Authur’s Teacher Trouble – Interactive Reading Fun When Arthur Meets Mr. Ratburn
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Authur’s Teacher Trouble – Interactive Reading Fun When Arthur Meets Mr. Ratburn

Do your kids Arthur, the loveable character from the well-known series of books authored and illustrated by the charismatic Marc Brown? Did they grow up watching those books come to life watching the Arthur series on PBS Kids?

If so, then this app is for you! Arthur’s Teacher Trouble takes the famous story of Arthur’s first meeting with the infamous Mr. Ratburn. A third grader who’s learning a little about growing up everyday, Arthur and his stories help kids deal with the everyday issues that all 3rd graders face. Arthur seems to always find a way to seek help from those around him to work through his problem of the day and maintain the relationships that mean so much to him.

The beauty of this app is that it’s not just a book that your kids can read. They can be read to, if they want. This is the perfect option for those who are too young to read, or for those who are just starting out. The neat thing about the app is that kids can tap on words and the narrator will speak them, helping kids hear and see the word at the same time helps them learn to read.

For those kids who know how to read, the option to read and engage in the app is the best option. Here, kids can move from page to page, on their own. Tapping on different items throughout each page triggers an action. They may tap on a closed door, and suddenly a barrage of 3rd graders may come pummeling out.

They may tap on a picture pinned the school hallway bulletin board – this may cause the images of students to strike out in song and merriment.

At a small cost of just $4.99, this app takes the experience of reading the book to new heights. There has never been a better time to be a kid!

In Author’s Teacher Trouble, Arthur is just starting 3rd grade and his teacher is the toughest one he’s ever had. As kids swipe from page to page, they follow through the very same pages of the book bearing the same title. But they become a part of the story because the figures come to life and they can explore other things the page has to offer. There may be games, things to find, and more.

What I loved is that the characters looked exactly as they did in the animation that aired on PBS. It was like bringing a memory back to life.

I would like to see better narration, because some of it lacked the luster and liveliness that was integral to the show. The person reading the story could be a bit more upbeat.

Get past that minor nuance, and you will be fully satisfied with this purchase. Kids will love it and you, as a parent, will love that they are learning some great lessons while learning to read. It is truly a win-win situation for all.

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