Shadow Fight 2: A Sequel Offering Calculating Combative Engagements

For those familiar with Shadow Fight, its creative makers Nekki have come up with a sequel to keep players in fight mode and battling with finesse. Shadow Fight 2 was released about a month ago and is currently available for download on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, with optimizations for iPhone 5.

This app has enjoyed enormous success since its launch in June, offering players a continuation of story and epic combat of its predecessor with more Kung Fu and fighting matches rendered in super-quality graphics. Attack animation is carefully crafted, immersing players into a virtual reality like no other. While not as challenging or fast-paced as Mortal Kombat, it offers players a unique chance to be more calculating in their moves and more deliberate in their counter-attacks.

During combat, you strike your opponent, or attacker, in certain parts of the anatomy. Successful hits win you points. Hit boxes are strategically defined and outline key targets that buy you maximum reward. For instance, a hit box on a particular portion of the attacker’s head will get you far more points than on just some random area. It takes a few shots and games to uncover where those boxes are, but once you have revealed them, you slowly grow to master the game – and become the master.

Combat is usually one-on-one. The app offers a basic set of weaponry to arm your fighter, with options of heroic swords, nunchacku, armor suits, and more. As your game progresses, you are offered more options in artillery and armaments, including ranged and melee weapons, armor, and even a bit a magic thrown in. You become a wizard of sorts wielding weapons and spells to boot.

Shadow Fight 2

Combat sequences are skillfully designed and artfully played out. Details and corresponding animations are lifelike and engaging. Fighting controls are more intuitive and increasingly receptive, made specifically for touch screens. The hero must attempt to successfully traverse through six different worlds, coming out alive and on top at the end to close the Gate of Shadows. Graphics are apt and entertaining. Fighters are rendered in silhouette fashion, giving a cinematic and dramatic effect. It’s as if you are making a movie while you make the moves.

The only small catches to this gaming app are limits to game play. Embedded in the app is an energy tracking system that shuts down game play once you hit your limit. Getting around this requires an in-app purchase to upgrade to premium settings. Controls that are direly needed to play this game can also be tricky to download, but are wise to have if you wish to play at an effective level. A little bit of patience along with some trial and error will get you to your goal and you will be off and playing.

Regardless of these small snafus, Shadow Fight 2 provides a great deal of entertainment, especially if you’ve extracted the maximum from part one and are looking for more. It also helps that it’s offered for free.

I WANT SXX – Find Mates in Your Locality

Finding mates is almost always hindered by conflicting interests. This is one thing that many social apps have never understood. The app developers who keep this fact in mind when developing their products are always happy at the end of the day because the products come out successful. Let’s take a look at one of these apps to try and see if the developer did a good job.

I WANT SXX is an app that has been made to make it easier for people all over the world to find mates who are within their locality. This way, the user is sure that the chosen mate will be reachable should they decide to take things to the next level. The best thing about this app is that all the searching is done privately and you are never pressured to share your personal details. You only have to specify your gender and the gender of your ideal mate and the rest will be taken care of. You will also get the assurance that nobody else is eavesdropping on your chats because all the communication is done over secured and encrypted HTTPS connections.

Needless to say, you will need a supported android device to buy, install and run this app. After installation, the next step is actually looking for a friend. It’s really that simple. If like me you prefer to install the free version of an app before buying the full version, then this app will be a big disappointment. However, once you buy it, you’ll realize that it’s a worthwhile investment.


To find a friend, you need to first specify your gender and the gender of the person that you are looking for. The app will search and bring you a list of people of the specified gender within 60 miles (100 km) from your current location. Every time a new match is found, the phone vibrates. I found this to be very useful because I didn’t have to stare at the screen during searches. The time taken to find a potential mate will vary depending on your location. In London, it took me less than 30 seconds to get reasonably large list of potential mates. The list was actually longer than I needed but hey, who doesn’t want a variety to pick from?

After chatting with a mate and closing the chat, the app has been made to ensure that you don’t have to remember their ID to avoid chatting with them again. All users that you’ve had chats with will not appear on your search results list for 60 minutes from the time when you ended the chats. I also loved the fact that the app puts users in control of who they chat with and how long they chat. You won’t have to continue with a chat when you don’t feel like chatting. As soon as you feel like you have had enough, you’ll only need to close the chat and all the messages and media that was shared will be deleted.

The most outstanding feature of I WANT SXX is the no repeat guarantee. You won’t need to keep checking the people on your search results list against a list of people you’ve communicated with. As soon as you are through with an individual, that’s all. They will not appear on your list for the next 60 minutes. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t come with a free version for trying out its features. Developers should consider adding this for the good of the many people who like testing the depth of the water before diving in. Nonetheless, it’s an amazing app that’s worth every penny spent.

Fox Tales: Rocket Run – A Simple and Unique Entertainment App

There are very few games that you can find that can give you both adventure and thrill. However, when you have Fox Tales: Rocket Run; you will get the best adventure in a very thrilling way. I have seen quite a number of entertainment applications but this is quite unique and very interesting. The app offers more than just a game and it is what would suit you after a long and frustrating day. Have a look at this review and get to know all that there is about this app.

First of all this is a simple and unique entertainment app. The app is about Kizu the fox and the rocket. The fox is strapped with a rocket on his back which propels him to the sky. However, the journey to space is not all smooth and quiet but there are so many challenges which Kizu has to overcome. In case he fails to beat these challenges and obstacles the fox will fall and a grave stone appears at the point where he has fallen.

Rockets are very fast and so as you might have expected this is also a very fast game. It is the fast and dangerous speed that brings out the thrill in the game. The adventure is brought out by the tour and the obstacles that Kizu has to beat in order to progress. The graphics of the apps are of the best quality and you will definitely like whatever you will be seeing. The game is also not just quiet all through but there are some very entertaining tunes and sounds that you will enjoy.

fox tales rocket run

Fox Tales: Rocket Run is simple to learn yet very hard to master. Once you have downloaded and installed the app, you will be set to go to have a thrilling game full of adventure. Kizu the fox is strapped with a rocket on his back and thus your job will be to steer Kizu into the sky and help him dodge the numerous objects that are falling from the sky. The falling objects include spinning saws and burning saw blades. Nonetheless there are also birds in the sky that you need to dodge so as not to collide and crash. However, there is an option of taking armor so as to use to protect Kizu in case of a collision.

All through the tour there will be coins floating around you. In order to collect these coins and get bonuses you will have to use a coin magnet. This magnet will attract all the coins around you and thus you can be able to collect as much as possible. The app can be played by several players though not all at once. The progress made by each player will be recorded and stored. This way, while playing the game you can also see the point where your friends reached which will be marked by a grave stone. Thus the game is not just entertaining but also competitive.

The app runs smoothly in almost all devices but it is noted that it is quite slow and hangs a bit when using it on a few lower end devices; otherwise it is a good app.

Monitor Your Android Device with SpyWarn

There is one thing that a spy can never thrive without. This one thing is a communication medium. A spy must have a way of sending and sometimes receiving information. This is the reasoning behind the creation of SpyWarn. Unlike antivirus apps that try to identify harmful files and apps by checking them against a database with known harmful apps, SpyWarn looks at the behavior of the suspect apps. Is this approach effective in finding harmful applications and keeping you safe? Read on to find out

Just like the name suggests, SpyWarn is an app that has been built to warn Android users whenever there is a potential risk. It monitors all the installed applications and gives alerts whenever something looks scary. There is also an alert that checks if your phone’s microphone and data transmitter are on at the same time. Basically, this app tries to perform all possible checks that can establish whether or not somebody is using your phone to get information about you without your knowledge. Needless to say, this app brings a modern solution to the ordinary Android user. What’s more? It’s easy to use and intuitive!

Just like any other Android application available from anywhere, you need to first verify that you have a supported device. Installation is simple and straightforward and doesn’t require any special technical know-how. After installation, the first screen will be something close to what many people would think is a media player. There’s a large round play ‘button’ at the center of the screen and the words Start Test immediately above it. Tapping on this button will take you directly to the survey which is used to give the app some background information about your phone and generally the usage.


After taking the test, you have the option of running an analysis of your phone’s activity. Apart from setting the time that you want the analysis to run, you won’t need to input any data into the app. All the work is done automatically for you and you only have to sit back and relax as you wait for the results. The results are saved in the history tab for future reference. You can also read about spying and your security when using mobile phones from the included eBook titled “Is My Cell Phone Bugged” by Kelvin D. Murray (Hardcover version available at $17.95).

One unique aspect of this app is the real time guard that notifies you whenever the microphone and transmitter are working concurrently. Although this is not a fool-proof method of telling that you are being spied on, it’s a reason for you to do some extra investigation to verify that someone is not listening in on your conversations. Another unique aspect is the eBook that you get for free just by buying the app. This eBook is very informative and comes with a lot of information concerning spying and mobile phones.

One thing that turned out to be very annoying in the app is the alert during calls. Sometimes an app may be synchronizing data (causing the transmitter to work) during a call (microphone is on). This will cause the app to give an alert that someone may be spying on you. While this alert is normally hard to notice on regular calls to friends, if you need to use the dial pad during the call (like in the case of an automated voice response when you need to press some keys), this alert can turn out to be very annoying. Maybe the developers can come up with a smaller alert that doesn’t cover the entire screen. That aside, SpyWarn is a wonderful idea and very useful.

Developer’s response: SpyWarn is a stand-alone test. It should be run only when the phone isn’t engaged in other activities. Basic rule, run the test, don’t do anything else with your phone during that time. There is one exception to the rule. Say your not using your phone (watching TV, dining, etc.) and it is on the table next to you. You can run SpyWarn™ in the background… to detect spyware or baseband eavesdropping activation of the phone. If the banner pops up when you are not making a call, it is 100% assurance you are being spied upon, at that moment, live.

NSA-Proof Email Encryption Service from Mail1Click

With recent revelations of increased spying by News agencies, the NSA and other government agencies, it has become clear that people need to be extremely vigilant in order to protect their on line privacy and email communications.

Mail1Click developed by Kryptotel a Dubai based Security Solutions Company is by far the best encryption technology platform available. Developed for all major operating systems; iOS, Android and Windows, Mail1Click encrypts all email correspondence with a 4096-bit RSA key (the world’s toughest encryption algorithm).

In recent years, it has become clear that governments are not above spying on communications in order to harvest information on their own citizens. Additionally, there has been a proliferation of online hackers, not to mention Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World newspaper shutting down in 2011 amid hacking reports. Encryption eliminates the risk of your private communication being analyzed by a teenager on his laptop and guarantees absolute security. It also eliminates the risk of credit card fraud especially for online shoppers since your personal identification numbers are locked away in an impregnable vault.

When an email is sent, Mail1Click encrypts it and appends a special electronic signature to it automatically. Once received, the electronic signature is verified and decryption of the message begins using a specific key assigned to the recipient. If the recipient does not have Mail1Click installed, he will receive a link prompting him to open an account by entering his username and password. He is then assigned a private key which will be used to decrypt the message received. The notable thing about this feature is that the service does not require an email address in order to assign a key to the recipient. Attachments are also encrypted using the same technology.


Although the app is very technical, it is extremely easy to use and keep track of your emails.  The user friendly interface resembles the Gmail and Yahoo apps that come pre-installed on your phone. Emails are organized in categories (inbox, sent etc) while unread emails are clearly marked to help you keep track of all your emails. Encryption occurs in the cloud which means minimal interference with your phone’s normal processes. It is also extremely convenient since you can keep your normal email address. Once an email is received, an alert message with a link to the encrypted message will notify you. In order to read the message you will need to enter your password before the message is decrypted.

The free version of Mail1Click is limited to 25 MB, but businesses and heavy users can take advantage of the premium version which offers up to 10 GB of storage space at only $2.99 per month. Additional features include an anti-spam system which requires unknown senders to enter a captcha code before the email can be sent. The result is a clean well-organized system that effectively utilizes your storage space.

A point to note is that the app is built according to the “Strong Law of Encryption”. This means that if you lose/forget your password then you will lose your mailbox too. There is no way to recover your mailbox password. Although this enhances security, you need to be very careful never to lose your password.

Solo Launcher Makes Your Phone Look More Appealing

Solo Launcher is one app that amazes many people because of the plenty of available features that are normally available for a premium on other launchers. This means that if you are looking to get it all while at the same time saving some money, then this is the app for you. It in a way sounds like having your cake and eating it. Let’s dig deep and try to see is this app is a fair bet.

Just like the name suggests, this app is a launcher. If you are new to android devices, or if you have not been doing a lot of app shopping in the past decade, a launcher seeks to make your phone look more appealing to you by modifying the default user interface that you get in your home screen, app drawer and sometimes even the messaging app gets a little tweaking. These apps empower android users because they are able to remove any element of their phone’s user interface that they may not like.

Now back to Solo Launcher. This launcher has been made to ensure that everybody with a supported android device gets access to a smooth and free solution to any display flaws that may come with their devices. It adds plenty of transition and scroll effects to otherwise plain tasks. With this app, users will be happy to show off cool effects on their phones.

Just like any other android app on the play store, you need to make sure that you have a supported android device before you can try and install Solo Launcher. Unfortunately, users who are running versions of android below Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) will not be able to use Solo Launcher.

Once you have verified that your phone is supported, you can go ahead and install. Installation is plain and simple just like you would do on any other android app on the Google Play Store. After installation, the next step is setting this app as the default launcher to ensure that you don’t get a pop-up every time you tap your home button. From there, what’s left is only sitting back and enjoying the many amazing effects!

solo launcher screenshot

The most impressive thing about this app is the emphasis placed on the privacy. The developers even went a step further to explain all the permissions that you give the app. When compared to many other android launchers available on the market, we can confidently conclude that the developers of Solo Launcher did their homework. In addition to the fact that the launcher is free, users will also get to enjoy an ad-free experience on this app. This way, you’ll not see any distractions in form of the annoying pop-up ads that are there on most free apps.

The other unique thing is the customization. Solo Launcher goes a long way in ensuring that you have a wide range of options to choose from. From smart widgets all the way to hundreds (possibly thousands) of free themes and wallpapers, you can be sure that it will be a long time before you look for something “fresh”. It’s also very easy to use and unlike many other launchers, it has no problem integrating with Google Services, something that’s hard to live without in android devices.

The only con that we were able to pinpoint is that it’s not possible to set this launcher to be the default launcher in a number of phones. That aside, it’s a gem!

Animals: educational kids game – Learn in an Enjoyable and Fun-filled Environment

There are many ways in which children get to learn. However, learning is better and children get to understand more when they learn in an enjoyable and fun-filled environment. Find them all: looking for animals is a unique mobile app that will let your child learn and have fun at the same time. This app, like many other educational mobile apps is able to help the children enjoy the games as well as understand the useful educational concept about animals. This application has so many aspects and you have to check out the review below to get a glimpse of what it’s all about.

First of all, Animals: educational kids game is an educational app. This app is all about animals: their names, where they live and how they look like. This mobile app is designed to help kids get the names of various animals in the world and know how they look like. The app has a collection of animals from five different continents in the world and is best suited for children between the ages of 2 to 8 years. The app also enables children to answer puzzle questions about the animals, win prizes and play animal videos.

Animals: educational kids game is compatible with all android devices. The app does not need internet to be launched and all what you need to do is to download and install it in your device and you would be good to go. Downloading and installing this app is easy and fast and has no compatibility issues.

animals educational games

Once launched, the game is played in a step by step manner. First of all, the “where is” feature is launched and at this stage the child has to scroll around to locate an animal. There would only be one animal in the area and after the child has located the animal he/she would win a camera. “Take a photo” feature will then be activated and the child can take photos of the animal. Nightfall would soon follow and the child has to touch as many animals as possible before night falls. During nightfall the child would still locate more animals with the help of a torch. Only the eyes of the animals would pop at night and this is what the child should use to locate the animals. The child can then make a jigsaw with the camera. After a successful jigsaw of a selected animal, a photo quiz will then come next. During the photo quiz, the child would be asked a series of questions and they will win photos depending on the number of correct answers given. Finally the child would look for the cameraman after which they would be able to play clips of animal videos.

Unlike many other applications, Animals: educational kids game has a multi-player option. Children can create different accounts and use it to play different games. The app is also provides the names of the animals in seven different languages. With this unique feature, your child would be able to explore different foreign languages. The photo quiz and jigsaw might be quite difficult especially for kids of younger age. The developer ought to have put different game levels for different age groups; otherwise it is a good app.