Possession – Soccer Scorekeeping Fun
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Possession – Soccer Scorekeeping Fun

With the 2014 World Cup soon on its way, soccer fans are scrambling to get in as many matches as they can to see who makes the cut, and who does not. Why not make the journey to Brazil even better by keeping track of the games you follow with a simple app that allows you experience the game and keep your own stats, at the same time.

Possession is an iOS app that is simple to use but delivers in value. It lets users startup a stat-collecting timer for a match that also allows for easy updates on scores, corners and shots, all with the tap of one finger. No more wondering what you just saw last week, you can pull up the stats from a game and compare them to previous ones, as well as stats you will be collecting for weeks to come.

This could literally take your soccer fan experience to a new level where you can extenuate from the numbers and make predictions on what’s to come for a team. The app is simple and easy to use. At first thought, you may think it will get in the way of watching a match, but it will not. Once you download, you will be placed on the main page. From here, you can initiate stats for a new game by selecting New Game. This page will allow you to keep time of possession by each team in play. 

Possession slider

The next page, accessible by tapping Stats at the bottom bar, takes you to a screen where you can tap + or – to keep stats on Goals, Shots, and Corners, for each team. Tap on Report and enter details on each team, such as team name, age grouping and gender. If this is for professional, you may not care. If you are keeping stats for your kids, this may prove vital.

Next, tap on Mail to specify email recipients. Why, you ask? Well, now you can take all those stats you have collected on a game, or games, and send them to the ones you love, or those you want to harass. Either way, it’s a way to share what you have been up to while watching a match. Emails can even be sent automatically by selecting the “Auto Email Match Reports” option.

Finally, each match on which you collect stats can be saved and kept in History. You can view these older sets of stats so you can see trends, or just prove friends wrong. This app has no bounds, and for as simple as it interface it, it is amazing what it can do. It would have been nice to be able to send screenshots of stats via Snapchat or Facebook. Maybe that is yet to come.

However, for the meantime, Possession is just a fun way to fully engage in a soccer match, keeping you actively in the game, rather than passively watching. Each tap takes you closer to the game and further entrenched, so you won’t miss a kick.

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  1. Tom Marsh May 21, 2014

    I used the app for about a dozen games at the end of my daughters soccer season. Once I got used to the interface I found I could work it without looking and didn’t miss any action. In fact it made me the instant source of all things about the match from time remaining to corners, shots and possession. The mailing list was great as it simplified sending the results to the other parents on the team. I wish the app had been available while my older kids were around and playing.

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