Teach How to Read with Little Lost Note
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Teach How to Read with Little Lost Note

Learning how to read can be a daunting task for any child. Pressure to read early is mounting to the point that if kids entering kindergarten are not reading above grade level, they are already behind. Well, at least it seems that way.

If you are looking for unique ways to teach your kids how to read that can supplement traditional methods, Box of Frogs Media has created the ultimate in interactive reading with a story that captivates kids and keeps parents happy at the same time. The story is about a musical note called Little Lost Note. She has lost her instrument and cannot make a sound. Each page is adorned with hand-drawn illustrations of Little Lost Note, calming scenery and a few friends she meets along the way. On each page, kids, who will always be kids, are welcome to tap and swipe away to reveal hidden animations. These include clouds dancing across the sky, frogs croaking and birds chirping. These sounds tie into the quest for sound that Little Note so desperately needs to find.

The app is fittingly designed to allow for narration to be turned ON or OFF. You can let the pleasant voice of the narrator guide you through the story, as each word lights up when spoken. You also have the option to let your little one soothe to sleep resting on the vibrations of your comforting voice. If you are reading during the day, then there is a brighter screen setting. Want to read at night? Turn on the Night Light, set by tapping the Zzz’s on the top left corner, and watch as it dims to serenity.

little lost note screenshot 2

The only issue I had, and this may just be me being a clumsy adult, was swiping from page to page, either forward or backward. I would have a hard time finding that right spot along either the left or right side of the screen to touch and swipe. It took some time before I figured out just where to touch. The page would actually lift up a bit to signal the right spot was engaged. A minor issue, but one that got my attention. I would expect kids to pick this up very quickly, as they always do when it comes to technology!

Besides this small issue, Little Lost Note was extremely engaging and well thought out. The idea that kids can hear and see words as they follow a story, made all the sense in the world. It is an amazing way to learn how to read. Involving several senses at once brings success faster, science has shown. What is learned stays with you longer because of the several connections that are made simultaneously. I would highly recommend this app to any and all parents whose kids are learning to read and need that extra help to supplement traditional methods. It’s also a great app for those with tiny toddlers who fight the sandman at night. I found myself lulled into complete calmness by the time I reached the last page.

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