Analyze Forex Market with MetaTrader 4

MetaQuotes Software Corp. has designed a useful app that enables the users to access Forex trading on their iPhones with a mere click. Trading activities are a convenient way of gaining good amount of cash and most people involved in it are engrossed to it the whole day as they have to keep themselves updated about the market conditions.

With the help of MetaTrader 4 you can track financial markets, news, e-mails and also your account. As we all know, for a trading business we need to have a Demat account for receiving necessary notifications regarding the market conditions and changes occurred. Here with the help of MetaTrader 4 the users have the access to 30 indicators to analyze the market conditions. The most important factor in these trading activities is the involvement of a broker. This app enables you to search through approximately 1400 servers of brokerage companies.

MetaTrader 4 homescreen

For better trading facilities, there are quotes available that act as financial instruments. You can view the full set of trade orders including the pending ones too. If you are using iPad, you can directly go through the charts provided. There are three kinds of charts available- bars, candle sticks and line. This makes it easier and faster as you scroll through them and zoom it as per the need.

All modes of trade execution are supported in this app with full history details to keep a track on previous analysis. In the latest version the users can change the color theme of the charts and if you press and hold on to the chart, an edit option is displayed which enables you to resize, delete or move the indicator directly from the charts. There are two new time frames added here- W1 and MN1. Whenever you are operating any trade activity, there is a sound notification to keep you alert.

MetaTrader 4 trading screeen

When you open this app, first of all a login option is there. You can create a demo account too. When you open a new account, there is a screen which shows the number of brokers available. You have to search for them using the search box at the top. Once you are in, there are quotes available with the option to view in simple or advanced mode. In the bottom tray, there are several options indicating quotes, charts, trade, history and finally the settings option for customization.

MetaTrader 4 is an advanced app with numerous features but it fails to appeal to the mass as it is quite tricky to handle and few people find it difficult to open an order as it requires a few steps. But the iPad version is appreciated and the chat option is quite useful where you can have a talk with any registered user.

Keep Track of Your Health Profile with Fitness Checkup Pro

Health remains the most important aspect in everybody’s life. But all people are not in the habit of working out regularly. There are people who get no time to take care of their health mostly because of work load and some just ignore it as a result of laziness. Fitness Checkup Pro developed by Bio2imaging is a fun app that enables you to tone your body with mere taps on your iPhone. You do not have to spend time working out for hours. This app helps you to focus on 11 important aspects that determine your health quotient. First of all it checks your flexibility. How much can you move and stretch your body to accomplish a certain exercise. Then the body control is tested. When we acquire a certain posture or stance, it is very important to keep proper balance by shifting the bodyweight to a correct part.

Fitness Checkup Pro Instruction screen

Fitness Checkup Pro also takes care of other aspects such as body mass index, body fat index, explosion, muscle tone, pulse-at-rest, reaction speed, the strength, body core and the capacity of your body to put in effort for a particular exercise. These features help you determine the ability of your body and this app also enables the users to score themselves accordingly.

Fitness Checkup Pro helps the users to keep a track on their health profile by saving the results and letting the users know about the improvements. There are relevant instructions to perform different exercises for every test. You need to follow it accordingly. After that, the results are displayed and you can keep a track of the performance. The fitness check-up option reveals the overall score through a geometric design consisting of a blue area indicating the marks. There are health batches to encourage the users. These health profiles can be shared via social networking sites.

Fitness Checkup Pro Screenshots

Fitness Checkup Pro Screenshots

One of the most important aspects of this app is that it measures the heart rate to carry out cardio and effort tests with the help of your camera on the iPhone working as a monitor. Also, there is a definite and genuine heart rate pattern displayed. Phones which have a camera with flash system are preferred for this work. According to the health badges, you need to score 11 or more out of 20 to receive a badge. Silver fitness badge is the position where you can start from. The higher achievements being the gold follow up and gold boost.

Fitness Checkup Pro is an interesting app with various features. The concept is fair and useful but this app needs regular check-in and after a certain time, users may get bored and would like to have something for real.

Sleep Application Suits Your Sleeping Needs

Staring at the alarm clock in the morning and still thinking that you need a few hours more to sleep? This may happen most often when you don’t get enough sleep at night. There are options in today’s world to check the inadequacies arising during the sleeping hours. Sleep Application attempts to be the best helpful app that you can have by your bedside. Though healthy feeding habits remain the secret to good sleeping habit yet some apps in daily life are a life saver in this technology dependent world.

You may be awakened during the long sleeping hours and your new day will be wrecked as well. But with this app you can be sure to have a good soundproof sleep and wake up to a new day with a smile on your face. This app is designed to provide you a soothing environment at night and you watch the colorful 3D screens with starry backgrounds and your best soundtrack to help you reach a world without any tension.

Sleep Application screenshot

You are never awakened during the slumber hours and your iPhone under your pillow guarantees that you get a good sleep at night. The user interfacing features are quite easy to handle. The active and sleeping modes go hand in hand and the enticing features of this app will help you in daily basis. Your sleep quality will be increased surely.

The various background scores can be adjusted and the different frequencies that you hear at sleeping hours are all mesmerized into soothing sound effects that bring sleep to your eyes. You can choose a new track every time you wish to open. The 3D mode is suited for eyes and has been tested for medical requirements. Settings and modes are chosen according to one’s requirement. The costs are nominal and are really not much and you can rightly choose it to help you ease from sleeping needs.

Sleep Application Screenshot 2

Monitoring sleep pattern and movements during sleep is already included. Here the soothing sound effects are more pronounced. A regular sleeping schedule with good sleep hours will help you with new energy in the new day. Also your concentration level increases when you change its mode of use.

The various background sounds have restricted entry to your ears and your brain is instead soothed by the music and effects. Also your sight is protected even if you watch the 3D movements and hear the music. Sleep Application has advantages but should not be used during working hours as they induce sleep. Instead, when you sit to work on some logical project you can take up the concentrate mode to increase your potential to work better. Sleep Application is compatible with iPhones and iPads. The latest version is more users friendly and you can view the snapshots and working and take up a free trial as well.

Constructive Gaming with Little Friends App

Modern applications and games in mobile phones are a big hit among the lot. The popular among the child lot has given way to Little Friends App. It is said that the game provides the children with great opportunity so that they can learn the ways and means of treating their own pets in real life. The game engages the young children to realize the different features of the real world.

The different types of music and soothing tones are a great attraction among the lot. In the world of digitalization, these apps are good for children or especially for toddlers. According to the customer reviews, they are considering it impressive after the popularity of the game called angry birds. Customers are providing mixed comments. Well, though this game is quite addictive but youngsters can find it quite boring at times.

Little Friends homescreen

Little Friends homescreen

The plain representation and the same type of figures, shapes as well as game type can turn down the youngsters after a while. As a result, if the developers want this game to make a hit among all ages, then they need to increase the levels of the game or the variety of stuffs in the game to attract the teenage crowds. The best way can be to categorize the game programming among the teens as well as the kids. Though it sounds a bit difficult, but maybe this attracts different age people.

Little Friends screenshot

Little Friends screenshot

More important part is that, the app Little Friends are attractive exceptionally for the toddlers; though not all. There are some toddlers who might find the game difficult and not interesting. The same pattern of music, colors as well as vibrancy may turn them down.  But, on a whole this app is good for kids’ brain works. Your child learns and understands the different characteristic a specific animal has or recognizes a specific type of shape.

The graphic representation and the programming are kept to minimal complexity. The touch and choosing system is specifically divided so that a kid doesn’t get confused among the lot. The continual repetitions of the words on the musical tone makes the child love as well as learn the words through listening to them carefully- a diagrammatic way to teach and educate them the basic things of life.

Hunt Through Photos in Tag & Flag!

We have all enjoyed a little adventure and excitement in a scavenger hunt! It is time to bring back that excitement. This is your chance to take a ride through a collection of pictures of your friends and hunt through them. The Tag and Flag app gives you the opportunity to turn your favorite photos and pictures into a scavenger hunt. The process is simple. All you need to do is upload a picture and tag various objects in it. Thereafter you leave clues for your friends to find and engage yourself in this scavenger hunt! Your friends will race against time to find these objects and if they can flag it in time, they win.

That is not all. You can also exercise yourself looking for tags in different pictures of your friends. Follow the clues left behind by your friends, flag the objects you find. You can use the magnets to get closer to the tags. This game helps you meet different people, know them and play along with them. You can invite friends through Gmail, Facebook, Twitter or elsewhere! You can play 1-on-1 or in groups!

Tag & Flag homescreen

You do not only share your pictures with family and friends, but also play with them! It is the most fun filled thing that you can have with your pictures! You can interact with your friends and family on this social platform and also meet new people every day. The users can tag any number of objects in a picture and leave behind clues, depending on how difficult or easy you want them to be. Race against the clock to reach out for the hidden tagged objects and you win the game! The magnet gets you closer to the clues and tagged items!

Tag & Flag options

This app is brought to by Mohammad Alothman and it is available in English. This app is most compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and above. Most of the users claim that this app provides a lot of entertainment and keeps you engaged for long. The users enjoy the group mode of play. However some of the users have complained about the slow loading of the game! It takes quite some time to upload the pictures online and even view the pictures uploaded by others. The screen also hangs at times and this makes all kinds of operations difficult in this app.

Indulge in this scavenger hunt and keep yourself occupied. Know different places, meet different people and collect points and rewards. Tag & Flag  is available free of cost to iPhone users! Download it now and start tagging and flagging!!

Rule the Kingdom- Create your Own Kingdom and Rule Other Ones

Games are an intrinsic part of mobile phones today. Various gaming apps are available on the iOS platform. You can create your own kingdom and visit various other kingdoms created by your friends, relatives and other people. Also, you can track your progress every time you make a new move. While moving to your friends’ kingdoms, you can take along with you various gifts, buffs and other items. This is just like real life, isn’t it?

A kind of story telling game, this game is loved by all, be it boys or girls belonging to any age group. You can also create your rivals, just like the people in earlier times used to do, and then fight with them, similar to the battles held during ancient ages.

Rule the Kingdom screenshot

Rule the Kingdom is a truly adventurous game. You have various customization options available by which you can design your character according to your needs and requirements. Also, you can provide a particular kind of training to your warrior band. Once in a while, you would need to save your empire from the evil, and this is where you really enjoy the game. You can join as many groups as you want and fight battles as many times as you want.

At other times, you would need to build homes for people belonging to your empire, such as workers and others. Also, you would need to produce goods so that people living in your empire could consume them for their own good. Whatever you do, you just have to keep in mind that it should strengthen your empire, be it farming crops or feeding your subjects. The motive of the game is to strengthen your empire only. There are various kinds of empires available, such as desert empire, Forest Empire and others. Earn reputation in various regards by doing welfare of the people in your kingdom. You can also craft new items.

Rule the Kingdom screnshot

This is an amazing game no doubt, but there is a drawback that has prevented this game from reaching sky limits of popularity, this is the large size of the game. The game could not be opened on some of the phones and iPads. Also, there are various updating options available, even when all the updates are installed; users find it difficult to open the game.

With some improvements, Rule the Kingdom has the potential to rise over all the other apps in terms of popularity. Developers are also dedicated towards improving this game somehow. Quality and graphics of the game have been improved a lot ever since its first release. Download it now and start playing! You are going to love this game.

2020: My Country – A Game for the Futuristic Players

Game Insight LLC has thought of a magnificent amusement in the form of 2020: My Country. This game is filled up with a large number of customization options and nitty gritty movements with the intention that the player feels more into the amusement. There is a wide range of missions available to the player and he has to overcome everyone in order to reach to the next level. Essentially, the player ought to manage the lives of the occupants of his or her city in the best conceivable way. Not only invasions and disasters, but you are also responsible to save your citizens from epidemics such as a deadly disease etc.

The crux characteristics of this game, such as a fascinating gameplay, various customization options, funny as well as challenging quests and many others have made this game popular just after its initial release. Once in a while, there might be either an alien invasion or an earthquake (or even flood) to test your gaming abilities. The deep city-building plot of the game is going to attract the players on the very first place.

2020 My Country iTunes promo image

2020 My Country iTunes promo image

Onto every part of the city, there might be cars flying over the buildings, and even those cars and buildings would have been designed by the player himself. There are more than 1 lakh customization options for the buildings only. So, every time you create a building with a new option, you enter an all new gameplay. You might need to secure your city from outside invasions and natural cataclysms, for example earthquake tremors and floods. The detailed animations provide a lively appearance to the game, along with it, the futuristic design of vehicles and buildings would take the player in the future as such.

This is a sort of game that could be played each day for long hours and even then, the gamers might never get dragged off playing it. Owing to the popularity of the game, its latest version 1.12 has been released. This latest version has some of the improvements over the previous versions- improvement in the stability of the game and a few technical enhancements.

2020 My Country vehicles

2020 My Country vehicles

This game has been regarded as a popular one just after its arrival in the app market. Be that as it may, there are a couple of protestations about the game too. The first one is the modest limit of the warehouse. This limitation not only limits the number of buildings that could be stored, but it also restricts the player to transfer some of the things here and there, in case he wants to. And the second thing is that getting the items that the player needs becomes impossible most of the times.

General, 2020: My Country is an incredible game and I am sure you would be a great fan of this game once you try it. Go download it now! Its free of cost! If you are a kind of adventurous player, I am sure you would love this game.

Coach Guitar App Trendifies Virtual Jamming

Music has always been a master entertainer for all ages and guitars have successfully lured the teenagers for long. With the introduction of the Coach Guitar App, this fantasy has nearly become an obsession. Now almost everyone can learn to play guitar in a short span of time with a mere tap of a finger.

Without any music theory or a tablature, a person can learn to play guitar quite fluently. When you open this app, the screen shows these options- My Lessons, Libraries, Help and Settings. Being an amateur, you are expected to go for the Help option initially. Here all the required information regarding the usage is provided. The black fret-board represents your virtual guitar. Then you will find an animated video consisting of a palm with colored fingertips. These colors indicate the chords you need to play on your guitar. There are corresponding colors provided on the strings too. This shows you where to tap the fingers while playing. This app ensures both hand playing techniques.

Coach Guitar library section

The My Lesson option enables you to synchronize through the pre-loaded songs and choose one amongst them to play, and thus enter the coaching procedures. The learning tips are easy and catchy as Coach Guitar facilitates step-wise learning opportunity for the users. Each song includes a certain number of visual recordings which helps the users to master each and every verse of that particular song. There are two beautiful songs available for free in this version- Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin and Wake me up when September ends by Green Day.

Coach Guitar lessons

The Library option might seem to be the most favorable and easily accessible option for most users; it almost looks like a playlist too but unfortunately, this library only manages being an option where you can store songs you want to play only after you buy them for a good price. But there are few popular tracks pre -loaded in this version for you to learn to play too. The Settings option is as usual, meant to configure the app as per the user’s wish.

Apart from the pay-and-learn concept of the Coach Guitar App, the developer Boris Douarre has committed another flaw- you can only learn to play the songs which are available in the Library to buy. No random selection of songs is allowed here. If we do not consider the above two limitations, Coach Guitar is a fair choice for any music lover around the world. Unlike most apps, it is available in more than two languages and helps you to strum the chords like a pro. The reviews have mostly been positive as the interesting graphics and tunes manage to keep the users engrossed in it.

My.Agenda- The Ultimate Workaholic App

Light Arrow Inc. has skillfully developed an app to personalize your daily schedule and provide you a better access to your day to day toils. My.Agenda version 1.0.1 reduces your morning stress regarding appointments, to-do lists and reminders for the whole week. This app helps you to have a glance upon the calendar, reminders, appointments, to-do list; all at the same screen. You can manage and alternate your daily tasks and appointments without using separate apps one after the other. My.Agenda is a universal app that works smoothly with the built-in iOS calendars and online calendars as well.

This 16.1 MB sized app needs to be bought once and you can use it in all your other compatible devices. You may start small with this app but there is an extended add-up facility prevailing in it. The start-up process is quite easy. Entering the built in process, you get to choose to add productivity topics such as education, bookmarks, finances, events, health+activity or productivity packages such as event planning packages, organized home pack and so on. After the completion of topic purchase, you receive touch points which are basically connections which help in sharing relevant information regarding My.Agenda topics.

My.Agenda iTunes image

My.Agenda provides a customized and dynamic view of the calendar with simple day-week-month-year layout. Various options are available in this calendar view, namely- device reminders, My.Agenda reminders, device events, appointments and tasks that can be directly viewed and managed accordingly. The calendar can also be customized to view only the items you want to look at.

Next is the creation of check-lists and to-do lists on the go. You can create new lists by re-using the checklists. There is also a strike-off option for the tasks completed so that you do not get confused. Prioritization of tasks is also a useful feature of this app that includes- manage due dates, effort, location and more. This provides a classified view of your chosen tasks.

My.Agenda promo image

The navigation part of My.Agenda is also commendable as it provides an efficient access to search for the required item from the search view. You have to bookmark the selected items on the hot list and update these items with the help of Quick menu option to enhance the add-up process.

There is a provision of security code for this classified information. It can also be treated as a drawback as if unfortunately you don’t remember the code; all the information is lost at once even with the availability of the efficient Back-up option through drop-box. Also this app uses much of your battery life.

Over all My.Agenda is a time-saving and efficient app which is ideal for the working class population costing only $0.99.