Epic Evil Twins – A Devilishly Simple Game

Epic Evil Twins – A Devilishly Simple Game

If you are at all like me and use the thousands of iPhone apps available on the market to entertain yourself in the down times of life, then you are always on the lookout for new games. For me, I hate spending ninety nine cents (or sometimes even more) for an app that simply doesn’t have very much replay value. These are not gaming classics like Mario that can be played for hours and you will get nostalgic for and replay after a few years. So given that I usually have gotten everything out of a game after two or three days I like to get free apps for the simple reason that they are free.

There is the problem. Free apps are pretty often terrible apps. On the other hand of the spectrum, paying money for something to pass an hour or two isn’t the best bargain. Zombieville USA is a great app, but the gameplay is so straightforward that if I play it for more than fifteen minutes I get a headache. Plus it cost me a dollar and I don’t have much to show for it months later. Enter Epic Evil Twins––a devilishly simple, rather fun app made to pitch Trolli candies that is one hundred percent free.

Epic Evil Twins screenshots

Epic Evil Twins is a two player (you and a computer or you and a partner online) zombie murdering game that provides a surprising amount of gameplay. Unlike Zombieville and several other zombie apps, Epic Evil Twins is not a two dimensional side scroller, but offers the range of up and down movement as well. This helps make it more of a game of skill, I found. Instead of just marching down the corridor shooting when zombies appear you can avoid larger groups, dodging up and down in order to deal as much damage as possible while taking as little as possible. In other words, you get better, not just get better weapons. Epic Evil Twins still has those RPG elements that people are always looking for though. Every level you beat unlocks a new player to play as, every enemy you defeat drops coins that you can use to purchase upgrades for your weapons. Leveling works fairly well and the game doesn’t ever get too hard or easy as you play through. There are enough weapons and new characters (each with a different ability) to keep you entertained all the way through the play through.

Epic Evil Twins Game Screenshot

There are some issues though, primarily with the slightly buggy multiplayer. For me, it worked more often than not but it can be extremely frustrating when it glitches in the middle of a fight with a friend. Some people have said they have had problems with the movement but I have not noticed anything of the sort. One thing that was hard for me at first was understanding where exactly my gun was firing. Instead of detracting from gameplay, though, it ended up being immensely satisfying as I mastered it.

Overall, Epic Evil Twins is one of the better free game apps that I’ve played. It has a few hours of interesting gameplay, and thats saying a lot compared to the other free apps which stay engaging only briefly. It’s only been a few hours since I finished all of the unlocks and beat the game and I’m not saying I plan on returning to it yet but I think I might actually play through this game again. How many free apps can you really say that about?

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