you cannot help your kitten survive if you fail to make add-on purchases for it.

Nevertheless, you can try this gaming app and at least, build in yourself a sense of responsibility and care for living beings.