Efficiently and Safely Use Your Mac with Combo Cleaner
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Efficiently and Safely Use Your Mac with Combo Cleaner

Macs are fine machines. Left to their own devices, they deliver superb computing power, freeing you from being fettered by slow running operating systems of yesteryear. For the most part, they are also very tightly contained, thanks to robust operations systems and meticulous vetting of apps that are “allowed” to run on Mac’s OS’s.

Yet, one has to think that with the advancement of computing power and the cleverness that so many hackers seem to be wielding these days, our Macs may be in need of some assistance to be thoroughly protected. Combo Cleaner is an app for Macs that I would highly recommend you look into if you are looking to keep your stuff safe and help your Mac run as efficiently as possible.

Sounds like a strange combination, but it will make all the sense in the world once you download and use it.

I was hooked when I saw the main page. The layout is clear and you can get to each of the app’s functions instantaneously and easily, thanks the icons neatly stacked on the sidebar. First off you get a dashboard view of the app’s findings:

  • GBs of storage used
  • GBs of free storage
  • Percentage used

combo cleaner

Underneath this, you get results of each function you may have run. This includes the Duplicate File Finder, Big Files Finder, Disk Cleaner, Privacy Scanner, and Antivirus. The app also offers an App Uninstaller which I found to be brilliant, as so many apps can be “uninstalled,” leaving behind so many files for that app that you don’t need anymore. Why keep all of those files if you are not using the app?

To start, I ran the Antivirus, just to see if anything popped up; and it did! Combo Cleaner found bad files and listed them for me so I could decide on what to do with them. I ran the Full Scan, because I wanted to scrub my machine clean. Other options for antivirus include Quick Scan and Custom. I would highly recommend a Full at least once a month, and an occasional Quick if you have suspicions.

After that, I went over to the Disk Cleaner. I have to admit, my Mac was not running as well as it was when I first bought it, so I thought, let’s give this a try. I was shown a few gigabytes of unused files, which I proceeded to delete. Once I restarted, my Mac was like a new machine.

What would be neat to have in Combo Cleaner is the ability to collect and draw data from reports it creates, just to see if you can find trends of privacy issues like time of year when you see more hacks, or map it against the times of the month you have visited more shopping sites than more work related sites.

Even without this extra, Combo Cleaner is a huge plus to have if you have a Mac. The download is free, and you can choose from several subscription offers to keep your Mac safe and running smoothly. It’s a definite download!

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