BiorhythmΩ – Track Internal Trends to Take Steps Towards Balance

We all wish we could change our fates or control our destinies. Well, what if I told you there is a way to know ahead of time when you may want to pass up a socially taxing encounter or postpone an intense project for later, just to avoid a stressful situation and any ensuing effects it would have on your happiness?

BiorhythmΩ is the answer. You may have heard of it. It links loosely with the “stars” and when you were born; all that good stuff. But the theory behind biorhythms is not new. Summarized in papers by two German intellectuals, biorhythms provides foresight into your strengths and weaknesses by predicting when you will have good days and when you will have bad days.

Your biorhythm is based on the day you were born. From there, your biorhythm tracks four rhythms based on your birthday and the number of days you have been alive, looking at today’s date. This creates waves on a graph that let you visually see when you have high points and low points for each rhythm.

Biorhythm app

The four rhythms are:

  • Physical – related to physical fitness, this rhythm tracks when you will days full of energy and days when it would be best to slow down and take a break.
  • Emotional – simply put, this is how well you will react to your surroundings and events. If you are at a low point, it is highly advised that you avoid stressful situations that my tax your emotions.
  • Intellectual – your intellect is usually constant, but the reason for mapping it is to know when your high points may collide with the other three being low. Your intellect at those times may be affected and diluted temporarily. On the flip side, if you see a time in your cycle when the intellect coincides with high points for two other rhythms, it may be the perfect time to pitch that new idea at work or home.
  • Intuitive – refers to the ability to judge the feelings of others and how your actions or actions of others may affect them and the situation around them. If this is at a high point and the other rhythms are low, you may not want to take stab at assuming that someone is upset or unhappy and then try to help them. You may be wrong.

For all four rhythms, they are scored from -100 to 100. When any rhythm is at 0, this is a dangerous time. At times when several rhythms are converging at 0 or are all at a low point, it’s a good idea to listen to your inner voice and keep calm and rested.

The app graphs out all four rhythms so you can see when each one is doing well and when each is declining to a low point. It is helpful to note when more than one is declining, because this helps you plan accordingly.

Another great feature is the ability to view your standing by each rhythm. You can see data for just the physical, intellectual, intuitive and emotional – one at a time.

BiorhythmΩ may be sketchy to some, but is certainly worth looking into if you want to align the stars in your favor. Timing is everything!

Sensational Swinging with SWINGER

Calling all casual gamers! This is an app that won’t demand any of your precious time, but will fill up your free time with delightful tapping.

Pick up this tap game if you are a fan of simple rules and pure fun. The first thing one would love about this game is the rapid start and restart feature. It begins with reading a three step tutorial and pressing start. After tapping and dying, you restart and repeat. No signing up, no tangled tutorial- just start and restart.

The objective of the game is to garner these blue spheres with a swinger, this will allow you to gain score. Collecting these blue sun-looking spheres is not as easy as it sounds. Your swinger cannot stay dormant, as it does a three-sixty around the blue circle it’s currently on, that circle will eventually turn red and begin to die. To avoid dying with it, you need to tap on green rings which will in turn move your swinger. Tap to jump from green ring to green ring so that you can hunt for blue spheres.

Challenges are met when you tap from a ring that decreases speed and the length of your swinger, to a ring that increases the speed and length of your swinger. But, there are no complex mechanics in this game, so after a few tries it’s plain sailing.

SWINGER screenshot

In the game you do receive the single most important piece of advice- “Only attach to rings that are close to you!” Attaching the swinger to rings that are far away from you only creates panic, as your swinger will extend, the speed will increase, and when this happens it is easier to touch the end of the screen. Touching the edge of the screen will put an end to your swinging.


The user interface is easily understood and user-friendly. Anyone who downloads the app should be able to get into it immediately. This is what makes SWINGER so enjoyable, it is an instant stress reliever and entertaining distraction. If you are looking to train your reflexes and sharpen your mind, this is a great way to do it. From the menu, you can easily access the one page tutorial, share the game with friends, and control the game sounds. When it comes to the graphics, they are clear and colorful. The “spacey” game sounds encourage you try and try again.

If your friends don’t join you, have fun trying to beat your own score! As developers say, it’s easy to learn and hard to master, but you will definitely have copious amounts of fun along the way.

Castle Breakout – Escape or Be Doomed

What makes “escape the room” games so addictive? Castle Breakout – Escape! is an example of such a game and it holds the answer for us.

The game by Cloudburst Team, is for those who seek a little medieval adventure while they solve their puzzles.

A security master named Rex, is trapped in a castle around the 11th to 14th century. One must enter each room and find their way out by solving puzzles and finding clues. The clues are often right in front of you, hiding on the walls and in the fruit bowls- keep your eyes peeled!

You venture into an old pantry, alchemy room, and the king’s quarters. Each room is charming, elegant and some are a little… dusty.
Just as if you you were trapped in real life, you have to sort of “feel around” the rooms for clues; you do this by tapping on items and obstacles. You will know when you’re on the right track because tapping on suspicious items will automatically zoom you in on them.
Even if items seem dull and pointless, keep on tapping around them and the area they are in- you never know what might be hiding in the corners. The items you collect go in an inventory on the right hand side of your screen.

For example, in the alchemy room there are draw knobs that are missing, maps to be found, and potions to be made. All of this is waiting for you to put together.

Castle Breakout

Once all the clues are found and all the pieces are in place, the door will finally open.

If you fail to interact with the room and puzzles, you must prepare to suffer a lonely fate. There are no shortcuts, only one door reveals the way out, and when you do escape a room, be prepared for the next one! Golden Gauntlets Castle Escape


The graphics will take one by surprise, they are absolutely beautiful. In one room, you can tap on a window that will zoom in on the kingdom outside, it’s breathtaking.
The in-game sounds are realistic, they add to the mystique of the rooms.
In the menu, you can control the sounds, share the game, and find a short tutorial.
After getting the hang of moving Rex around, you will be disappointed with only ten rooms- you will definitely want more!
Each room is different and alluring in it’s own way.
Every environmental puzzle is unique- one puzzle could involve mathematics and another could test your memory.
Not all the best things in life are free, so it could be frustrating to see that the last three rooms will cost you three dollars. But, at the end of it all, there is a free dragon ride that awaits you!

These escape games tend to be addictive because they are challenging and make one scratch their heads a bit. You just naturally want to find your way out. After all, who wants to be trapped in a medieval castle forever? This app is available on iOS and Android.

Mahjong Blitz – Good Old Tile Matching Game With an Interesting Twist!

I typically like to try out various simple recreational mobile games, and the screenshots of this one seemed decent so I downloaded it as well.

First of all, this tile matching game is a bit different than most others because of it’s specific rules. The goal in the game is to eliminate all the tiles in the screen by identifying matching tiles. However, you may only identify tiles which are ‘free’. Free tiles are those tiles which have openings on either of their side. It means, either the left, right, top or bottom side of the tile is not attached to any other tile. Only then you can click on that tile and match with its pair. This rule only makes the game more challenging than a typical tile matching game, and keeps the user engaged. Also, it is very strategic as well since you do not want to run out of opportunities to find combination tiles to match.

On the other hand, this game is has a multiplayer option. That is rather uncommon to me because most basic games such a tile matching, Tetris, Snake etc., do not tend to offer multiplayer option. However, in this game, you can fight tournaments with random users, or any specific user if you have one in mind.

Mahjong Blitz game

By competing with other users, you have the chance to beat their top score and increase your skill and expertise in the game. After that, if you have scores high enough, you may qualify to play tournaments for cash prizes. Also, what I love the most about games that offer tournaments is that it is a great way to become a part of a virtual gaming community. And of course, any game is more fun when played with multiple people.

As for user friendliness, I found this game to be very easy to navigate. The functions are very simple and can be easily comprehended by any user. Also, as a beginner it was relatively easy for me to understand the rules of the games, even though it has certain intricate details initially, about which tiles you can match and which ones you cannot.

To me it is a great way to pass my leisure time. For instance when I am commuting to work on the bus, I often play this and try to maintain a high score, so that I can play for the cash prize tournaments. This is a very relaxing and easy way to make some extra bucks.  And if you spend a lot of time on your phone, this is a great way to turn that time wastage into an opportunity to make a little extra money.

However, do not be fooled with the idea that you can make a living out of this game. You can make very small amounts, but I think that’s as fair a bargain as anyone can get from playing a game. Also, Mahjong Blitz is free to download, therefore you are not having to make any initial investments at all! Overall, I think this game is great for passing the time!

SHRN° Offers Weather Predictions

First of all, let me start by saying that this is the most stylish weather forecast app I have ever seen. The interface is designed absolutely beautifully, with the perfect balance of color and design. The overall dark screen and the tiny pastel fonts work so well together, you will be tempted to use this app longer than you need to. It’s aesthetic in short!

As for the technical aspects of the app, it is easy to use. Users do not have to navigate through various options. There is only one single interface screen, and users and keep tapping on the center to access various features such as humidity information, wind speed, temperature, chance or rain and etc. It is highly user friendly, and very fast in service.

Also, this app works by using the user’s current location. Therefore, the app automatically finds out your location and screens all the relevant weather information related to where you are. This virtually eliminates the need for you to manually insert your location to find weather information. So, this is specifically helpful for on the go situations, when you are too busy and need quickest access to the weather information.

Also, you can see weather predictions for the upcoming week, and the daily highs and lows of each day just by swiping the screen to the left. Another impressive feature of the app is that it shows the ozone level. This is not common for most weather apps. I personally benefit from this feature as I have sensitive skin and the ozone level count helps me plan ahead as to what kind of clothes I should wear to best protect my skin.

However, on the downside, the biggest drawback with the app is that it does not let you find the weather condition of other locations. But this has not been too much of an issue for me since I do not travel outside of my city too often. Therefore, for me it works perfectly fine and is fully suited to my needs. It is strictly based on your current location. And the thing that I find most convenient is that it naturally locates your location. So I don’t have to go through arrays of options of cities to find my city, as is the case with most weather forecasting apps.

Also, another thing to point out is that the app would be a lot more efficient if it provided an hourly forecast. The lack of the hourly forecast makes it difficult to plan ahead exactly specific to each hour.

Overall, the best part of SHRN° is its design and interface layout. It is absolutely beautiful. And the app size itself is very small, therefore it does not take up too much space in the phone. It is as purposeful as most other apps of its kind, but it is more convenient in terms of storage size, and it definitely the most stylish one too. It is user friendly, and only contains the most necessary and grossly relevant weather related information.

Text Art Adds Text to Pictures

As a social media manager for a small business, I downloaded this app to add quotations and texts to the PR pictures which I post in the social media accounts. First of all, this app lets you add quotations and custom texts to your picture in various outlets and formats. The fashionable font outlets make the pictures look trendy and professional. So, I was able to make really nice PR pictures which included great text and imagine combination, all using my iPhone. Most photo editing apps have text adding options.

But this one is different from others in the sense that it will allow you to insert your text in your picture is various text layouts and design templates. This means that you will get to select a text layout design, and fill it out and your text will appear in the picture just as the design. Also, you can to change the density of your texts and quotations. This has been especially useful for me as sometimes I do not want certain texts to overpower my pictures, but I still want the texts to be a part of the picture. In certain situations, I simply fade the density of the text color, and it somewhat becomes a part of the background rather than the center focus.

Text Art

And there are various trendy quotes available in the text templates as well. So, in times when I am unsure of what I want to do with the picture, I often add a standard and trendy quote to it, which increases the aesthetic value of my picture. In addition, it also has an option which lets you change the color of your text. And that feature includes more than solid basic colors as options.

It has various color patterns such as glitter, gold, marble, ombre color contrasts in pastel colors and many more. I personally enjoy the marble pattern a lot as marble pattern is high in trend now, and it makes my pictures more appealing to my social media subscribers as suggested by the number of likes the pictures received.

 Also, this app lets you resize your pictures in accordance to certain social media picture sizes. I found this feature particularly helpful because the Facebook cover picture size can sometimes be a hassle. You have to crop it manually, and that’s unnecessarily time consuming to me. However, this app has a feature which will automatically allow you to crop your pictures just according to the social media picture size dimensions.

Another thing I really liked about Text Art is that it just not only helps you resize your pictures and add texts and quotations to it, but it also has a specific feature for image filter. While I have enjoyed using most of the filters, the only lacking I have found in this app is that it does not have a wide variety of black and white filters. Therefore, if you want to edit a black and white picture and add quotations to it, you might have to use other apps to get more filter options.

Become the Ultimate Kwitter – Kwit

Are you afraid of not being able to handle the side-effects after you quit smoking? Now, with the health app Kwit, by Kwit SAS, you can track your journey and resist another puff.

Opening the app, you receive little hints and updates. Right off the bat, you know you are able to shake your phone to display a motivational message. On the new dashboard you can view all your statistics on one screen, share anything you wish, and share pictures of your progress. You can monitor your willpower by keeping track of occasional cigarettes that you may smoke and log your success in resisting cravings.

Passing the hints and updates, start by selecting your quitting date and time; and old habits, like: cigarettes per day, price per pack, and cigarettes per pack. After entering this basic information, the menu displays your profile right away. Here, you can keep an eye on your health, wellbeing, time, money, and cigarette bars.

Looking at the menu bar, next to your profile icon is the dashboard one. At the top of your dashboard you can see for how long you have been a “Kwitter”, money saved, and cigarettes not smoked.


The next icon is achievements. For example, level one achievement in the health category lets me know that my heart rate has returned to normal.

Using the “willpower” icon you can purchase the premium version to unlock more. The last icon is “settings.”

With this, you have all the tools to begin a smoke-free lifestyle.


Everyone loves a gaming experience right? Kwit SAS knows this to be true, so they have incorporated gaming structures into the app to, firstly, mentally encourage and motivate you.

Being able to monitor your progress live is a big part of the app. It’s great for an individual to be able to track their progress closely and watch themselves elevate to a healthier level.

The color of the app could remind one of the Nicorette logo, so the less-is-more interface is green and clean.

The user-friendly menu makes it easy to navigate in and out of the app- completely fuss free.

We don’t really realize how our body recovers from smoking, so by unlocking your achievements you know how much your body is flourishing.

You can share your unlocked achievements with friends- this is great for attracting other smokers to join you!

The app wouldn’t have been the same without the motivational cards, for example, one of them reads: “The cravings occur for only a few minutes at a time, but your time perception gets distorted and you believe it lasts longer. Go outside for a walk.”

When you unlock the full version you will unlock more goals, a willpower diary, 120 new motivation cards, and no more advertisements.

The “shake to release a motivational card” feature is not available on Android devices yet.

There are many tips and tricks to quit smoking, and the Kwit app might just be the ticket to clean lungs for you. Become a Kwitter today! This app is also available on Android.

Searching Made Simple – Rapi.Do

If you need some straightforward, to-the-point search results- done in a rapid manner too- you don’t have to look much further than the Rapi.Do app.

They say that if you click the second page of any search engine, you’re doing it wrong. But the thing is, sometimes you genuinely don’t find what you’re looking for, or, you just doubt the textual links seen before. On other occasions, we’re simply too busy to read or open multiple tabs to find the exact thing we’re looking for.

Well, these issues can be solved with the Rapi.Do app, by LinkBigLTD. They have created a “find it fast” solution by giving you the option to search between visual results! Isn’t that refreshing?

There is no need to sign up with Facebook or an email account, you just get on with it. Without difficulty, just type in your search, wait a little for your results to load, and lastly, swipe between your results.

RapiDo app

For example, typed in the search bar was “pubs in Manila”, on the first result page was One Stop Manila Online Tour Guide, the second was TripAdvisor, and that’s as far enough as I needed to go to get a general idea of what I was looking for.

And that’s it! It truly is as simple as that.


Bright red is the first thing you see, but it’s not very distracting. The app is made for efficiency, so you won’t be staring at the red home screen for a long time. The graphics are clear and the text is all understandable.

The main instruction is simple and clear, so you just treat it like you would any search engine. Here, no tutorial is required whatsoever.

After entering your search and pressing “red for go”, the pages do not take long to load at all. When swiping between pages, it’s the same story- smooth and effortless.

Once you have found what you’re looking for, there is an icon at the top right corner of the screen that will take you to the exact website so you can have a closer look. Speaking of a closer look, you are not able to zoom in on pages whilst on the app.

Found exactly what you’re looking for? Great, you can now share your results using the share icon. The last icon that you will use is one that takes you back to the search bar.

The only snag is a bit of jitteriness here and there- but it isn’t anything serious that could distract you from searching further.

Cut out your textual link reading completely, this app is all about the visuals! It definitely saves you time in all ways possible. Rapi.Do is the no-nonsense app that does.

KidsChat – Safe Chat Community for Kids

Kids are going to get online, no matter how many control parents put in place. We have them on devices so we can communicate with them while we are not around them, and in turn, they communicate with others, whether they be friends or acquaintances. The friends we accept, for the most part. The acquaintances and strangers are a different story.

That’s where you want to move your child from the run of the mill social media platform and into one that is meant for kids. KidsChat, created by Alberto Montes de Oca, is exactly that. It’s a messaging app made especially for kids with parental controls to boot – so parents can define the space the kids can explore and keep track of their conversations, so there are no surprises.

The app is a free download and comes ready to use. The interface has a clean design, making it extremely easy for parents to quickly get in and set up the controls they know they want and find out more about others they may not have even thought of.

One requirement is that you must create an account. The app will also ask for access to your contacts as possible connections through KidsChat. I opted out. I figured I could add the ones I wanted to without bothering my entire contact list.

KidsChat screenshot

When you initially download the app, it will have you scroll through a few helpful pages that describe basic, but important features. These were clearly laid out with a brief but informative description.

Manage Juniors is the place to add and monitor the kids. You can view and manage their contact, conversations, and approve or deny any videos or pictures they may want to send.

Profiles allow you to upload a picture of yourself and add information that helps fellow KidsChat users find you and create a connection. Information that you can provide includes your status, your country, and a contact email.

Once you have a list of people and their phone numbers, you can also add Juniors that you want to monitor. Monitoring includes the following:

  • Review and approval of images and videos that the kids send and receive
  • Ability to view conversations, but you cannot add to them. This is important, because you only need to see what conversations your kids are having, not interject and alienate.
  • Encryption – all conversations are encrypted before leaving your child’s device. Hacker will have a very hard time knowing that your kids are sending messages, what they are sending and to whom they are sending – which means your kids are free from these predators.

What was a bit difficult to understand was how to add contacts to my contact list. It seemed like the app was forcing me to allow connectivity to my device’s contact list, which was something I would rather not do, as I don’t need everyone on their knowing about KidsChat – many of those people don’t have kids.

Nonetheless, KidsChat makes it so much easier to let your kids engage in instant messaging without you worrying about who they are communicating with. It all goes through you first.