MileBug – Trip Tracker at your Fingertips
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MileBug – Trip Tracker at your Fingertips

Looking for a way to make trip tracking effortless? So many of us that either have to expense the time and cost of driving for work or need to show the miles as business owners know all too well the headache of logging this information and keep track of it, so you can get to it when you need it.

Now, there’s a much easier way to do it all. MileBug is neat little app that runs on either your iPhone or iPad, so you can have access to it no matter which device you are toting.

Once downloaded, it allows you to create trips that then automatically track the number of miles you’ve traveled to and from clients and businesses, or whatever type of trip you need to track. Once you have accumulated a few trips, you can publish them in a report that can be saved.

If you need to log trips that have already taken place, you can punch in your starting and ending odometer readings. Otherwise, the app itself if able to log the miles using your device’s GPS. For each trip, you can also add on expenses, like gas, or maybe a lunch that you provided for a client.

This app has just about anything you could need to track and retrieve the information you need to account for expenses incurred during any trip you take. The beauty is the ability to back it all up and get to it in an organized manner.

Features include:

  • Customization of your Settings for things like units of measurement (miles or kms), vehicles,  trip settings
  • Optional integration with the ToDoTM app for data backups
  • Create trips and let the app count the miles for you. You can even go in after the trip to tweak your numbers.
  • Missed turning on the app before a trip occurred? No problem. You can add that trip manually, using all the fields that would have autofilled via the app.


  • Report on your trips in an almost endless combination of reporting formats. You can choose the final data format: HTML, CSV or both. Then, you can choose if you want to sort by a field, and your choices of fields number over 10. You can also filter reports by different vehicles, businesses you traveled to, and by date. This is extremely handy if you need reports for particular time spans.
  • Built in backup of your data, with choices. You can use the MileBug Cloud, or you can send your data to an email account.

The only feature that can be a bit confusing is the sorting. It shows three ways to sort, and it will apply those sorts in the order defined. However, if you only want to sort by one field, not two, or three, then you have to think outside the box to get that to happen. Essentially, you have to choose the same field all three times. Then, it will sort by that one field.

That aside, MileBug makes the accounting side to trip tracking so much easier. It frees you to focus on your trip, rather than worry about your miles.

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